Friday, 2015-10-02

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mithroHey CarlFK! How did yesterday go?02:42
CarlFKmithro: less than perfect, but still pretty good02:45
mithroCarlFK: when you get a moment, can you put together a quick run down of what went wrong and what went right?02:45
CarlFKworst is“š”�ǞȖ÷dØßk5.tž)¥<�À„ôÈYF©(PRIVMSG #timvideos :best to do it on the fly as they come up -02:46
CarlFKthe two things I can think of:02:46
mithrowtf just happened with your last message?02:47
CarlFKsomething funny is going on where the thing (not sure what noun to use) isn't working and needs to be power cycled,02:48
CarlFKand then the process to bring it back up is time consuming02:48
mithroCarlFK: the Atlys board?02:48
CarlFKbtw - no power at te hotel. running on battery and phone internet02:49
CarlFKthe good news is tumbleweed's laptop is one of the worst02:49
mithroCarlFK: I'm hoping to have the flashing process working in the next couple of weeks - then the board will just boot up in HDMI2USB mode02:50
CarlFKotoh, I think I only used the twinpact for 1 talk02:50
CarlFKNodevember is in about 5 weeks02:50
CarlFKplease please have that flashing well before then so I can test as much as possible02:51
CarlFKNode is 4 rooms, tumbleweed will be there, but right now I would not expect anyone else to know how to fiddle with things to get it work02:52
CarlFKand it might be as bad as 1/2 the time things need to be fiddled with02:52
CarlFKin the current state, I wold not send a board to SeaGL conf02:53
CarlFKmithro: I would put flashing top priority.   it will get more people using/testing it02:55
mithroCarlFK: more people using / testing isn't all that useful unless they are helping with development or providing good bug reports02:56
CarlFKI think any reports are useful02:57
CarlFKmithro: can you put aside the and help me figure out how to flash my looking at lsusb/dmesg ?03:00
CarlFKmithro: in the current state, I would only use 2 Atlys' at Node and then it would be me and tumbleweed making them work, which is bad because I need to be managing 4 rooms03:01
CarlFKmithro: laptop battery icon went red.  shutting down for now03:03
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CarlFKwoo, we have power again05:06
CarlFKI was able to suspend and resume encoding05:07
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tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
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seaLnedo i remember correctly seeing someone comment that the opsis doesn't handle audio with the hdmi? is that something that might change?10:08
CarlFKseaLne: it would be more data to send over usb which is already pretty saturated.10:57
CarlFKthere are ideas about what else to do, so sure, it *might* change.  but I would not count on it.10:57
seaLneits not a limitation though in the hardware?11:03
seaLnebeing able to connect room audio into the camera similar to dvswitch work flow would be good from my point of view also pretty important for hardware mixing11:04
seaLnewell beyond limitation of usb2, which should be fine for ethernet?11:05
CarlFKwe don't even have video over ethernet... but yeah, it's possible11:25
seaLneisn't ethernet planned though?11:27
CarlFKhoped more than planned ;)11:32
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mithroCarlFK / seaLne: Video over Ethernet is partially working13:39
seaLnethe misoc firmware bootstrap script doesn't seem to work in wily due to a lack of vizzini-dkms in the fpga-support ppa13:55
seaLneseems only somethings are built for wily?
tpbTitle: Support packages for FPGA development : “TimVideos.Us - Live event streaming” team (at
tpbTitle: Support packages for FPGA development : “TimVideos.Us - Live event streaming” team (at
mithroIts there for trusty too?13:56
mithroseaLne: we have only tested the bootstrap script on trusty13:56
seaLneearlier i was getting stuck on vivid due to being down13:57
seaLneseems to be back up now13:57
seaLnewas just going to try on my laptop which has wily, desktop is still vivid13:57
seaLnejust to let you know, not sure if its an easy thing to enable it to build. but probably low priority13:58
mithroseaLne: Nothing in the script should do anything with
seaLneit was cloning some repository from memory13:58
mithromisoc might use a repo from llvm...13:59
seaLneyeah it was somewhere in the misoc stuff14:00
seaLnecompiler-rt it uses14:04
seaLneseems to install on vivid now is backup apart from flterm which generates some warnings but still compiles
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
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seaLnewhat is supposed to put things in HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build/misoc/software/include/generated ? after bootstrap for me its empty so make gateware fails14:55
seaLnei don't see any mention of it during bootstrap14:56
CarlFKseaLne: im not really sure what does what, but maybe make gateware14:56
seaLneit tries to include stuff from there14:56
CarlFKthe current process of making and uploading is .. messy.14:57
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
seaLneyeah, thought it wouldn't do any harm to have a go at it14:59
CarlFKoh, this looks like something that broke in the last few commits14:59
CarlFKdo git checkout HEAD~  a few times15:02
mithroseaLne: 'make firmware' first then 'make gateware'15:02
mithrowas bedtime for me an hour ago15:03
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seaLnemithro: thanks now i get sdcc errors so progress :)15:04
mithrosdcc errors?15:05
mithrowell technically you only need to do a "make lm32-firmware" before "make gateware"15:05
mithrosdcc is only needed for the "make fx2-firmware" bit15:05
tpbTitle: KDE Paste (at
seaLneneed to go out i'll poke again when i have a bit more time15:06
mithroseaLne: did you source the xilinx tools?15:06
mithroseaLne: you shouldn't do that15:07
mithroseaLne: close the terminal and open a new one, source the scripts/ and then try again15:07
seaLnethe readme is a bit unclear then as to whether thats just to run ise or part of the build step15:08
seaLneyeah that was it15:08
mithroseaLne: please send patches to update the documentation :)15:09
seaLneyep will do :)15:09
seaLnegateware building just now15:09
mithroseaLne: we should check for the Xilinx tools in the scripts/ and refuse to run...15:14
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seaLnebuild succeded while i was out16:17
rohitksinghmithro: ping16:31
seaLnerohitksingh: think he went to sleep16:32
rohitksinghseaLane: oh! okay16:35
rohitksinghand hi!16:35
rohitksinghhehe :)16:35
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