Monday, 2015-10-26

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mithroxfxf: regarding your comment - at the moment there isn't anything I can think of that can be done remotely regarding your cameras00:11
xfxfOK, ta00:12
mithroxfxf: There are plans to do HDMI audio, but they are very much "plans"00:12
xfxfI'm just keen to get through various challenges as rapidly as possible to help finalise a decision af LCA00:12
xfxfyeah my plan for now was to inject audio using a separate USB sound card and mux it at the gstreamer level but will send how it works00:13
xfxfI've brought a bunch of hdmi2usb gear with me to osdc00:13
xfxffor this it may end up being fed from a VGA to hdmi scaler tho00:13
mithroI'm very much sure we can get it working, it just a matter of understanding what is wrong00:13
xfxfso won't be the same as lca00:14
xfxfbut too logistically difficult to do it any other way for this00:14
mithroxfxf: I think you should setup what we want to do for LCA in your living room / spare room00:15
mithroxfxf: like Carl has done previously00:16
CarlFKmithro: does the opsis board have a 2nd usb?  or... what is the plan for audio?00:18
mithroCarlFK: yes, it has a second USB00:18
mithroCarlFK: which we haven't done anything with at all yet00:18
CarlFKmithro:  so it could be used as a usb audio device?00:18
mithroCarlFK: Last time I looked, audio bandwidth is so minimal that it won't have much effect on the video00:19
mithroCarlFK: yes00:19
CarlFKok, that sounds promising.  I can use my existing usb audio devices ... but jacking into the camera has some handy side effects00:23
CarlFKlike compressor to avoid clipping, and vu meeter on the display, and I can jack the headphone into the camera00:25
mithroCan everyone retweet ?00:26
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tpbTitle: Comments (at
shenkimithro: i backed :D00:52
shenkimithro: are we charged in USD or AUD?00:52
CarlFKbbl - pizza time01:06
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mithroshenki: USD01:21
mithroshenki: yeah :(01:32
shenkimithro: hrm, there doesn't seem to be a way to update billing details01:32
mithroshenki: what do you mean?01:32
shenkimithro: i want to change my order to use a credit card that doesn't charge fees for international transactions01:34
shenkimithro: i emailed them01:34
mithroshenki: they are normally pretty response to emails01:34
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shenkii got 99 pledges but a ?? aint one
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CarlFK "The idea is for you (or your team) to edit all of the videos."03:31
mithroCarlFK: so, the answer is No?03:52
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CarlFKmithro: well.. they will pay someone... so may as well be me05:13
CarlFKI am not exactly happy about it.05:42
CarlFKI am pondering what I can do to make things better given the conditions05:43
shenkimithro: what does TOFE mean?06:38
tpbTitle: TOFE - Tim's Open FPGA Expansion (at
shenkiyou have the worst naming scheme ever06:39
shenkimithro: how do you say it?06:42
mithro"T OH FFHH"06:42
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mithroshenki: I can't pronounce things, so if someone comes up with a better pronunciation I'll use that :P09:13
mithroseaLne: any luck with that connector?09:13
seaLnemithro: sorry my rsi has been realy bad the last week limiting what i've been able to do09:14
seaLneits been a very frustrating week09:15
mithroseaLne: no worries, just wanted to make sure you hadn't made it and then I hadn't noticed :)10:08
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mithroG33KatWork / seaLne: were did we get with you guys getting the HDMI2USB firmware working on your Opsis boards?13:49
G33KatWorkmithro: nope. as i said, i just got a few usb errors from the kernel once i switched to the serial-port firmware on the fx213:55
G33KatWorkjtag worked fine13:56
G33KatWorkgateware was loaded13:56
G33KatWorki then loaded the fx2 firmware and i only got usb endpoint errors13:56
mithroG33KatWork: So, you did a "make load-gateware" then?13:56
G33KatWorkwith the ixo-usb-jtag firmware on the fx213:56
mithroG33KatWork: sorry, You did a "make load-gateware" then what did you run?13:57
G33KatWorkuh, it's been a while. i'll have a look at my history and hopefully find it ;)13:57
mithroG33KatWork: the two options I think are "make load-fx2" or "opsis-mode-switch --mode=serial"13:58
G33KatWorkah. meh. i created a new docker container in the meantime. the history is gone14:00
G33KatWorkbut it think i used a plain fxload on the firmware that i built in the HDMI2USB-mode-switch repo14:01
G33KatWorki'll try again this evening and report14:02
mithroG33KatWork: thanks - it is really useful to find out what dmesg is reporting14:10
mithroG33KatWork: turn on as much printk as you can14:11
G33KatWorki'll note what i did14:11
G33KatWorkmithro: how?14:11
G33KatWorki used dynamic_debug for my own stuff, but not much else14:11
tpbTitle: kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree (at
G33KatWorkok, i know that one. what modules would you like to have the output of?14:13
mithroThings in the USB stack are probably good14:13
G33KatWorki can raise the printk level as well:
tpbTitle: Debugging by printing - (at
mithrocdc-acm driver for serial14:13
mithrouvcvideo for webcam stuff14:14
mithroG33KatWork / seaLne: what kernel versions are you using?14:14
mithroG33KatWork: okay14:16
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xfxfblugh stupid projectors here are these models that remember unique projector zoom/position settings *per* laptop23:55
xfxfwho on earth thought this was a good feature23:55
tumbleweedpeople with shitty laptops?23:55
xfxfthe venue's solution is "we just use the same laptop" (they include a laptop as part of the package - i see why now)23:55
xfxfno as in23:55
xfxfthe projector optic settings23:55
xfxfI have to readjust the projector for almost every presenter23:56
tumbleweedyeah, but if laptops have crazily different VGA timing, I can see that being a "feature"23:56
tumbleweedwith HDMI I really can't23:56
xfxfI've gotten around it on one room by shoving in a scaler23:56
jameshback in the bad old days, it wasn't uncommon to have to adjust your CRT monitor if you changed video card.23:56
xfxfyeah this is VGA23:56
xfxfhdmi doesn't have the issue23:56
xfxfyay vga23:56
jameshthat's pretty much gone these days23:56
xfxfunfortunately a request from this conference is VGA for some laptops23:57
xfxfI'm just gonna buy a bunch of VGA to HDMI scalers23:57
xfxfand do everything as native HDMI I think23:57
xfxfand just scale back to VGA if using dvswitch23:57
xfxfbe less of a headache23:57
xfxfone of the original philosophies of the recording loop I'm using was to not be intrusive23:59
xfxfbut given modern venues it now is by virtue of being VGA23:59
xfxfI am 100% sold on hdmi2usb forcing a single res now23:59

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