Monday, 2015-10-05

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seaLnemithro: sorry i haven't got anywhere with getting test-clean to merge to master, in a fresh checkout i squashed commits and then tried again but still no luck :(06:23
mithroseaLne: don't worry about it. I can walk you through it later tonight if you want06:53
seaLnemithro: has anything been done about TOFE apart from implementing it on the opsis and detailing the pinout? just wondering if anyone has made any start on kicad libs and modules07:08
xfxfhi mithro: is it possible to get up pre-built firmware + tools somewhere?07:19
xfxfsitting at a PUG i'm unable to record because the build i did earlier today work + now waiting for things to re-build07:20
xfxfbuild i did earlier today didn't work, rather07:20
xfxfbe rad if it built daily too given there isn't a stable release of the fw yet07:21
xfxfgoal: get something working in <10 mins - with the wifi here i reckon pulling down + building everything is going to take until the end of the PUG07:22
seaLnea build takes about 10min07:24
seaLnemaybe we can get travis to copy the built files somewhere07:26
xfxfthat would be good07:27
xfxfperhaps a build takes that long but is pulling down everything again07:27
xfxfwhich is taking forever07:27
xfxfand it failed earlier, i don't know why - step 1 is to re-run it07:27
xfxfand look at why07:27
CarlFKon my i3 it takes 30min07:28
seaLnexfxf: are you trying in a fresh checkout that you had previously used? after the submodules changes i had to git submodule update --init --recursive before i could build07:30
xfxfthis is completely fresh, rm-ed the old directory07:30
seaLnetry that07:30
seaLnedid make gateware error out quite quickly for you?07:31
xfxfi didn't even get that far07:32
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xfxfthat said07:33
xfxfrunning again worked07:33
xfxfand now i'm building the gateware07:33
xfxfi'll just get this working now and look at it later07:33
xfxfi hacked on those scripts like a month and a half back so i'll figure out what happened - i just urgently want to record this event i'm currently at07:33
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seaLnexfxf: ah yeah that looks like part of the move to third_party and effective maku clean i noticed that this morning also complains about the lack of build dir07:36
xfxfrunning by hand seemed to work07:37
xfxfwhich is odd07:37
xfxfgiven the bootstrap script calls it07:37
xfxfi'm assuming something failed (possibly pulling down a file) causing the script to not finish + i didn't notice the error07:41
xfxfwill re-run from scratch later07:41 seems to be a bit unreliable which misoc downloads stuff from07:46
xfxf  make load-fx2-firmware07:54
xfxfthat target doesn't exist anymore07:54
xfxfbut the instructions still refer to it07:54
xfxf@CarlFK ping, you may know07:54
xfxfok you don't haha07:55
CarlFKmaybe that is what I hit?07:55
xfxf'make load' has dumped me at a HDMI2USB prompt07:55
xfxfguess i'll see if the fx2 firmware loaded07:55
CarlFKI would think if you get someting statusy it is all set07:56
CarlFK5 mil till wakin gout the door for the airpot07:56
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CarlFKxfxf: un/plug the usb plug07:59
CarlFKmight help. it is one of the things I try07:59
CarlFKhmm, may have net in the car thanks tumbleweed :D08:01
tumbleweedyep, that's doable08:02
xfxfnope, fail, board froze, no output08:05
xfxfletting PUG continue08:05
xfxfwill debug later08:05
* seaLne still waits for the build to finish on his desktop08:07
xfxfbuilt here fine, just wierdness occured08:08
xfxfi feel uncomfortable holding up a talk more than a few mins08:08
xfxfperhaps i shouldn't ;)08:08
xfxfi have half suspicions the HDMI output for this projector doesn't actually work properly, i'll debug after this talk08:09
xfxfit's got some dodgy looking cat5 HDMI extender i'm not sure i trust08:09
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mithromake load-fx208:47
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#1] (32d3723): The build failed. (
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seaLnesorry guess that appeared here due to contents of .travis.yml08:58
mithromake help08:58
mithroseaLne: I have not figured l out a good solution to that.08:59
seaLnewell if i can get paths correct....08:59
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#2] (2088f41): The build is still failing. (
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seaLneshouldn't stuff be in build/misoc/build ?09:00
mithroIt does let us spy on people though :-)09:00
mithroseaLne: it will be in third_party/misoc/build now09:01
seaLnedepending on where my repo state is09:02
mithroYes, true09:06
seaLnehmmm :(09:08
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#3] (0400e7c): The build is still failing. (
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#4] (74f23c9): The build is still failing. (
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#6] (7d3c715): The build is still failing. (
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#7] (0e5fa9d): The build is still failing. (
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seaLnemithro: woohoo the logic is working now just that without ise and random stuff in my branch it isn't building but it is putting stuff in
tpbTitle: sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware-auto-builds ยท GitHub (at
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#8] (1b721e0): The build is still failing. (
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seaLnebuild 8 was when it started working ignore 609:38
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#9] (3f27173): The build was fixed. (
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mithroseaLne: you probably want to push with the git revision in the name10:19
seaLnemithro: does travis know the git revision?10:22
mithroseaLne: git does10:22
mithroseaLne: "git describe" is probably the most useful number10:22
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#10] (a5138a6): The build was broken. (
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seaLneGIT_REVISION=`git describe` doesn't seem to be working in travis10:32
mithroseaLne: is it working locally for you?10:34
mithroseaLne: your are running git describe in the wrong git repo10:35
mithroseaLne: you are git describing your HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware-auto-builds repo10:36
seaLnei moved it up now10:36
seaLnefatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.10:36
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#11] (e479dd6): The build is still failing. (
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mithrooh - it might be because travis does a shallow clone...10:39
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#12] (021c461): The build is still failing. (
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mithroseaLne: try doing a "git fetch --unshallow && git fetch --tags"  before10:43
seaLneneed to go out will look when back10:47
xfxfmithro: recording tonight failed10:59
xfxfbut i've got details of other groups at the same meetup space so i'm going to chase up doing some more in the coming weeks10:59
xfxfcat5 extender for HDMI caused the board to freak out10:59
xfxfi might go back and try and debug more, just didn't want to hold people up10:59
mithroxfxf: did you get the board working before hand?10:59
xfxfon the older firmware11:00
xfxfi updated the repo earlier in the day thinking it would be straight forward11:00
xfxfbut the build broke for unknown reasons i'll try looking at soon11:00
xfxfdo you have any idea what sort of compute power hangouts on air uses to compress a 720p stream?11:01
xfxfi want to get everything into a case including a pre-configured laptop11:01
xfxfgiven i work near CBD if i can get setup to <15 mins then it's feasible i can probably attempt fairly regularly11:01
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travis-ci[timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/master#204] (153afba): The build passed. (
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seaLnemaybe the power level on the extender weren't enough?12:20
seaLnemithro: the unshallow fixed it12:29
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#13] (4a018d6): The build was fixed. (
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travis-ci[sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build-copy#14] (ec9cb12): The build passed. (
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