Sunday, 2015-10-11

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shenkimithro: badmouthing me to the community i see00:01
shenkiBertl: hello00:01
shenkiBertl: where do i know you from?00:01
shenkiohh, yes, i recongise the nick now00:01
Bertlhow are you? everything fine?00:02
shenkiyeah, doing well. i work on server firmware these days00:02
BertlI heard from mithro00:02
shenkilots of FOSS, all out in the open. it's good00:03
shenkihow about yourself?00:03
Bertlthat's the way it is supposed to be :)00:03
Bertlmy current focus is on the Axiom camera00:03
Bertland I'm fine except for an ugly cold at the moment00:03
shenkii just searched for the axiom; looks impressive!00:06
shenkisorry to hear about your cold; get well soon!00:07
shenkiBertl: what are you doing on the axiom?00:07
Bertla lot :)00:07
Bertlhardware, software, firmware00:08
mithroshenki: I've sent Bertl one of the preproduction Opsis boards00:13
shenkimithro: cool00:21
shenkiBertl: nice. what does it run?00:21
Bertlarch linux00:26
shenkion x86?00:46
Bertlno, the Zynq has two arm cores00:46
shenkiah yep00:46
shenkihow do you find the zynq?00:46
Bertlwell, it is overrated, but we started with a zedboard, and we got stuck with the fast bringup and easy way to control FPGA stuff00:47
Bertlthe very good prices for Zynq development boards (compared to most other FPGAs) played a role too00:48
xfxfoh, rad, I was looking at the Axiom camera's the other day, seem like really neat kit01:43
Bertlglad you like it01:45
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mithroHey xfxf.02:51
mithroGoing to do some hacking / testing today?02:51
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CarlFKmithro: is your "find board and upload bytes" .py app checked in yet?06:05
mithroCarlFK: its not at that stage yet - but yes06:06
tpbTitle: mithro/HDMI2USB-find-board · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro:  what did you want to use instead of makestuff ?06:10
mithroCarlFK: openocd seems to be the best option06:10
mithroBertl_oO: any chance you can get me a populated 1xHDMI Plugin Module?06:14
CarlFKmithro: looks like it is already packaged:
tpbTitle: Debian -- Details of package openocd in jessie (at
mithroCarlFK: yes - but it needs patches06:20
tpbTitle: Gerrit Code Review (at
mithroBertl_oO: Do you have a schematic for that 1x HDMI board?06:26
CarlFKmithro: is your patched version somewhere I can check out?06:31
mithroCarlFK: nope06:31
mithroCarlFK: let me upload it somewhere06:32
mithroBertl_oO: thanks!06:32
CarlFKthanks.. I'll see about rolling the patches into the packaging06:32
mithroCarlFK: They'll be upstream shortly06:32
CarlFKmithro: shortly = hours or days?06:33
Bertl_oOmithro: and yes, I can send you one once we start populating them for production (which should be soon)06:33
mithroCarlFK: days06:33
mithroCarlFK: but not weeks06:33
mithroCarlFK: my stuff will be at soon06:34
tpbTitle: mithro/openocd · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: k. now that I think about it it will be days before I can spend any time on it .  i am 1/2 asleep right now and may not be thinking to well :p06:35
mithroCarlFK: I'd work on getting a package from their git repo going06:36
CarlFKmithro: btw - 9 more talks done using the Atlys.06:36
mithroCarlFK: great! That doesn't give me much information though06:38
CarlFKmithro: once I got it up, it just worked.06:39
mithroCarlFK: Can you start recording information about speakers laptops in some way?06:40
CarlFKmithro: I have been thinking of trying to collect speakers laptop model number before the event.  "what do you plan on using?"06:41
CarlFKtrying to get that at the event... not enough time06:41
mithroCarlFK: can you snap a photo of it?06:41
CarlFKmithro: not easily.  for the 9 talks I was in the back of the room.  1/2 the time the next talk was being announced before the presenter had put their laptop on the podium06:44
mithroCarlFK: It's annoying that we can't figure out what type of laptop it is via the board itself06:46
mithroand it is generally frowned upon to exploit their machine via the display adapter to run a script to upload it :P06:48
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xfxf1mithro: compiled up that older firmware, input0 still not working07:04
mithroxfxf1: which one did you compile?07:04
xfxf1the commit you linked me to - one from 9th sept afaik07:04
mithroxfxf1: can you try a couple of versions older then that one too?07:05
xfxf1oddly this 2nd gen i7 takes exponentially longer to compile than my macbook retina i7 inside a VM07:06
xfxf1am observing a lot of the compile toolchain seems to be single threaded?07:07
xfxf1i suspect turbo boost isn't working on the i7 properly, but any tricks to get things happening faster than the defaults?07:07
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mithroxfxf1: the compile toolchains are single threaded07:08
mithroBertl_oO: what are the VCC, VCCIO, V_I2C and PWRGOOD pins in your spec?07:08
xfxf1any progress on making your travis CI stuff build firmware daily?07:09
xfxf1because that's be super rad for being able to step back to older firmwares for testing regressions rapidly07:09
xfxf1assuming you'd keep all historical firmware07:09
mithroxfxf1: it'll build every commit from now on07:09
xfxf1right, but does it make available publically each firmware, or only the latest?07:10
mithroxfxf1: each firmware07:10
xfxf1oh, neat, good stuff07:10
mithroxfxf1: it just updates a symlink07:10
mithroto tell you which one is the "current unstable"07:10
xfxf1how hard/feasible would it to make whatever CI hook scripts you're using step through the last two months or so of commits?07:10
xfxf1what was the right sequence for events (make targets) to flash the gateware, firmware, the connect to the device?07:14
xfxf1i'll update as it's currently broken07:14
xfxf1alternatively i note you have a 'firmware' Makefile target, i can just shove it in there07:16
Bertl_oOmithro: VCC is a configureable voltage (typically 3.3V though), VCCIO is the reference voltage for the LVDS pairs07:16
mithroBertl_oO: so in your case that is 2.5V?07:17
Bertl_oOV_I2C is a separate supply usually for reading the EEPROM before the card is activated07:17
Bertl_oOin our case either 1.8V or 2.5V yes07:17
mithroBertl_oO: PWRGOOD is some type of power good?07:30
Bertl_oOyeah, but we haven't decided yet what to do with it :)07:31
mithroBertl_oO: I'd recommend changing it to a "RST" pin07:32
Bertl_oOgood idea, will see if we can do that07:32
mithroBertl_oO: basically holding low (or high?) causes the board to stay in reset state, releasing makes it start operating -- basically the same to PWRGOOD I guess07:33
Bertl_oOyeah, but I have to check if we have I/Os left over for this07:34
Bertl_oOno point of a reset when it cannot be asserted07:35
Bertl_oOhmm, is a little tricky, definitely won't happen in the Early Betas07:38
Bertl_oOi.e. please ignore for now or assign an I/O whatever you like07:39
Bertl_oOit is not used anywhere as far as I can see07:39
Bertl_oObut we can label it PWRGD/#RST07:41
Bertl_oOoff for a nap ... bbl07:44
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xfxf1mithro: stepped back to a commit on 8th sept about 4 before the otehr, input0 not working, stepping back to about a week earlier now07:50
xfxf1hopefully will be able to indicate the commit where the regression occurs assuming no build issues07:50
mithroI'm wondering if there is something we are missing.07:51
xfxf1i'm having problems building older firmware, something to do with liteeth08:09
xfxf1not sure if it's worth me persisting, comments mithro?08:09
xfxf1my goal here is to get you info to get the board fixed asap08:10
mithroxfxf1: yeah the older firmware is probably not going to build because it didn't use submodules so there isn't any way to really go back to that date08:10
xfxf1i want to use it but currently can't, have now sat through two user groups now with it not working08:10
xfxf1so what can i do to help?08:10
mithroxfxf1: You have one input working right?08:12
xfxf1yes but i want to use both08:12
xfxf1and i'm yet to get reliable USB capture08:13
mithroxfxf1: work on reliable USB capture08:13
xfxf1 /dev/videoX doesn't reliably appear08:13
xfxf1sure, i don't have that08:13
xfxf1as per issues posted the other day08:13
mithroxfxf1: Which issues?08:13
xfxf1the video device didn't appear?08:14
xfxf1and it was unusable under OS X, but i've got a dedicated linux laptop now08:14
xfxf1i ran the commands you told me (which i have forgotten; as per above, can you let me know the right sequence of make commands to get a board working that has usb capture working + is controllable?  i will fix the flash script)08:14
xfxf1and it wasn't producing reliable results08:14
xfxf1i found i had to reset the board and try again08:14
xfxf1it was failing enough that i just gave up trying to capture with it, it was holding up presenters08:15
mithroxfxf1: you do know that the IRC channel has logs?08:16
xfxf1sure, why is that an issue?  this is a board with a non-stable firmware, stuff like this is expected, no?08:16
mithroxfxf1: I me regarding the "which I have forgotten part"08:17
mithromake load-gateware; make load-fx2; make connect-lm3208:17
xfxf1oh - right, nod, will go back then.  i hadn't done that because irccloud seems broken at the moment (hence logging on with another client) so my logs weren't accessible08:17
mithroxfxf1: we have publicly available logs with search :P08:19
*** mithro changes topic to "Website - | Code - | Logs at | Mailing lists:"08:21
*** mithro changes topic to "Website - | Code - | Logs - | Mailing lists -"08:21
mithroxfxf1: "make load" should work once is fixed08:27
tpbTitle: `make load-lm32` should actually load the firmware and then exit · Issue #90 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
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mithroxfxf1: you still here?08:43
xfxf1mithro, having dinner, then will do above08:45
mithroxfxf1: I need someone to +1 the openocd change by checking it works on their hardware too08:45
xfxf1sure, tell me what i need to do08:46
mithroxfxf1: you have a Ubuntu trusty system right?08:47
mithroxfxf1: Install the ixo-usb-jtag from our FPGA support PPA08:48
mithroxfxf1: then clone my version of openocd from github08:48
mithroxfxf1: once you get to that, I'll explain what to do08:48
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xfxf1will do, but best you give me a list of instructions - balancing doing this with family duties so i'll be coming back and forth from my computer08:53
xfxf1ok, both instructions above done08:55
xfxf1and literally; it's cloned, i haven't compiled it08:56
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xfxf1mithro, ping09:03
mithroxfxf1: checkout master09:04
mithroxfxf1: compile it09:04
mithroxfxf1: ./configure --prefix=/opt/openocd09:04
mithroyou might need to run ./bootstrap first09:04
xfxf1if you're intending on scripting this, had to install libtool/autoconf too09:06
mithroxfxf1: not really09:07
mithroxfxf1: if that all compiles and then you can run /opt/openocd/bin/openocd --help09:08
mithroxfxf1: then you can test with my patches09:08
xfxf1yep, working09:09
xfxf1assume you don't want any output from --help, rather to check the binary works?09:09
mithroxfxf1: yeah09:12
mithroDid you install the ixo-usb-jtag package from the PPA?09:13
mithroxfxf1: okay09:13
mithroxfxf1: plug in your Atlys board09:13
xfxf1already plugged in09:13
mithroxfxf1: power cycle your Atlys board then09:14
xfxf1same :)09:14
mithroxfxf1: In the lsusb output you shouldn't see the Atlys board, you should see something with the vid_pid of 0x16C0 0x06AD09:15
mithroBertl_zZ: when you get up, I have a mapping for the TOFE->apertus interface I'd like you to look over09:16
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mithromight be labelled something like09:18
mithroVan Ooijen Technische Informatica09:18
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xfxf1mithro, nothing with that vid/pid09:34
mithroxfxf1: what does lsusb show?09:34
xfxf104e2:1410 exar corp09:35
mithroxfxf1: That is the uart09:35
mithroxfxf1: There are two micro usb ports on the Atlys09:35
mithroxfxf1: you need both of them plugged in09:35
xfxf1yes, i have both connected09:35
xfxf1i'm only seeing that09:35
mithroxfxf1: can you show me the full output of lsusb?09:36
xfxf1ugh, dmesg is showing 'unable to enumerate USB device on port 1'09:36
xfxf1let me try another cable09:36
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xfxf1nope, doing it with different cables09:41
xfxf1rebooting machine09:41
mithroxfxf1: hrm - I'm getting it here too - trying to figure out what is going on09:41
xfxf1has your package changed anything to do with that port?09:41
xfxf1glad i'm of service as a rubber duck at least ;)09:43
mithroxfxf1: can you uninstall the package09:46
mithroxfxf1: and clone my ixo-usb-jtag package09:46
xfxf1sure, i assume i can dpkg-buildpackage it or something?09:47
mithroxfxf1: run fakeroot debian/rules get-orig-source first09:48
xfxf1typo in debian/rules, you want https on your repo, not http09:49
xfxf1installed package, same problem, unsure if i need to do anything else09:50
mithroWhat does "sdcc --version" on your machine say?09:50
mithroxfxf1: you uninstalled the package and power cycled the Atlys right?09:51
xfxf1[email protected]:~/src/ixo-usb-jtag# sdcc --version09:51
xfxf1SDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/z180/r2k/r3ka/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/ds400/hc08/s08 3.3.0 #8604 (Dec 30 2013) (Linux)09:51
xfxf1and yes to both09:51
mithroWhat does09:52
mithromd5sum output/hw_nexys.hex09:52
xfxf192bf118bc3eb07aad7f8c09f453a587c  output/hw_nexys.hex09:52
mithroxfxf1: can you try09:54
mithrorm -rf output; fakeroot debian/rules clean; fakeroot debian/rules binary; md5sum output/hw_nexys.hex09:54
xfxf1same result as above09:55
mithrosame md5sum?09:55
xfxf1btw if it makes things easier i can easily enough give you remote ssh access to this box, equally happy to follow instructions09:55
mithroxfxf1: I don't quite understand why you are getting different build output09:56
mithroxfxf1: but every time you build you get the same md5sum?09:56
xfxf1just did it again09:57
mithroxfxf1: what does "git log" show?09:57
xfxf1dpkg-deb: building package `ixo-usb-jtag' in `../ixo-usb-jtag_0.0.0-85-g2df5d2f-1_all.deb'.09:57
xfxf192bf118bc3eb07aad7f8c09f453a587c  output/hw_nexys.hex09:57
mithroCan you send me your output/hw_nexys.hex?09:58
mithroxfxf1: can you give me remote access? I still need someone to reset the Atlys though10:01
xfxf1mithro: are you getting my messages?  can't recall if freenode allows private messages when not authenticated10:04
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xfxf1atlys reset, ping me if you need me to reset it again at any point10:04
xfxf1feel free to apt-get or install whatever on it too, it'll end up getting reloaded at some point once i'm confident in stability of use of the device and i can roll more of a specialised 'turn on and record' install for it10:05
mithroxfxf1: can you restart the atlys10:06
mithroso... the firmware I build on my computer works10:06
xfxf1feel free to look at what's installed on mine - followed your instructions10:07
xfxf1ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit install, i did install gnome desktop instead of unity but i doubt that'll make any difference whatsoever to this build10:07
mithroxfxf1: can you reboot the atlys again?10:08
mithroxfxf1: reboot again10:08
xfxf1is that an instruction? :P10:12
mithrookay - WTF debian10:13
mithro?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global '_dscr_attrpow' referenced by module 'eeprom'10:14
mithromake[1]: *** [usbjtag.hex] Error 110:14
mithromake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/videoteam/src/ixo-usb-jtag'10:14
xfxf1assume it's behaving differently on yours10:14
xfxf1is doing something as crude as an strace of the build on yours+mine then diffing them useful, even if overly verbose?10:15
mithroxfxf1: I'm pretty sure I have found the cause10:15
mithroxfxf1: what I don't understand is why the rules didn't error10:16
xfxf1need me to do anything?10:19
mithronot yet10:19
mithroxfxf1: you are getting the same md5sum as me now10:21
mithroxfxf1: new package pushed to the ppa - will take 5 minutes to build10:23
mithroxfxf1: how goods your python? :P10:23
xfxf1guess we'll find out!10:24
Bertl_zZ  ~.10:24
mithroxfxf1: I need a pure-python version of
tpbTitle: libusb/ezusb.c at master · libusb/libusb · GitHub (at
*** Bertl_zZ is now known as Bertl10:25
Bertlback now ...10:25
Bertlmithro: url?10:25
mithroxfxf1: The other option is a C version of
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-find-board/ at master · mithro/HDMI2USB-find-board · GitHub (at
xfxf1my python won't be the issue there, my c will be though10:25
tpbTitle: Tims Open FPGA Expansion (TOFE) board connector interface - Google Sheets (at
xfxf1ah, you need both in the same lang? why?10:26
mithroxfxf1: well - once it is in C, we'd then have to port it to windows/mac10:26
mithroBertl: so - one thing I notice that is missing from your "spec" is that LVDS_3A/LVDS_3B are used as clock pins10:27
mithroBertl: so you really want them to map into the FPGA GCLK, right?10:28
*** se6astian is now known as se6astian|away10:29
Bertlnot sure how you got to that conclusion, please elaborate?10:29
mithroBertl: Looking at the schematic for the HDMI board10:30
mithroBertl: this one ->
Bertlthe HDMI clock is produced identical to the data channels10:30
mithroBertl: the LVDS_3_P and LVDS_3_N are mapped to the Clock+/Clock- signals of the HDMI port10:30
Bertli.e. with the serializer10:31
mithroBertl: oh - I forget, you are output only :)10:32
Bertlthere is one clock input capable pair routed to North PCIE (LVDS_5)10:33
Bertlbut that is more coincidence than planning10:34
mithroBertl: well that is fortunate :P - My LVDS_5 pairs are also on clock pins10:34
mithroBertl: so you label the connectors as "North" and "South"?10:35
Bertlbut doesn't the cyan block denote a clock input?10:35
Bertlbecause it looks like you mapped them to LVDS_3 now10:35
mithroBertl: GCLK in the TOFE spec just means it is mapped to a GCLK capable pin10:37
Bertlah, got it10:37
mithrothink of them as "clock capable" rather then "clock required"10:37
Bertlso which one of the yellow ones are clock capable?10:38
Bertlsorry, I'm a little slow, but I guess I understand now what the table means10:39
mithroCyan == IO pins connected to the GCLK pins10:40
Bertlwith 38.5°C thinking gets a little slow ...10:40
Bertlthe middle column is the mapping for the adapter10:40
Bertlthe left column is the TOFE10:40
Bertlthe right column are the plugin header :)10:40
mithroBertl: 38.5C in Europe?10:40
Bertlbody temperature unfortunately ....10:41
BertlI got a cold and fever now as well ...10:41
mithroBertl: you should go back to bed!10:42
Bertlyeah, well, I got up because I couldn't sleep ... will probably return soon10:42
mithroBertl: I had another crazy idea for the Opsis V2 :P10:43
Bertllet's hear ...10:44
mithroBertl: See the new picture in the doc10:44
Bertlpicture where?10:45
Bertlthe PCIe slots?10:47
Bertlnot sure how that is supposed to work though (the right angle)10:47
mithroBertl: yeah - if we map 4 sets of GTP to TOFE-4x connectors10:47
Bertlbut there are right angle PCIe connectors10:48
mithroBertl: Yes, you can get 4x right angle / left angle adapters cheaply10:48
Bertlwell, cheaply is relative10:49
Bertlbut they usually do not have much space to the PCB10:49
mithroBertl: They also cost ~$5 USD to make in individual quantities10:50
Bertlthought that might help to get North and South orientation right :)10:54
mithroBertl: thanks!10:56
mithroBertl: the kind of cool thing about this setup is the TOFE-4x connectors would actually PCI-Express Gen3 compatible10:57
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travis-ci[timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/master#232] (658511b): The build passed. (
*** travis-ci has left #timvideos11:04
mithroxfxf1: you still around?11:08
*** rohitksingh has joined #timvideos11:08
mithroxfxf1: okay - new package ->
tpbTitle: i386 build of ixo-usb-jtag 0.0.0-88-gd9e335b-1 : Support packages for FPGA development : “TimVideos.Us - Live event streaming” team (at
mithroxfxf1: is the Atlys now appears correctly?11:19
xfxf1i'm not clear on what you want me to do11:19
xfxf1install that package, ensure USB sees the device, then?11:20
mithroxfxf1: get to that stage11:20
mithroxfxf1: power cycling the Atlys should get the new stuff11:20
mithroxfxf1: any luck?11:22
xfxf1Oct 11 22:22:16 capcore kernel: [ 6172.280616] usb 2-1.2: Product: USB-JTAG-IF11:24
xfxf1Oct 11 22:22:16 capcore kernel: [ 6172.280621] usb 2-1.2: Manufacturer: ixo.de11:24
xfxf1Oct 11 22:22:16 capcore kernel: [ 6172.280626] usb 2-1.2: SerialNumber: hw_nexy11:24
xfxf1assume that's bettre?11:24
mithroxfxf1: yeah11:26
mithroxfxf1: happening every time you unplug / replug and power cycle?11:26
xfxf1yep seems to be11:26
mithroxfxf1: now you won't be able to use the misoc firmware with that package installed currently11:27
xfxf1ok, what is the purpose of this package?11:27
mithroxfxf1: so remember to uninstalled it and power cycle the Atlys board before you try and use the "make xxx" stuff11:27
mithroxfxf1: The board has a reconfigurable USB chip on it, the "fx2"11:28
xfxf1yep, i recall the fx2 + the fpgalink method of flashing it currently11:28
mithroxfxf1: This package automatically configures the Atlys with a firmware suitable for jtag programming11:29
mithroxfxf1: fpgalink does a similar thing11:29
mithroxfxf1: now we have the fx2 in this mode, we can use compatible jtag programming tools to load stuff onto the FPGA11:29
mithroxfxf1: openocd is one of these tools11:29
mithroxfxf1: so, if you go and fetch the latest version of openocd from my repo11:30
mithroxfxf1: and checkout the "everything" branch11:30
mithroxfxf1: then configure / make / make install11:30
xfxf1ok, already compiled master, will git pull / checkout everything andreinstall11:30
mithroxfxf1: we should in theory be able to talk to the FPGA on the Atlys board using usb-jtag11:31
mithrobin/openocd -f board/digilent_atlys.cfg -c "init; xc6s_print_dna xc6s.tap; exit"11:33
xfxf1Error: no lowlevel driver found for ftdi or lowlevel driver opening error11:34
xfxf1where is the cfg in -f looking relative to?11:34
mithroxfxf1: oh, you need to install libftdi-dev and recompile openocd11:34
mithroxfxf1: then you might want11:35
mithro--enable-usb-blaster-2 --enable-usb_blaster_libftdi11:35
mithroas ./configure will complain if you didn't install the deps correctly11:36
xfxf1to configure or openocd?11:36
xfxf1Altera USB-Blaster II Compatible        yes (auto)11:37
xfxf1seems to not explicitly need it?11:37
mithroxfxf1: Not sure11:37
mithrowe can investigate later when I'm not falling asleep11:37
xfxf1Info : usb blaster interface using libftdi11:39
xfxf1Info : This adapter doesn't support configurable speed11:39
xfxf1Info : JTAG tap: xc6s.tap tap/device found: 0x34008093 (mfg: 0x049, part: 0x4008, ver: 0x3)11:39
xfxf1DNA = 100110101111010000101001011111101001000110011101101111011 (0x135e852fd233b7b)11:39
mithroxfxf1: \o/11:39
xfxf1if you're tired btw we can do this tomorrow11:40
mithroxfxf1: I want you to verify it works, so you can +1 the codereview, so it can get merged11:40
mithrothen I'll go home11:40
xfxf1oh wow, still at the office?11:41
mithroxfxf1: I have a better setup in the office then at home11:41
xfxf1air enough, and not bad offices to be at anyway i guess!11:41
mithroxfxf1: okay11:41
mithroxfxf1: btw - that is the "Device DNA" or the serial number of the FPGA in your board11:42
mithroxfxf1: so do you have a HDMI2USB .bit file somewhere?11:43
xfxf1probably, these are generated from compiling up the firmware?11:43
mithroxfxf1: yeah - otherwise grab it from the prebuilt repo11:44
xfxf1hmm where does it stick the built firmware?11:44
mithroxfxf1: third_party/misoc/build/ I believe11:45
xfxf1ah.  yes, have it11:45
xfxf1Info : usb blaster interface using libftdi11:45
xfxf1Info : This adapter doesn't support configurable speed11:45
xfxf1Info : JTAG tap: xc6s.tap tap/device found: 0x34008093 (mfg: 0x049, part: 0x4008, ver: 0x3)11:45
xfxf1DNA = 100110101111010000101001011111101001000110011101101111011 (0x135e852fd233b7b)11:45
tpbTitle: migen/ at master · m-labs/migen · GitHub (at
mithroxfxf1: we are going to do the "load_bitstream" bit11:46
mithro../bin/openocd -f board/digilent_atlys.cfg -c "init; pld load 0 <bitfilename>; exit"11:48
mithroI think11:48
mithroThat worked for me11:50
xfxf1loaded file atlys_hdmi2usb-hdmi2usbsoc-atlys.bit to pld device 0 in 14s 162788us11:50
mithroxfxf1: mine only took 13 seconds :P11:50
mithroxfxf1: you should be able to do a "make connect-lm32" in the misoc-firmware11:51
mithroxfxf1: then hit enter and you should have the HDMI2USB> promt11:51
xfxf1i assume this hasn't loaded the fx2 firmware, so no usb capture?11:52
mithroxfxf1: correct!11:52
xfxf1can we use openocd to do that11:52
mithroxfxf1: and as the USB ID won't be what it expects you'll have to load the firmware manually11:52
mithroopenocd is for talking to the FPGA not the FX211:53
xfxf1ah, right11:53
mithroit talks to the FPGA *via* the FX211:53
mithroxfxf1: take a look at the11:53
mithrofirmware/fx2/ script11:53
xfxf1i'm keen on shoving something into a udev rule so the device is all setup when it's plugged in / turned on11:53
xfxf1right, so lsusb to find whatever usb id's are being used, and run fxload by hand?11:54
mithroxfxf1: fxload takes a /dev/bus/usb/ path11:54
mithroso you need to figure that out from lsusb11:54
mithro /sbin/fxload -D /dev/bus/usb/003/059 -t fx2lp -I firmware/fx2/hdmi2usb.hex11:54
mithrobecause I had11:55
mithroBus 003 Device 059: ID 16c0:06ad Van Ooijen Technische Informatica11:55
xfxf1hmm that hex file isn't in that dir for me11:56
mithroxfxf1: did you make it first?11:56
mithroxfxf1: "make firmware-fx2"11:56
xfxf1i thought i already had11:56
xfxf1t i'll try again11:56
xfxf1ok done11:57
xfxf1now have an OpenMoko device in lsusb11:57
xfxf1[ 8133.310677] uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device HDMI2USB (1d50:60b7)11:57
xfxf1[ 8133.311019] uvcvideo: UVC non compliance - GET_DEF(PROBE) not supported. Enabling workaround.11:57
mithroxfxf1: and you should have a /dev/videoX11:58
xfxf1yep i do11:58
xfxf1trying to capture from it now11:58
mithroxfxf1: if you get something like "timeouts" it means you haven't turned the encoder on11:58
xfxf1ok cool, appear to be getting capture12:01
mithroxfxf1: so a couple of things to note12:03
mithrothe "connect-lm32" is just using flterm to connect to the hardware UART12:04
xfxf1ack, knew that12:04
mithrowhich uses the vizzino module which is crap12:06
mithroso make sure you have that module installed if you are having issues using connect-lm3212:12
mithroThere isn't really any way to tell if you have loaded the FPGA correctly, except looking for the HDMI2USB> prompt on the serial port12:13
mithroxfxf1: Go to
tpbTitle: Gerrit Code Review (at
mithroxfxf1: create an account using your github12:13
mithroxfxf1: take a look at the patches12:13
mithroxfxf1: add +1 saying you tested they worked with your board12:13
xfxfha confusing, using multiple irc clients now12:15
mithroxfxf1: you obviously can't say that for the Numato Opsis boards12:15
mithroxfxf1: but you can confirm it for the other ones12:15
mithroxfxf1: btw - you should know now how to flash the board manually12:16
xfxfi mean which one am i approving?  there's 4 listed12:16
xfxfand nod, good exercise12:16
mithroxfxf1: they all do different things12:16
xfxfokay, all four there affect what you got me to test?12:16
mithroxfxf1: one fixes the ixo-usb-jtag12:16
mithroxfxf1: one adds the Digilent Atlys support12:17
mithroxfxf1: one adds support for printing that serial number12:17
xfxfalso, "Strategy: Cherry Pick"12:17
mithroxfxf1: one adds the Opsis support12:17
xfxfthat's strange to me, I'm used to a PR usually representing gitflow and a request to merge back to develop12:17
mithroxfxf1: ignore that12:17
xfxfhow does this work, you grab a bunch of commits and ask for those to be approved?12:17
mithroThey are all tcl, which is almost as bad as perl12:18
xfxfthe http to https typo i spotted before, has that been fixed / is that part of this patch?12:19
xfxfthis UI is confusing, it's taking me a bit to grok the info on it12:19
mithroxfxf1: that was for ixo-usb-jtag not openocd12:19
mithroxfxf1: send a pull request for that one12:19
xfxfassume on all four up the top, click reply, hit +1, and put in "Works for me on Diligent Atlys board." ?12:19
mithroxfxf1: well, not the opsis one12:20
xfxfsure, done for three12:20
mithroxfxf1: Then take a look at to take a gander at how you figure out where the atlys board is and what state it is in12:21
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-find-board/ at master · mithro/HDMI2USB-find-board · GitHub (at
mithroxfxf1: home time for me12:23
xfxf1np, ta12:23
mithroxfxf1: maybe be back later, maybe not12:23
mithroxfxf1: still have to eat some food12:23
mithroxfxf1: pretty much any issue on is open12:24
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithroxfxf1: Figuring out how to "make load-lm32" do something useful would be good12:24
CarlFKhey gang12:32
CarlFKxfxf1: (06:53:00 AM) mithro:  /sbin/fxload -D /dev/bus/usb/003/059 -t fx2lp -I firmware/fx2/hdmi2usb.hex12:49
CarlFKwhere did you get fxload from?12:49
xfxf1there's a package for it that the setup scripts install13:09
xfxf1ubuntu package 'fxload'13:09
CarlFKk - I thought maybe it was a patched version that was built from who knows what13:20
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CarlFKxfxf1: fxload loads the .hex file (I guess) do you know what loads the .bin?14:18
CarlFKother than make14:19
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