Saturday, 2015-09-26

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springermacmithro: ping02:02
springermacmithro: I've got a couple hours now. I'm on UTC+5 btw.02:03
mithroI'll be around in an hour or two02:11
mithroCarlfk: I'd have to look at the board, it should be something like "done" or "prog".02:13
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mithrospringermac: I'm around now04:16
springermacmithro: So am I.04:42
mithrospringermac: so, I think the first thing is to figure out how GUInt works by itself04:43
springermacmithro: Just so you know I'm mostly a python person but I can understand C pretty well.04:45
mithrospringermac: great :)04:45
mithrospringermac: Looking at the GstFraction might be another idea - but I'm unsure if the way it is done is the best04:46
springermacmithro: I've tried overridding GstIntRange in which didn't work. It seems to me that the main issue is that when Gst.Structure tries to return self.get_value the GstIntRange isn't getting translated to Gst.IntRange.04:48
mithrospringermac: yeah, but GstFraction works, right?>04:49
springermacmithro: What would be a good way to get a GstFraction in a GstStructure?04:51
mithrospringermac: caps parsing with a fraction in it?04:51
thaytanGst.Structure.set ("framerate", Gst.Fraction, 30, 1) might be the equivalent python API05:02
thaytanin C it'd be gst_structure_set (s, "framerate", GST_TYPE_FRACTION, 30, 1, NULL)05:03
thaytanto put the fraction into the structure, that is05:03
thaytanor gst_structure_get_fraction (s, "framerate", &num, &den) to retrieve in C05:03
springermacthaytan: Thanks I figured out a way to get a cap with a fraction in it.05:09
mithrospringermac: what is the code you are using to test at the moment?05:42
tpbTitle: [Python] import gi gi.require_version('Gst', '1.0') from gi.repository import Gst Gst. - (at
mithrospringermac: thanks!05:44
springermacmithro: I've overridden IntRange and created an IntRange but I think I'm missing some attribute on the overridding class.05:47
springermacmithro: Override code
tpbTitle: [Python] class IntRange(Gst.IntRange): def __init__(self, min, max): self.m - (at
springermacmithro: I have to go and I've hit a wall. The above is as far as I've gotten.06:16
mithrospringermac: okay - will try and make more progress06:16
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mithro_florent_: are you back yet?11:08
springermacmithro: Any progress?11:47
mithrospringermac: a little and then I got distracted11:48
springermacmithro: Find anything useful?12:45
mithrospringermac: so gst_fraction_from_value and such appear in the gstmodule.c file12:46
mithrospringermac: then it does12:47
mithro  pyg_register_gtype_custom (GST_TYPE_FRACTION,12:47
mithro      gi_gst_fraction_from_value, gi_gst_fraction_to_value);12:47
mithrospringermac: what I don't understand is why there isn't any documentation for that function12:52
mithrospringermac: it also looks like it is gtk2.0?12:53
springermacmithro: The only thing I've been able to find is and
tpbTitle: gstreamermm: Gst::IntRange Class Reference (at
mithrospringermac: the C API for a int range is at
tpbTitle: GstValue: GStreamer 1.0 Core Reference Manual (at
mithrothaytan: are IntRange new at all? Why isn't there a from/to for them?13:01
mithrospringermac: looking at what gstreamermm does13:03
tpbTitle: gstreamermm/value.hg at f8b196d9cb35ed58f279606d5765a1c5757b2680 · GNOME/gstreamermm · GitHub (at
springermacmithro: Success! Copying the gi_gst_fraction_* function and modifying them for IntRange plus a override in works.13:11
mithrospringermac: yeah - I don't understand why they are needed yet13:11
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CarlFKtumbleweed ... anyone.. can you give me pointers on how to package flcli.  dh_make says "no top level Makefile" because there is no top level Makefile :D16:38
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