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mithroCurrently watching the recording from the video last night....00:28
tpbTitle: FLOSS Weekly 359 | TWiT (at
CarlFKmithro: good morning  - can you give me the time that you talk about presenters having trouble hooking up and how we only give them 1 choice ?00:38
mithroCarlFK: When I find it, I'll give you the timecode00:40
shenkigood morning00:57
shenkiwho is our makestuff expert?00:57
tpbTitle: Bootstrap fails · Issue #120 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithroshenki: It seems like liberror is getting pulled by `make deps`01:00
shenkimithro: getting pulled?01:01
mithroshenki: downloaded01:01
mithroshenki: you could try using openocd as the programmer instead01:02
shenkimithro: okay. i kind of wanted to build the enitre show and get a feel for it (my urgency is decreased now that i couldn't get it going last night)01:02
shenkimithro: are you planning on moving to openocd?01:02
mithroshenki: I think we are going to end up moving to openocd01:02
mithroshenki: It already works with the Opsis01:03
shenkimithro: okay01:04
shenkimithro: so openocd has a firmware for the fx2?01:04
shenki(how does the fpga get programmed)01:04
mithroshenki: No, that is provided by the ixo-usb-jtag01:04
mithroshenki: but there is a PPA package for that which has udev rules to load it01:05
shenkimithro: cool01:05
tpbTitle: Support packages for FPGA development : “TimVideos.Us - Live event streaming” team (at
mithroCarlFK: the discussion about the problem starts around 41:1201:08
mithroHeading to lunch01:08
mithroshenki: you'll need my "everything" branch of openocd01:08
mithroshenki: hopefully the changes will get into upstream openocd soon, they have a +2 already01:09
CarlFKmithro: thanks01:12
CarlFKshenki: i put tim's openocd everything branch on my ppa for trusty01:13
shenkimithro: nice01:22
shenkiCarlFK: cool01:23
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroIf you install fxload from CarlFK's repo it is likely to break a couple of other things02:05
mithroshenki: if you have my openocd in the path, just do a "PROG=openocd make load-gateware"02:06
mithroBertl: A couple of the riser cables I ordered turned up today03:02
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G33KatWorkmithro: sorry, i was busy over the last two days. I didn't try the fx2 yet. I played around with migen and my atlys over the weekend and basically read a bit of code and tried things using adept (and needed to fix my docker container to use USB devices which took quite a while).09:43
G33KatWorki'm just building the video mixer bitstream for the opsis and will try the fx209:43
G33KatWorknow that my env seems to work :)09:43
G33KatWorkoh and I just tested it, the HDMI2USB bitstream on the atlys seems to cause problems during routing as well09:44
G33KatWorkany suggestions what to do for debugging why it's not able to route it?09:44
seaLnewon't route or generates errors? i've seen it complaining but still producing a bit file for the opsis09:50
G33KatWorkit generates a bitfile with unrouted signals09:52
G33KatWorkafter running for ages09:52
G33KatWorklike a few hours09:53
G33KatWorkmithro: i suppose i should use your opsis-fixes branch for the opsis, right?09:55
seaLnethough i've not had much luck so far09:57
seaLneso getting another guinea pig would be good09:58
G33KatWorkk, i'll try my luck. give me a few minutes10:04
seaLnei'm using mithro openocd fork for jtag10:08
tpbTitle: mithro/openocd · GitHub (at
seaLnewhich has the fixes to support tho opsis10:08
G33KatWork>usb-jtag - Altera USB Blaster Emulation with a FX210:20
G33KatWorkusing an altera usb blaster for a xilinx fpga :>10:20
G33KatWorkhm, how do i actually load the gateware on the opsis?10:28
seaLnemake load-gateware10:29
G33KatWork>ERROR:iMPACT:1075 - setCable must be set before this operation.10:30
seaLneif using openocd PROG=openocd make load-gateware10:30
G33KatWorkmy fx2 is still in unconfigured mode according to its usb PID10:30
seaLneits loaded with make load-fx210:30
seaLnecurrently i can't connect with make connect-lm32 after make load-fx210:32
G33KatWorkthe fx2 loaded, but i still can't load the gateware10:34
G33KatWorkbut okay, it's trying to do it via impact10:34
G33KatWorkhow does openocd connect to the fpga? using the fx2?10:35
seaLnei had to tell the openocd configure to add support for the blaster10:35
G33KatWorkif i use that, i need to load another firmware in the fx2, right?10:35
seaLnedon't think so10:35
seaLneturn opsis on; dmesg should show JTAG; PROG=openocd make load-gateware; make load-fx210:36
tpbTitle: Numato Opsis : USB IDs (at
G33KatWorkthis is the mode i get10:37
seaLnenot sure sorry10:38
G33KatWorknot a problem10:38
G33KatWorki slowly understand how it is supposed to work10:39
G33KatWorkmy fpga is unconfigured and doesn't supply the fx2 with a firmware10:39
G33KatWorkso it comes up as device 2a19:544010:39
G33KatWorkyours seems to be able to do that, so it comes up as 2a19:5441 which provides usb-jtag and uart according to the table10:40
mithroG33KatWork: almost10:40
G33KatWorkah yeah10:41
G33KatWorkmake load-fx2 does that10:41
G33KatWorkin our cases10:41
G33KatWorkit now comes up as 544210:41
mithroG33KatWork: seaLne has the ixo-usb-jtag package10:41
G33KatWorkin the mode switcher?10:41
mithroWhich has a udev rule which takes the Opsis from unconfigured to JTAG mode10:42
G33KatWorkdoes the fx2 firmware in the misoc-git also provide jtag access?10:42
G33KatWorkalright, got it10:42
seaLneah, i'd forgoten that step10:42
mithroWell, the make stuff programmer provides JTAG firmware for the fx2 on the Atlys but doesn't work with the Opsis10:43
G33KatWorkk, so i use the firmware from the HDMI2USB-mode-switch git?10:43
mithroIxo-usb-jtag works with both the Opsis and Atlys10:43
mithroI think the mode switch has a slightly older ixo-usb-jtag firmware in it10:44
mithroNeed to update it10:45
G33KatWorki just tried to compile it10:45
G33KatWorkcp: cannot stat 'examples/cdc/to-uart/build/cdc-acm-to-uart.ihx': No such file or directory10:45
mithroMy branch is needed btw10:46
G33KatWorkyeah, got that one10:46
mithroOkay, I haven't tested the build firmware script in the last couple of days10:47
G33KatWorkmight be my weird setup again ;)10:47
mithroNah, just likely haven't updated it for other changes10:48
G33KatWorkixo-usb-jtag builds fine10:50
mithroThe one which failed is the serial UART emulation10:50
mithroWhen I finish making the FPGA emulate an EEPROM so it provides firmware to the fx2, this should all go away10:51
G33KatWorkwell, i need to understand it anyway if i want to customize stuff later10:52
mithroG33KatWork: BTW do you want a little starter project to get going with our firmware?10:52
mithroGot plenty of options :-)10:53
mithroBTW i'm currently on my phone10:53
G33KatWorksomethings borked with the paths in the build script10:53
G33KatWorkif i build it from hand it seems to work10:54
G33KatWorkwhat do you have in mind?10:54
mithroDepends on what you want to work on10:54
mithroIE it would be good to add CRC calculation for incoming frame data and then checking on the output10:55
mithroOr a "flipped" mode were we invert the image10:56
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tpbTitle: Have frequency (and hsync/vsync) information on the inputs in the status message · Issue #94 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
G33KatWorkfor another project i'm currently implementing a stereo vision system on a zynq. this weekend i finished the PCB for my small custom camera. I thought about porting that stuff over to the opsis once i'm done with all that as a case-study10:58
G33KatWorkjust read a few papers on how to do rectification on an fpga10:58
tpbTitle: Dump EDID from connected monitor · Issue #35 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
G33KatWorkyeah, cool. i'll have a look at a few issues once i get everything running10:59
mithroThese are probably a couple of days / hours at most projects10:59
mithroJust little tasters :-)10:59
G33KatWorki thought about implementing an i2c master core using migen11:00
G33KatWorkbecause that doesn't exist yet11:00
G33KatWorkit seems11:00
mithroI have a bigger project to create some pixel shaders for HDMI2USB scaling11:00
G33KatWorkeven you guys do bitbanging11:00
G33KatWorkhaha, pixel shaders. that's a bit too crazy for me :D11:01
G33KatWorkbut it sounds awesome11:01
mithroIt's surprisingly easy11:01
mithroBut I estimate a 3 month project for a good PhD student11:01
G33KatWorkmight be usable for my stereo vision suff as well to perform the rectification11:01
G33KatWorki found a nice paper where they use lookup-tables and a fancy compression scheme to make them fit inside of BRAMs in the fpga11:02
mithroIf you do create an i2c core, you should do something similar to what the ardunios have :-)11:02
G33KatWorkyou mean avrs?11:03
G33KatWork(hipstermode: when i used microcontrollers first, arduinos weren't a thing yet)11:03
G33KatWorkand i'm not even that old :>11:03
mithroI need EEPROM emulation for the fx2 if you want to work on that :-)11:04
mithroI used PICs11:04
mithroThey are ****so**** much better then avrs11:04
G33KatWorki started with AVRs, because they are were easily programmable11:04
G33KatWorkparallel port and a few wires11:04
mithroBut for some reason the avrs won despite PICs being better in every way11:04
G33KatWorkand the open source toolchain11:05
mithroI'll be hacking on stuff on Sunday11:05
G33KatWorkand they don't have weird register widths :D11:05
G33KatWork18 bit... wtf?11:05
mithroHave work offsite for the next 2 days11:06
G33KatWorkand there is no freaking disassembler for PIC24s out there11:06
G33KatWorknot even IDA11:06
mithroIf you are going that level just go arm11:07
G33KatWorkyeah, already did that11:07
mithroPIC12 or PIC1811:07
G33KatWorkthese stm32f4 discovery boards are so cheap11:07
mithro12 cent micro :-)11:07
G33KatWorkwe built a small gaming console using these with a bit-banged vga port11:08
G33KatWorkfor a youth project at our hackerspace11:08
G33KatWork>raise NotImplemented("Not yet finished...")11:09
G33KatWorkmeh ;)11:09
G33KatWorkhm, how do i load the gateware now using openocd?11:18
G33KatWorkah, PROG, not PROGRAMMER11:19
G33KatWorkmithro: what configure flags do i need for the jtag interface?11:24
G33KatWorki already have --with-ftdi and usb-blaster-2, but it still whines about a missing lowlevel driver11:25
G33KatWork--enable, not with11:25
mithroHeading to bed11:26
G33KatWorkhm, it still doesn't like it11:27
G33KatWorkmithro: gn811:27
G33KatWork--enable-usb_blaster_libftdi did the trick11:32
G33KatWorkokay, gateware is loaded11:32
G33KatWorkloaded the fx2 serial firmware11:35
G33KatWorktried to connect using flterm11:35
G33KatWorki get a bunch of usb errors11:35
G33KatWorkand the serial port disappears11:35
CarlFKG33KatWork: hi14:10
CarlFKwhat board are you using?14:10
CarlFKk - seems that is different enough from the Atlys that I can't really help14:43
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