Sunday, 2015-10-04

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mithroseaLne: Thanks for the patch - looking at it01:05
mithroCarlFK: back in the US?01:05
CarlFKmithro: not for another 4 days03:34
mithroCarlFK: conference over though?03:41
CarlFKmithro: talks over, 1 more day of sprints03:42
mithroCarlFK: so is there any more summary then "we need to get the flashing working so resetting the device is fast/easy" ?03:45
CarlFKmithro: there is still something buggy.  I think we saw 3 classes of problems03:46
CarlFKmithro: 1 - need to power cycle the Atlys, then it just works03:46
CarlFKmithro: 2 - video_mode 9 and it works03:47
mithroCarlFK: I think we understand what is going on with (2) now - I logged a couple of bugs around that03:47
CarlFKmithro: 3 - laptop sees a display device, status shows 0x0, and plugging directly into a projector doen't work either so I blame the laptop03:49
CarlFKmithro: we have 2 good samples of #1 - tumbleweed';s main laptop and my small hp that has a full sized Display Port03:50
CarlFKtumbleweed has a DP to HDMI dongle, first time I ever used the HPs DP.03:50
tumbleweedCarlFK: keep the dongle if you want04:59
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mithroseaLne: ping?09:48
seaLnemithro: pong09:48
mithroseaLne: I have some small changes to your pull request I think09:49
seaLneyeah they seemed sensible09:49
mithroseaLne: you've already taken a look at them?09:53
seaLnethe changes in your comment?09:53
seaLne ?09:54
tpbTitle: Small fixes to #88. · mithro/[email protected] · GitHub (at
seaLnemithro: did you also fix the clean up?09:55
mithroseaLne: I wonder if this will work...09:56
mithroseaLne: I sent you a pull request :P09:56
tpbTitle: Some extra fixes to your PR. by mithro · Pull Request #1 · sealne/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithroseaLne: I think if you pull that into your branch, it'll end up in the pull request you sent...09:56
mithroseaLne: Never done that before :-P09:58
seaLnenever stop learning :)09:58
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mithroseaLne: can you try rebasing the changes on top of the latest changes in the repository?09:59
seaLnejust about to09:59
mithroseaLne: you might want to squash some of your commits together10:00
seaLnethat only works with sequential ones doesn't it?10:02
mithroseaLne: yeah kind of10:02
mithroseaLne: you can use rebase to reorder commits10:02
mithroseaLne: by just changing the order of the lines in the thing it pops up10:03
mithroseaLne: but it can quickly get out of hand10:03
seaLnethe automerge of master failed10:03
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithro_florent_: ping?10:05
mithroseaLne: what does "git status" show?10:06
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: should be able to just do a "git add third_party/fx2lib; git commit" to continue10:07
seaLneerror: unable to index file third_party/fx2lib10:08
mithroseaLne: maybe "rm -rf third_party/fx2lib; make third_party/fx2lib/.git" ?10:09
seaLneassuming make was mkdir -p still fails on git add10:13
mithroseaLne: nope - make was actually make10:13
seaLnethings now seem very unhappy
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
seaLnealso grrr bash :)10:16
mithroseaLne: maybe "git submodule update --init --recursive" ?10:17
seaLnethat is certainly doing something10:17
seaLnegit add now happy10:18
mithroseaLne: what does git status look like now?10:19
seaLneYour branch is ahead of 'origin/test-clean' by 4 commits10:20
seaLneso some rebasing then push -f?10:20
mithroseaLne: yeah10:20
seaLne i just fixup all my changes after the first10:23
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
mithroseaLne: so, you rebase command should be something like10:25
seaLnei used git rebase -i HEAD~10 to get to that stage10:26
mithroseaLne: git rebase -i upstream/master (or what ever you called the timvideos git repo)10:26
seaLnethat complains i 'm still in the middle of a rebase10:27
mithroseaLne: you'll have to abort the rebase you started before10:28
mithrogit rebase --abort10:28
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
seaLneeven if i just fixup 1 i still get that10:31
mithroseaLne: I'm not sure what you mean - when rebasing you often have to "fix" your patches because the base isn't the same was what it use to be and git can't figure out how to fix them automatically10:32
seaLneeven if i make no changes in the rebase it still gives the error10:34
mithroseaLne: hrm?10:35
mithroWhen you have resolved this problem, run "git rebase --continue".10:35
seaLnesorry i'm completly lost now10:36
mithroseaLne: when you do a "git rebase" - git will try and rebase the commits10:37
mithrobut it will frequently get stuck10:37
mithrowhen it does, it stops10:37
mithroand asks you for help10:37
mithrotype "git status" and it will list where it got stuck10:37
mithrofix that up manually10:37
mithrothen do a "git rebase --continue" to ask git to continue going forward10:38
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mithroseaLne: make sense?10:43
seaLneyeah, need a break. will have another poke in a bit. my anti-nausea meds aren't working very well just now10:45
mithroseaLne: I'm going to head to bed10:51
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