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gnoutchdGChriss: hey! :)00:01
GChrisshello.  I promise I don't normally hang out on #timvideos but am here for a special occasion00:02
GChrisswhich I haven't announced yet, but that would be (at least) partial FLOSS support for the Cyprus FX3 chip00:03
CarlFKgnoutchd: sorry to post and run - did you find voctomix?00:05
GChriss <= contains a GPL'd derivative work of original firmware for Cyprus FX3 (at least for receive-data).  there's a source-available but non-free script to convert ARM code into firmware for the device, still working on that part00:06
tpbTitle: RASDR/ at master · myriadrf/RASDR · GitHub (at
GChrissso integration of a USB 3.0 chip into open hardware/software designs is looking up.  cc: mithro00:07
gnoutchdYep, I had heard of voctomix but hadn't looked at it. Fixing that now. :)00:08
gnoutchdCarlFK: ^00:08
gnoutchdGChriss: cool!00:10
GChrissgnoutchd: also see (uses Cypress FX2 USB chip)00:11
tpbTitle: Numato Opsis: FPGA-based open video platform | Crowd Supply (at
mithroGChriss: the FX3 is quite expensive00:14
mithroGChriss, the daisho core is a better option and someone linked a new ftdi chip00:14
mithroGChriss: any next board would definitely be USB 3.000:15
* GChriss looks at ftdi for the first time00:19
GChriss(the RASDR project uses the FX3 in lieu of a FPGA to control costs)00:20
tpbTitle: voc/voctomix · GitHub (at
CarlFKI did see someone spin up a VM,  install it and run some tests.   and real soon now the lead dev will use it to record a talk.00:24
CarlFKhe was going to try a week or so ago but did not attend the meeting (I think he got sick)  so it seems someone thinks it is ready00:24
gnoutchdCarlFK: I was of the impression that gst-switch has already been used for  At least that's the claim at <>.00:36
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKI was there.  we hacked on it but it wasn't ready so we used DVswtich00:37
CarlFKwhere does that page say LCA?00:39
CarlFKah "It has been used with conferences like PyCon US and"00:40
CarlFKyeah, the streaming server was used, but not gst-switch00:41
gnoutchdCarlFK: Drat. :P  Well, thanks for the correction!00:41
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G33KatWorkCarlFK: i don't know exactly what you are doing, but if you want a reference for high-speed communication with an FX3, definitely look at the bladeRF sources. they are using the FX308:37
G33KatWorki have one, but it seems the FX3 died due to static discharge or something :'( need to repair it sometime soon08:37
tpbTitle: bladeRF/fx3_firmware at master · Nuand/bladeRF · GitHub (at
G33KatWorkah, meh. i mentioned the wrong guy...08:39
G33KatWorkGChriss: ^08:39
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GChriss1G33KatWork: thank you!10:52
GChriss1do the devices come within anything in the way of FCC certification?11:04
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G33KatWorkGChriss: don't think so. i managed to get it past the german customs11:48
G33KatWorkneeded to pay import taxes, but i declared it as "test and measurement device for electromagnetic radiation"11:48
G33KatWorkand didn't tell them that it was able to transmit11:48
G33KatWorkworked :D11:48
G33KatWorki think in germany even that would be legal because such devices are not meant to be used by an end user11:49
G33KatWorki doubt that SDRs have an FCC certification because of all the harmonics they transmit. it is a broadband device and the user has to add bandpass filters to the signal path11:51
GChrissyes, sounds about right.  in comparison the RASDR2 board (see ) uses the same Lime Microsystems RF chip (separable module), no FPGA (cost control, not directly needed), and the FX3 chip w/ GPL'd firmware (+source-available firmware compile scripts)12:09
GChrissRASDR2 ( Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers) has Tx disabled (cost saving, FX3 Tx path non-populated on PCB, maybe no FX3 Tx firmware implementation)12:11
GChrissRASDR2 PCB design files are available under CC-BY as well12:17
GChrissit's not in production but all/most of the components are there12:19
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G33KatWorkwell, the tx power of the transceiver alone is not very high anyway. as long as you don't attach a beefy amplifier to these devices and look around in the spectrum if you may disturb other transmissions before you actually start to transmit, all is going to be fine12:31
G33KatWorkat ccc camp this year i transmitted a signal as a ctf challenge on 2.4GHz with a hackrf jawbreaker @ 10dbm (10mW). i could receive the signal in an area of 50m or so with the rad1o-badge. almost nothing12:34
G33KatWorkand there weren't any walls in the way. just tents :P12:34
GChrisshigh-gain antenna or no?12:38
G33KatWorkpuh, good question. wifi-router antenna :D12:39
G33KatWorkon the tx-side12:39
G33KatWorkrx was just an on-board antenna12:39
G33KatWorkso not very good i assume12:39
G33KatWorkalso 2.5ghz instead of 2.412:40
GChrissyeah, I've had much better luck with ~9dB directional patch antennas12:41
GChrissat least when walls are involved12:41
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CarlFKmithro: anyone.. do you have a "who is Tim?" bio page?20:17
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mithroCarlFK: nope22:47

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