Monday, 2015-10-12

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mithroCarlFK: I think you mean the .bit file also called the "gateware"01:17
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mithroBertl_zZ: your Opsis is still showing as being possibly delivered by today....02:39
CarlFKmithro: ah right, .bit.   what loads that?03:11
mithroCarlFK: fpgalink, openocd, urjtag, xc3sprogs03:30
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Bertlmithro: it's 6am here, nothing has changed since friday evening :)04:04
mithroBertl: it says by 6pm for you04:04
Bertllet's wait and see :)04:05
Bertlnot saying it won't happen, but I wouldn't bet on it either :)04:08
mithroBertl: fair enough05:18
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CarlFKmithro: xfxf xfxf1 looks like you got openocd working?11:15
CarlFKI tried to repeat what was said here...11:15
CarlFK[email protected]:~/openocd/tcl$ ../src/openocd -f board/digilent_atlys.cfg -c "init; pld load 0 /home/carl/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/third_party/misoc/build/atlys_hdmi2usb-hdmi2usbsoc-atlys.bit; exit"11:16
CarlFKError: unable to open ftdi device: device not found11:16
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKI am guessing there is some linux assigned ID I need to look up and put somewhere ?11:17
CarlFKor.. I need to un break my udef rules.. derp.11:18
xfxfeverything i did is mentioned above11:20
xfxfmithro did some magic on my machine directly but that was only to debug an issue iirc11:21
xfxfthere were later drivers he uploaded his PPA last night11:21
CarlFKis this the only ppa I need: deb trusty main11:24
tpbTitle: Index of /timvideos/fpga-support/ubuntu (at
xfxfwhatever the setup scripts install11:29
xfxfi didn't add any ppa by hand11:29
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CarlFKoh hell... and checkout the "everything" branch11:46
CarlFKwrong branch11:46
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CarlFKno help11:55
Bertlmithro: you around?11:55
CarlFKxfxf what dir are you in when you run (06:46:04 AM) mithro: ../bin/openocd -f board/digilent_atlys.cfg -c "init; pld load 0 <bitfilename>; exit"11:56
xfxfi don't remember, but i didn't use ../bin11:57
xfxfi used the bin in /opt11:57
xfxfthe -f does not seem relative to current path at all11:57
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CarlFKxfxf um.. [email protected]:/opt/openocd/share$ ../bin/openocd -f board/digilent_atlys.cfg -c "init; pld load 0 ~/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/third_party/misoc/build/atlys_hdmi2usb-hdmi2usbsoc-atlys.bit; exit"12:04
CarlFKembedded:startup.tcl:60: Error: Can't find board/digilent_atlys.cfg12:04
tumbleweedCarlFK: did you figure out what was up with your usb serial problems?12:05
CarlFKtumbleweed: nope.  reinstlaled the os, re-ran readme, worked fine12:05
CarlFKtumbleweed: also the displayport on that little hp works fine12:05
xfxfCarlFK: i'm probably the wrong person to be asking, you need to ping mithro12:09
CarlFKmeh, it's working now.12:17
CarlFKoh, that.  yeah.  serial problems are working.  openocd still errors12:18
CarlFKI suspect he did something when he sshed in12:18
CarlFKxfxf can you power cycle your atlys and get it working with just fxload and openocd?12:19
xfxfi did that last night yes12:19
CarlFKcan you do it now and show me what commands you run?12:19
xfxfnot near my atlys atm12:20
CarlFKoh rats12:20
CarlFKfxload first, right ?12:20
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xfxfno, openocd first, then fxload afaik12:53
xfxflook @ the logs for this channel12:53
xfxfi'm 100% sure mithro didn't do anything extra on my machine outside of debug an issue to fix his package12:54
xfxfeverything i did is above12:54
xfxfin exact order / commands12:54
xfxfand i power cycled it and re-did the commands twice and all worked12:54
xfxfw/ openocd make sure you're on the right branch he mentioned12:56
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CarlFKoh.. openocd first..  that's the magic13:08
CarlFKyay.  I has test pattern on /dev/Video1 in 3 simple commands13:19
CarlFKfor some value of simple13:20
CarlFKyes, I have notes.  organizing them now13:21
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CarlFKopenocd -f /opt/openocd/share/openocd/scripts/board/digilent_atlys.cfg -c "init; pld load 0 atlys_hdmi2usb-hdmi2usbsoc-atlys.bit; exit"19:57
CarlFKError: unable to open ftdi device: device not found19:57
CarlFKfull log
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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CarlFK  how I got here.  I think.20:12
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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