Friday, 2015-11-06

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mithroxfxf: yes, the serial interface is intended to be the control connection, however it won't be using the UART on the Atlys eventually.05:18
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tumbleweedCarlFK: grr, can't get dvsource-v4l-other to get video from the atlys, only from the laptop's webcam :(14:03
tumbleweedit just does nothing if I tell it to use video114:04
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tumbleweedooh, --caps, I bet14:11
tumbleweedCarlFK: is a bit b0rked14:11
tpbTitle: add all the gstreamer deps · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
tumbleweedgst-inspect-1.0 isn't a package14:12
tumbleweedand that line at the end breaks everything14:12
CarlFKtumbleweed: use dvsmon :)15:17
CarlFKit has the secret parameter15:17
tumbleweedCarlFK: our dvsource-v4l2-other keeps segfaulting :/15:32
tumbleweed(the gst-launch, that is)15:32
tumbleweedever done that for you?15:32
CarlFKit may have.. but in general no.  I consider it solid15:37
tumbleweedhrm, won't segfault on my laptop15:57
tumbleweedsegfaults on jessie15:57
tumbleweedI guess we're going to run this debconf on unstable/testing, then :)15:57
CarlFKjessee with ubuntu in a vm :D15:59
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tumbleweedCarlFK: so, using 1024x768 modes seems to be the best way to use the atlys as a twinpact replacement17:16
tumbleweed(e.g. vga in and out)17:16
tumbleweedthen the cheap convertors do the right thing17:16
CarlFKhow many  cheep converters can you bring to Node next week? (I am a bit late making sure I have everything and have not tested.. arg...17:17
CarlFKplan b is to just skip the atlys and use the twin pact for the few cases where there is no hdmi17:18
tumbleweedCarlFK: I'll order more of the ones that I've tested, now17:23
CarlFKthank you.17:25
CarlFKI am about to run to my local computer store to buy 32gig sd cards.  /me crys.17:25
CarlFKill be back here in about an hour17:27
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tumbleweedCarlFK: have you ever seen weird green artifacts when doing PinP?18:41
tumbleweedwe're getting this when we PinP the atlys18:42
tumbleweedwe also apparently get weird artefacts on our streams, when using the atlys, full screen18:48
tumbleweedbut don't see that in devswitch...18:48
tumbleweedhrm, weird teary right-edge to the atlys video18:50
tumbleweedI'm guessing the difference is we do PAL 4:319:14
tumbleweedmithro: it seems Y41B doesn't actually work for PAL19:17
tumbleweedthat was it19:17
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CarlFKproblem solved!  i hope20:14
CarlFKbb in ... hour or two20:14
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tumbleweedCarlFK: ordered22:44
CarlFKer.. question... what happens if the Atlys is set to 720?22:45
CarlFKlike I get laptops- vga -htmi - hdmi - vga - projector22:45
tumbleweedthe VGA->HDMI convertors can't do that mode22:45
tumbleweedand the HDMI->VGA convertors can't either :)22:45
tumbleweedI'm sure there are some that can22:46
tumbleweedand I'm trying to find them22:46
tumbleweedbut the ones I have, can't22:46
tumbleweedwe had the same problem in ZA22:46
CarlFKoh right.. we rewried the projector22:48
tumbleweedwe ran parallel VGA and HDMI22:48
tpbTitle: debconf-video/debconf-video - debconf-video pacakge (at
CarlFKtumbleweed:'/sbin/fxload -B libusb -D vid=0x16c0,pid=0x06ad23:12
CarlFK(I think) that will only work using the fxload from my ppa, which comes from .. um.. it's in my deb23:13
CarlFKbut it isn't 'standard'23:13
CarlFKbut it is a candidate to become standard, just no one has ever really pushed for it23:14
tumbleweedyeah. Works for us23:26
tumbleweedsame goes for the openocd, really23:26
CarlFKare you are using my openocd patch?23:31
CarlFKoh dear.23:31
tumbleweedwell, it works23:31
CarlFKyeah.. but..23:32
CarlFKI did this:23:32
tumbleweedobviously a new upstream version would be better :)23:32
CarlFKapt-get source openocd23:32
tumbleweedthen something then debuild23:32
tumbleweedyeah, I can tell :P23:32
CarlFKdrop tims version on top of the old, diff23:32
CarlFKapt-get source was pretty old23:33
tumbleweedthere's a completely inpeneterable diff23:33
CarlFKso the diff was huge23:33
tumbleweedthere is a newer version in Debian unstable, but it doesn't have the atlys stuff23:34
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