Monday, 2015-10-19

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mithro_florent_: ping?00:33
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_florent_mithro: pong06:05
mithro_florent_: how hard would it be to make the firmware output the video "upside down"? It should just be the case of running the output DMA "backwards" right?06:06
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_florent_what do you mean exactly with upside down: vertical flip or 180 degrees rotation? (that's not exactly the same)06:09
mithro_florent_: vertical flipped (but it could also be horizontally flipped at the same time)06:09
_florent_OK, so this can probably be done by running the DMA backward, but with some precautions: DDR bursts will a still be done the same direction, so we would need to swap burst data for reads.06:14
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Bertlso it might be better to burst an entire line, then (resulting in vertical mirroring)06:34
_florent_Bertl: yes it would probably be easier!06:45
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seaLnemithro: farnell think that mini dp connector is no longer manufactured?
tpbTitle: Search Results | Farnell element14 (at
seaLneand octopart seems to agree
tpbTitle: 64L020S - Octopart (at
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mithroAsk Bertl08:05
mithroBertl: that mini-DP connector you suggested we use appears to be no longer manufactured?08:11
seaLne is full size but seems to be reasonably cheap and available08:12
mithro <- That is the only one on Digikey?08:13
tpbTitle: 2129320-3 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | A120537CT-ND | DigiKey (at
mithroseaLne: needs to be mini-DisplayPort08:13
seaLnei thought that had been because of cost of dp connectors?08:13
mithroseaLne: ?08:14
mithroseaLne: There isn't enough space on the AXIOM for full size DP connectors08:14
seaLneah, i wasn't fully paying attention when you were talking about that before08:15
mithroBertl: why did you choose mini-DP rather then HDMI-Micro-D?08:16
mithroBertl: guess easier to get mDP cables?08:16
seaLneuHDMI is pretty common for tablets etc08:17
mithroseaLne: but you need MiniDP -> MiniDP08:17
mithroseaLne: sorry mean mini-HDMI to mini-HDMI08:17
seaLneah yeah they are probably not as common08:18
mithroseaLne: I think the Digikey part might be the best option?08:25
mithroBertl: what do you think?08:25
mithroYou can get it from mouser too08:27
seaLnewould you not have a similar problem getting mDP to mDP cables?08:27
Bertlthe problem with HDMI-D is twofold09:12
Bertlfirst, HDMI uses TMDS, so LVDS on a potential TMDS connector is a little risky (who knows what folks plug in there :)09:14
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Bertlsecondly, the type D receptacles use two rows of tiny SMD connectors, which are not really simple/easy to connect without small structures09:14
Bertlnot to mention the fact that most of the receptacles require plated slots very nearby the SMD pads, which is a problem for OSHpark09:16
Bertlmini HDMI doesn't have those problems, but cables (mini to mini) are not really simple to get, while the miniDP cables are slowly becoming a commodity09:17
mithroBertl: is that miniDP receptacle I linked okay?10:26
Bertllooks fine to me, yes, let me check where we can get it (except for digikey)10:27
BertlMouser, Arrow, AvNet, so seems fine10:29
mithroseaLne: can you do that part?11:22
mithroseaLne: if you are around in an hour we can look at trying to figure out why your Opsis doesn't work, while mine does11:23
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Bertlmithro: just curious, why do you prefer digikey?12:14
seaLnemithro: ok, i'll make that part. unfortunatley not got time just now to look at the opsis12:22
* seaLne prefers farnell :)12:22
seaLneshipping probably effects peoples choices of supplier12:23
mithrodigikey is cheapest for australia12:43
mithrofarnell is like 3 times the price12:43
Bertlah, interesting, good to know ... here it is the other way round12:43
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