Tuesday, 2015-11-10

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CarlFKmithro: somehow the testing link is working03:17
CarlFKso somehow, thansk03:18
mithroCarlFK: The ? at the end was a newline03:20
mithroCarlFK: I cloned your repo, fixed it up and pushed it into the main repo03:21
mithroCarlFK: so, we know that editing symlinks in the github GUI is a *bad idea* :P03:21
CarlFKwe just have to be careful ... ok, bad idea03:22
CarlFKJay is here.. chromebook coming soon03:22
mithroCarlFK: the really scary part is that you don't see it in the pull request diff03:23
CarlFKjay's la[tops.. still funky03:30
CarlFKmithro: Jays chrombook behavior hasn't chaned03:34
mithroCarlFK: we haven't done anything to fix it yet03:34
CarlFK oh03:34
CarlFK'good' then03:35
seaLnemithro: do inputs work for you on the opsis?03:43
mithroseaLne: I haven't tested them recently03:44
seaLnei was just getting an error of no available resolutions on the pc. unfortunately i only have one pc with hdmi for testing03:45
mithroseaLne: is the PC able to read the EDID data correctly?03:45
seaLneit showed hdmi2usb as the name of the display03:45
mithroseaLne: is this a linux computer?03:46
mithroseaLne: you can use xrandr to get more information03:46
seaLnelet me recheck what it was saying03:47
mithroseaLne: check "xrandr --verbose" and "xrandr --prop"03:48
seaLneinteresting this time it seems happy, though i just get black output over usb and hdmi03:54
seaLnehttps://paste.kde.org/pld23uaot https://paste.kde.org/pfetazp6k03:59
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at paste.kde.org)03:59
seaLnethat was on input0 when ever i plug it into input1 i get a stream of "dvisampler1: IDELAY busy timeout" printed continuously on serial04:04
seaLnewhich stops when i unplug04:04
mithroseaLne: I'm afraid I can't look at it right now - need to do some Chrome work04:24
seaLnenp, just wanted to let you know04:25
mithroseaLne: please dump as much information as you can into a bug report04:25
mithroseaLne: how goes the VGA board stuff?04:28
seaLnegetting there04:31
seaLnestill working on the schematic and reading the datasheets04:31
seaLnei'll let you have a double check before i start routing04:33
mithroseaLne: okay great04:40
mithroCould someone look at putting the following information into the HDMI2USB.tv website? http://pastebin.com/3D0QZHUt04:51
tpbTitle: TOFE Board efforts - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)04:51
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mithroseaLne: which Linux version too :)06:34
seaLnemithro: something i'm struggling to work out is what voltage labled VCC on vmod-vga connected to VU on the VHDCI connector is. the atlys manual is a bit vague as to whether it is 3v3 or 5v. I'm thinking its 5v as its used on the vga side of the i2c buffers and is used to generate a 3v3 supply (OVDD)07:19
mithroseaLne: poke rohit07:20
seaLnehe doesn't seem to be around much07:20
mithroseaLne: try email?07:21
mithroseaLne: try https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f-rBfR98f_ZZNIB7GFV79CGSHQNpj47uOU0JDwOJnV8/edit#gid=007:25
tpbTitle: Atlys Expansion Boards Information (using VHDCI connectors) - Google Sheets (at docs.google.com)07:25
seaLnemithro: ah thanks07:28
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mithroDinner, BBLR07:30
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MaZderMindfyi: today is voctomix production test - live at https://streaming.media.ccc.de/datengarten/datengarten/19:24
MaZderMindCarlFK: ^19:24
MaZderMindunfortunately in german - he's talking about CoreBoot19:24
CarlFKMaZderMind: \o/  yay!19:25
CarlFKMaZderMind: I am very very happy to hear that.19:26
seaLneah yes the streaming server with the dogy ssl settings that ff doesn't like, hope it goes well though19:27
MaZderMindseaLne: it's available via http too, we're still experimenting with running all-ssl19:28
seaLnenice to see it working19:30
MaZderMindit's hangig because the location has bad uplink19:45
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tumbleweedmithro: o_O @ https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=804350#2022:19
tpbTitle: #804350 - ITP: vizzini -- Kernel driver for Exar XR21V1414 USB UART - Debian Bug report logs (at bugs.debian.org)22:19
CarlFKmithro: love the idea of hooking to boards together over cat523:10
CarlFKtwo boars too23:11
CarlFKi give up.23:11
mithroBertl_oO: Gigabit Ethernet23:12
mithrotumbleweed: the approach in that bug looks pretty reasonable I guess23:13
Bertl_oOah, yes, I remember it has a phy23:14
mithroCarlFK: BTW do you have a list of the cameras that have HDMI output you own?23:14
CarlFKmithro: yes.23:15
mithroxfxf: Same goes for you23:15
CarlFKmithro: want it now or in about a week?23:15
CarlFKmithro: about to head to PS1 for more HD recording fun...23:15
mithroCarlFK: can we generate a wiki page which has their model information and we can start figuring out what they output on their HDMI ports?23:16
CarlFKgenerate a wiki page?23:16
CarlFKnot this week23:17
CarlFKim swamped23:17
Bertl_oOdo you plan to dump the info packets?23:17
mithroBasically I'm interested in a "Cameras we have and how they work with the HDMI2USB" type page23:17
CarlFKmithro: 2 cameras, both $1000+ Panasonics, plugged into Atlys, seems to work.23:19
CarlFKdetails next week23:19
CarlFKI am making veyepar do my post processing work23:19
CarlFKI think I may bring my clapper board .. Action! CLAP!  or clack or whatever noise it makes.23:21
mithroCarlFK: Its not super urgent but if you just start with model code + number you own, that would be useful even by itself23:21
CarlFKPanasonic HMC15023:21
CarlFKPanasonic AG-AF100A23:21
CarlFKI have a spreadsheet :)23:21
mithroJust share the spreadsheet?23:22
CarlFKits a local odt23:22
CarlFKBertl_oO: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/150f374d9759703523:30
tpbTitle: Gmail (at mail.google.com)23:30
CarlFKer.. not that.23:30
tpbTitle: Allow HDMI2USB devices to act as HDMI extenders via the Gigabit Ethernet port · Issue #133 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)23:30
Bertl_oOI see23:33
xfxfmithro: I'm intending on only using xa20's, but I have a few hv30's too23:36
xfxfand a pair of Sony hdv prosumee, forget model number, will look tonight23:36
xfxfxa20s have blown everything else out the water in same price range for indoor video23:36
xfxfI do have to power cycle it to get the board to receive video from.it tho as previously mentioned23:37
xfxfassume handshake issue23:37
mithroHv30s sound excellent camera for user group kits?23:48
mithroLong term I think the axiom / apertus is the high end camera option23:49
CarlFKxfxf: have you tried hitting the red reset button on the Atlys?23:52
xfxfhv30's are hard to get hold of now23:52
xfxfthey were discontinued ages ago23:52
Bertl_oOthat's the problem with proprietary cameras, they have a very short lifespan (as product, not the camera itself)23:55
Bertl_oOmithro: you know about the elphel cameras?23:55
mithroBertl_oO: kinda23:58
Bertl_oOjust checking, because that was what apertus used before we decided to go for large format23:59

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