Tuesday, 2015-10-13

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mithroxfxf1 / xfxf: you there?02:43
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Bertlmithro: opsis board arrived \o/03:11
Bertlit is huge and black and mostly empty :)03:11
mithroBertl: It's designed to be mounted in an Mini-ITX case03:12
Bertlwhy not Nano-ITX :)03:14
mithroBertl: those cases are much more expensive and hard to source03:14
Bertlor Pico-ITX :)03:14
Bertlanyway, nice board03:15
mithroBertl: we also don't have the space constraints of trying to fit in a handheld camera :)03:39
xfxfmithro: sort of, @ work03:40
mithroBertl: Have you thought any more about how you might interface your current setup with the Opsis?03:56
Bertlyes, we will du a TOFE plugin board which directly connects to a dual plugin module on the Beta, most likely over 3x mini displayport cables04:08
Bertl(to link up over 12 lvds pairs)04:09
mithroBertl: I was going to suggest you use http://www.amazon.com/Tenext-Express-Adapter-Flexible-Extension/dp/B00EY7BW0C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444710945&sr=8-1&keywords=pci+express+8x04:38
mithroBertl: then you just need an adapter which has PCB fingers on both sides04:38
mithroone side with standard PCI-Express 8x and the other with your interface04:38
Bertlyeah, but due to the huge size of the opsis, this is impractical :)04:40
Bertlhence the mini DP cables come in04:40
Bertlwas thinking about a FFC/FPC solution first, but I'm not sure about the signal quality there04:41
mithroBertl: those cables must be PCI-Express compatible which is significantly faster then our signal speed04:42
mithroBertl: the problem I think would be more if they are flexible enough04:43
Bertlthe FPCs or the mini DP cables?04:44
mithroThe riser cable thingy I listed above05:16
mithroxfxf: ping me when you have 30 minutes05:17
Bertlyeah, I'm not too confident, that those flat cables are good for signal integrity :)05:43
mithroBertl: People use them in servers :P05:43
Bertlpeople do strange things ...05:43
Bertlmithro: btw, one real criticism on the opsis design: you could have connected a bunch of unused I/Os to a block of LEDs for status/debugging05:47
mithroBertl: We ran out of IO pins, the unused IO pins are hard to breakout and on 1V5 VCCIO bank.05:49
Bertllevel converters are cheap, especially if you can leave them out later, but okay, the breakout part is an argument05:51
mithroBertl: I had asked them to break out all the remaining IO on the 1V5 bank to a header and there was lots of push back about the difficulty of doing so.05:52
Bertlbut I see Y3 goes to the switch and probably isn't harder to break out than V3 or T305:52
BertlD1 is probably trivial05:53
Bertlat least P15/CONN_5 gives some hope :)05:55
mithroBertl: The slow speed IO expansion board gives you a lot more debugging options05:56
Bertlwhich plugs into the PCIe, so is no option for debugging :)05:56
mithroBertl: actually, maybe we should do a HDMI to LED debugging tool?05:57
Bertlyes, that would probably be a good idea05:58
Bertla saleae connector cable with an HDMI plug05:58
mithroBertl: also, using the FX2 as a serial port and printing out to the UART turns out to be a pretty good debugging once you have that working05:58
Bertluart is nice, but doesn't help much with timing and similar06:00
BertlI see an LED labeled DONE (D1) on the board but I can't find it on the schematic (for some reason it is not searchable)06:02
Bertl(the pdf version)06:02
mithroIt's connected to the DONE pin on the FPGA (which means the FPGA is done programming).06:03
Bertlah, good, so I can use that for now :)06:03
mithroBertl: I didn't think that the DONE pin can be configured as a user IO?06:03
mithroBertl: it's on the FPGA_Power sheet06:04
Bertlyeah, seems like the spartan6 can't take control of the done pin06:12
mithroBertl: do you have a LED which works on 1V5?06:13
mithroBertl: if so, you can put it on the DEBUG header06:13
Bertlyeah, I figured, but I don't have one at home06:14
mithroBertl: I've just been attaching my oscilloscope to those pins if I need to get some timing information06:14
Bertlyes, that and logic analyzer should work06:14
mithroBertl: Assuming your logic analyzer goes down to 1V506:14
Bertlyes, luckily it does06:15
mithrotumbleweed: ping?06:26
mithrotumbleweed: I'm wondering if there is a support way to "send a message to the user" when installing a new deb package06:27
tumbleweedmithro: you can put entries in NEWS.debian. People who care about such things use apt-listchanges which will display the message06:29
tumbleweedmithro: or for very serious things, a debconf prompt06:29
mithrotumbleweed: Oh, I guess - is there a way to trigger udev to do a virtual unplug/plug for a device?06:31
tumbleweeddon't know06:34
xfxfisn't there something you can echo into /proc to reset a USB device?06:34
xfxfi vaguely remember doing that many years ago06:34
mithrotumbleweed: What is the best way to run some udev commands after a package is installed?06:41
tumbleweedin the postinst script06:42
mithrotumbleweed: https://github.com/mithro/ixo-usb-jtag/issues/106:46
tpbTitle: Debian package should trigger udev rules after install · Issue #1 · mithro/ixo-usb-jtag · GitHub (at github.com)06:46
tumbleweedseems plausible06:50
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mithroBertl: so it sounded like you were already playing with the board?07:20
CarlFKmithro: when building ... why  ./configure --prefix=/opt/openocd07:23
mithroCarlFK: so you can uninstall by doing a "rm -rf /opt/openocd"07:23
Bertlwithout powering it up, yes, sounds strange but I don't have a 12V supply at hand, I have to find a plug so that I can use the bench power supply07:24
mithroBertl: I need to check, but I believe any power supply in the range 9V to 18V should work07:29
mithroThe 12V isn't used directly.07:29
BertlI have 24V with a 2.5mm plug, but I guess that will be too much07:31
Bertland I presume 5V (have a bunch of those for the Betas) is too low?07:31
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CarlFKwhere does flterm come from?08:24
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tpbTitle: misoc/tools at master · m-labs/misoc · GitHub (at github.com)08:44
xfxfmithro: am home and around for a bit09:15
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CarlFKxfxf http://paste.ubuntu.com/12772094/09:25
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)09:25
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CarlFKdid that on a fresh trusty, seems to be everything needed to bring up the Atlys09:26
CarlFKomg 4am.. bed time.. again09:27
xfxfah, rad, good to hear you got it working09:34
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CarlFKxfxf - from what I can tell, you need to be in just the right dir when running openocd because board/digilent_atlys.cfg has paths to other files09:44
CarlFKsource [find interface/usb-jtag.cfg]09:45
CarlFKthat might be becuase I didn't "make install" but even when I did I had to cd /opt/openocd/something09:46
CarlFKanyway, im off09:46
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tumbleweedCarlFK: data point: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nbhwon96xuare4d/2015-10-13%2018.44.00.jpg?dl=016:47
tumbleweed(Next year's DebConf will have HDMI, by the look of it)16:47
CarlFKtumbleweed: what's that?16:48
tumbleweedthe lecturn in a UCT lecture theatre16:48
CarlFKtumbleweed: neat.16:49
CarlFKtumbleweed: I packaged more stuff in my make-this-work kinda way..16:50
CarlFKhttps://launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive/ubuntu/ppa  fxload and flterm16:51
tpbTitle: PPA for Carl Karsten : Carl Karsten (at launchpad.net)16:51
tumbleweedthey also have a weird camera thing that comes out of the desk on a motorized arm16:51
CarlFKmotorized arm?16:51
tumbleweedto lift the camera out of its hidey-hole in the desk16:52
CarlFKlol wtf?16:53
tumbleweedI think it's the modern version of an overhead projector16:53
CarlFKI was going to call oxymoron, but I guess things still happen in the real world16:54
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mithro_florent_: welcome back! :-)21:55
mithro_florent_: I'll check the DDR issue when I get to when in a couple of hours.21:56
mithro_florent_: I'm pretty sure that I was still getting the issue last i checked, maybe my board got damaged in my around the world travel's.22:06
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