Sunday, 2015-10-18

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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] jhenstridge opened pull request #218: Don't use gcov symbols if coverage is disabled. (master...fix-disable-coverage)
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tvCommitBot[dvsource-v4l2-other] CarlFK pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotdvsource-v4l2-other/master 8605ea6 Carl Karsten: add all the gstreamer deps03:58
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mithroCarlFK: ping?04:47
CarlFKmithro: pong04:48
mithroCarlFK: I'll accept a pull request which makes the defaults for the misoc-firmware match
tpbTitle: defaults for video_matrix · Issue #111 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
CarlFKuntested? ;)04:50
mithroCarlFK: nope04:50
mithroCarlFK: you should only need to modify a little bit of C code04:50
CarlFKand test it04:51
mithroCarlFK: yes, but as you are only changing the C code, you can just do a "make firmware-lm32; make load-lm32" then type "reboot" into the prompt04:52
mithroCarlFK: that is like a 30 second process04:52
mithroCarlFK: as appose to recompiling the gateware which is a 15-30 minute process04:53
CarlFKkinda like I should just be able to use the same gstreamer pipeline on a pie04:53
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKany idea why I get 9 dv frames and then it just sits doing nothing ?04:53
mithroCarlFK: I would be slightly suspicious of the hardware JPEG decode that appears to be getting added to that pipeline04:54
CarlFKthat's the dvsource-v4l2-other pipeline with dvswitchsink swapped for file sink04:54
mithrowhich is coming from the decodebin04:54
CarlFKgood catch... i wonder how I surprise that04:55
mithroI wouldn't be surprised if it is choking on our JPEG frames04:55
mithroCarlFK: decodebin will try and create the most "efficient" pipeline04:55
mithroCarlFK: I wouldn't guarantee we are producing entirely 100% strictly compliant jpeg04:57
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CarlFKmithro: sudo apt-get remove gstreamer1.0-omx 'fixed' it.. except now there isn't enough cpu.05:19
mithroCarlFK: yeah - I wouldn't think the RPi would be fast enough to do that05:20
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seaLnewhat are you trying to do with the rpi?05:23
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seaLnemithro: just about to try your fixes05:25
mithroseaLne: great!05:26
seaLnemithro: should i have ended up at a BIOS> prompt?05:30
mithroseaLne: no05:30
mithroseaLne: ending up at the BIOS> prompt means the memtest failed normally05:31
mithroseaLne: can you run "memtest"05:31
mithroseaLne: can you paste the output into ?05:32
tpbTitle: DDR Memory is currently broken on the Opsis · Issue #77 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
seaLneromboot worked though05:35
CarlFKseaLne: converting the mjpg to dv to send to dvswitch05:39
seaLnei managed that ok on an rpi205:39
seaLnebut ended up running the source on a pc as couldn't get it to build on raspbian05:40
seaLnethis for with the camera?05:40
CarlFKwith the hdmi2usb05:40
seaLneyou using a rpi2?05:42
seaLnemithro: should i be doing anything with switching modes now for after the initial serial?05:44
mithroseaLne: When you do a "make load-fx2" you should have working serial+webcam (see caveats) - you shouldn't need to use mode-switch05:45
seaLneneither working :(05:46
CarlFKseaLne: i dont think it is a 2.  /proc/cpuinfo shows ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l)05:47
mithroseaLne: what does lsusb / dmesg show?05:48
seaLnei never got anywhere with the camera on a 1 but the 2 did the converting and throughing accross the network fine05:48
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: "git describe"05:49
seaLnepretty sure i built the right branch this time, but still not fully awake yet05:50
mithroseaLne: great! that is the same version as me05:51
mithroseaLne: what does "git status" show?05:51
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: third_party/fx2lib (new commits)05:53
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: I'm confused at why the Makefile didn't push fx2lib forward05:55
seaLneoh i forgot about the submodule stuff. did my git pull not bring it down?05:55
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mithroseaLne: the Makefile should have noticed the .gitmodule file changed and done an update...05:56
mithroseaLne: hold on a sec05:57
mithroseaLne: opps06:17
mithroseaLne: Pull my branch and type "make fx2-firmware" without updating the module06:17
seaLnemithro: git status still says the same06:19
mithroseaLne: what about "make gateware" ?06:19
mithroseaLne: actually "make third_party/fx2lib/.git"06:19
seaLnemake: 'third_party/fx2lib/.git' is up to date.06:21
mithroseaLne: and what does "git status" show?06:21
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: "touch .gitmodules; make third_party/fx2lib/.git"06:22
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: hrm... Try rebuilding the fx2 firmware06:25
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] jhenstridge opened pull request #219: Publish the audio and video input ports via Avahi (master...avahi-support)
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seaLnemithro: still behaving the same unfortunately06:33
seaLneincluding memtest06:34
mithroseaLne: can you explain the procedure you are following?06:34
seaLnei didn't rebuild gateware just fx206:34
mithroseaLne: that is fine06:36
seaLnemake load-gateware; python --mode=serial; make connect-lm32; encoder on; video_matrix connect pattern encoder; make load-fx2; vlc; make connect-lm3206:36
mithroseaLne: don't do the mode-switch06:36
seaLneconnect-lm32 needs a better way to cope with increasing ttyACMX at some point06:37
mithroseaLne: why is your ttyACMX increasing?06:37
seaLnedisconnecting and reconecting? usb serial often does that06:38
seaLnewithout the i don't have a tty this time06:38
seaLnedmesg hasn't said anything since jtag06:39
seaLnetty doesn't increase every time btw06:39
seaLnethe tty increase would be solved by a udev rule creating /dev/ttyHDMI2USB or similar06:41
jameshmithro: as a bit of background on my gst-switch pull requests, I'm a member of PLUG.  I was poking around to see how the code works, with the eventual aim of getting it working with our AV gear (we currently use dvswitch for recording/streaming)06:42
mithrojamesh: You looked very familiar! :)06:42
jameshthe Avahi bug looked interesting because I'd like to get to a stage where we could just plug everything in and it would configure itself06:42
mithrojamesh: yeah06:44
mithrojamesh: so, Nick in Perth has one of my Atlys boards06:46
jameshmithro: yep.  That's the other reason I wanted to see if I could get gst-switch working.06:47
mithrojamesh: so if you want to play with what everyone else is playing with at the moment, feel free to grab it off him06:47
mithrojamesh: currently CarlFK is feeding the HDMI2USB output into dvswitch - which is kind of crappy as you are downscaling a HD feed into SD - but it is a good stepping stone06:47
jameshWe've also been talking about buying a few of the new boards too06:47
jamesh(all our DV cameras have HDMI output, so it would be a first step towards going HD06:48
mithrojamesh: the HDMI2USB does "hard switching" so something xfxf is playing with is just putting the presenter and camera into the single HDMI2USB and just using that for switching06:48
mithrojamesh: then you don't need any software mixing at all06:49
seaLnemithro: unfortunately i've run out of time this morning as i need to leave the house shortly06:50
mithroseaLne: okay06:51
mithroseaLne: will you be back later? or pretty much done for the day?06:52
seaLneprobably away for ~10h06:52
mithroseaLne: okay, might still be around when you get back but probably not06:54
mithrojamesh: the crowdfunding ends in a week - so you should get your act together ordering the Opsis boards!07:49
mithroanyone know a difftool which will only compare the first x characters of a line08:01
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/opsis-fixes#26] (7494351): The build has errored. (
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jameshmithro: yep.  I just sent an email to our committee list to see if I can get a positive decision.10:39
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CarlFKmithro: looks like diff ...  man diff ...          --line-format=LFMT                format all input lines with LFMT15:21
CarlFK       %[-][WIDTH][.[PREC]]{doxX}LETTER15:22
CarlFK              printf-style spec for LETTER15:22
CarlFK       %L     contents of line15:22
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CarlFKjamesh: also look at
tpbTitle: voc/voctomix · GitHub (at
CarlFKit is another candidate for replacing dvswitch15:51
CarlFKwhich also hasn't been used in production, but it is close: (10:50:33 AM) derpeter: CarlFK: not yet. we wanted to try it last week but MaZderMind had to work late16:02
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