Sunday, 2015-10-25

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mithroxfxf: ship me one?05:54
xfxfcan do, but could we try anything today?05:59
xfxfworst case scenario I have my xa20 which I can force to 720p out but be good to trial run this at an actual conf06:00
CarlFKxfxf:  did you see I am HD camera shopping?06:07
xfxfI did but you quit06:07
xfxfI like my xa20's06:07
xfxfI'll be buying more06:07
xfxfsame one I used for HD keynotes at LCA06:08
xfxfjust keen on getting hdmi2usb working with the low end prosumer cams LCS already own06:08
CarlFK Panasonic HMC150 and AG-AC130AP - familiar with either of those ?06:12
tpbTitle: Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCCAM Camcorder AGHMC150PJ B Photo Video (at
tpbTitle: Panel and Connectors | AG-AC160A/AC130A | AVCCAM series | Broadcast and Professional AV (at
CarlFKwhopps pics of the connectors isn't what I wanted.06:14
tpbTitle: Panasonic AG-AC130A AVCCAM HD Handheld Camcorder AG-AC130APJ B (at
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CarlFKSensor Type 4/3" MOS                  !!!06:54
tpbTitle: Panasonic AG-AF100A Digital Cinema Camcorder AG-AF100APJ B (at
xfxfi've used an panasonic AG, not that series though07:34
xfxfthe reason i like the DVX100's is they're very good in low light07:34
xfxfiirc panasonic's HD camera sensors in that price range aren't as good07:34
xfxfi did a whole ton of research before settling on the XA2007:34
xfxfi forget the exact criteria, probably somewhere i can dig up07:34
CarlFKthey say they are good in low light ;)07:35
xfxfi think the DVX's are better again07:35
xfxfif you want to get one though, i'm all for that, gives me more of a sample size of models07:35
xfxfjust make sure you can change the output resolution on the HDMI07:35
CarlFKhmm, hadn't thought of that.07:38
CarlFK2am.. maybe I should think about going to bed07:38
xfxfi'm going to pull in the OSDC JSON later so i'll probably send you a PR with a schedule import change07:42
xfxfit's another fun new format07:42
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xfxfif the camera you choose doesn't do 720p60 out you can always throw a HDMI scaler in front07:45
xfxfbut you want to avoid doing scaling too much, things start to look positively janky once you start resampling/rescaling everything multiple times07:46
xfxftalking about that07:46
xfxfmithro: how does the HDMI2USB output look with a non-1080p projector?  (i'm yet to use it successfully with a projector)07:46
xfxfi have some vague concerns about some projectors scaling up 720p doing a pretty janky job of it, but on the flipside a ton of presenters choose incorrect resolutions unless there's somebody assisting them so probably swings and roundabouts07:47
xfxfspecifically making the picture look blurry07:48
xfxfer, s/non-1080p projector/non-720p projector/ - i.e. a 1080p projector08:15
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CarlFKmithro: xfxf... anyone... I am going to do Nodevember Nov 15,16 (20 days).  my current plan:19:19
CarlFK1. me and tumbleweed use our Atlys boards to capture hdmi projector feed, gstreamer pipeline to save to disk (not sure what encoding, suggestions welcome)19:20
CarlFK2. I'll get 2 HD cameras with internal storage (SD card) and record the presenter.19:20
CarlFKthis is what the conf organizer has asked for.19:21
CarlFKIf I can also do a live mix, then I'll do that too.19:21
CarlFKalthough I am not sure how that would happen in 20 days.19:22
CarlFKany suggestions on any of this?19:22
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tumbleweedCarlFK: is this a conference organiser that has to "have HD"?20:12
tumbleweedwho does the post-editing?20:12
CarlFKtumbleweed: sigh... let me send you the email20:12
CarlFKtumbleweed: "The venue is able to capture the screens and also record presenters in  two rooms [at 720p], but we will need supplemental capture in there other two  rooms.  We'd like the quality to match the other rooms once they are edited."20:22
CarlFKMe: what is being delivered? conf dude: "I'm pretty sure they would be two separate raw streams to be mixed. "20:22
CarlFKSo ... um.. yeah.  Not me, unless I get paid for it.  which ... um.. I du no what to say about that.20:23
CarlFKtumbleweed: hey.. um.. how do you think we (future we) will get audio into the stream?  (live stream and saved to disk)21:15
CarlFKI just realized jacking into the camera doesn't 'work'21:16
xfxfmithro: any plans to capture hdmi audio, or video only?21:56
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CarlFKxfxf: the usb2 connection is maxed out22:03
CarlFKxfxf: firewire connection out of the camera and into a 4 pin firewire jack :D22:16
xfxfmy HD cameras don't do firewire22:20
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