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mithroCarlFK: Are you asleep like you should be?06:12
seaLnemithro: what could probably help the campaign for the opsis would be an update about what the firmware can do currently and what would be expected by january. on the campaign page the details about the hardware all sound great but only lurking here for the last week or so did i get an idea of the state of the firmware (which had worried me initially)09:02
mithroHi seaLne!10:26
mithromicolous: ping?10:27
mithroseaLne: What the board can do, what the firmware can do (and will soon be able to do) and what there are code samples showing how to use are all different things which can be quite confusing. I plan to send out an update about resolution support next week which will try and clarify stuff around that10:31
mithrohey thaytan!12:03
mithrothaytan: how goes things?12:03
thaytansuper busy12:06
thaytannot much time until I fly to Dublin for GStreamer conf realy12:06
thaytanreally, and lots to do before then12:07
mithrothaytan: when is the GStreamer conf?12:08
thaytanOct 8-9, in dublin with linuxcon/elce12:08
tpbTitle: GStreamer Conference 2015 (at
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seaLnemithro: the worry with things like this is always that only a tiny subset of what the hardware could do is actually every implemented. i'm not saying that is the case for this but, its definitly something to try to reassure people about. i initially thought the opsis wouldn't really be of interest due to the use of the hdmi2usb name which i'd assumed ment this was just going to be just the sort of respun15:28
seaLneatlas board that had been talked about for a while, limited by USB2 and only out of due diligance did i come back afterwards and re-read everything15:28
seaLnebtw i'm not saying this to criticise but to give a semi outside view of what concerns i had that aren't really there15:29
mithroseaLne: It is helpful feedback!15:30
mithroseaLne: as you can see too, documentation also gets out of date quickly thanks to us making lots of progress currently15:32
seaLneand none of that is very obvious on any of the mailing lists or websites15:32
mithroseaLne: yeah, our mailing lists are pretty quiet15:33
mithroseaLne: We did launch a new website specifically for the HDMI2USB project to try and make it collect information together better15:34
mithroseaLne: But we really need someone who likes making websites awesome :)15:34
seaLneyeah i know the problems15:34
mithrohopefully the crowd funding will bring in some new blood to help with things15:35
mithroseaLne: so it sounds like you've been watching the project for a while - how / when did you find out about us?15:36
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seaLnefirst from looking at how lca was doing video stuff and looking at replacements for dvswitch15:38
seaLnekeeping an eye on how other confs are doing their videos15:38
mithroseaLne: and what is your interest in?15:39
seaLneI organise KDE's Akademy conference15:40
mithroseaLne: ahh cool!15:40
mithroseaLne: the Opsis crowd funding video was done in Kdenline15:41
seaLnehopefully switching to using opsis for akademy 2016 :)15:43
mithroseaLne: Yeah :)15:44
mithroseaLne: when is akademy 2016?15:44
seaLnehad 2 twinpacts die this year15:44
seaLnewe are still finalising it sept/oct15:44
mithroseaLne: there should have been a bunch of other conferences which have used the Opsis in anger by then15:46
mithroseaLne: It's kind of looking like the HDMI2USB will be able to do hardware mixing in the near future too15:46
seaLneyep, htat was something i thought of as soon as i saw the diagrams15:47
mithroseaLne: which should be really nice for the usergroup use case15:47
seaLneyeah things are sounding like they are going really well15:51
mithroseaLne: changing to using MiSoC for the firmware base was a really great decision in the end15:51
seaLneone thing i wondered about the hardware switching was being able to see atleast preview quality of the 2 inputs15:54
CarlFKmithro: whats up?16:01
mithroCarlFK: I forget what I was going to ask you to do16:02
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travis-ci[timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/master#157] (0a917c7): The build passed. (
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mithroCarlFK: oh thats right16:19
mithroCarlFK: can you try the bootstrap stuff and make sure I haven't broken it16:19
CarlFKmithro: sure.16:21
CarlFKmithro: it is about 20 min to install the OS, but there is only one sudo, so I should be able to rm-rf everything in ~  right?16:22
mithroCarlFK: not sure16:22
mithroCarlFK: the root / nonroot parts have been split out into separate scripts (which bootstrap runs)16:23
CarlFKmithro: I am guessing you will be off in about 30 min ?16:25
mithroCarlFK: hopefully less then that16:25
CarlFKurl to bootstrap?16:26
mithroCarlFK: just the one in master16:26
CarlFKmithro: everything is installed under HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/  right?16:28
mithroCarlFK: now that is true16:28
CarlFKplus apt-get install.. fakeroot or something16:28
CarlFKGIT_BRANCH=  i forget...16:29
mithroCarlFK: I've merged to master - shouldn't be needed16:29
CarlFKmithro: running on dc10b.  I think it takes about 20 min16:31
CarlFKnegk is installing the os - it is a very slow machine, os+bootstrap will take an hour easy.  so don't wait up for that16:31
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ source HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/scripts/setup-env.sh16:45
CarlFKAlready sourced this file.16:45
CarlFKum... yes.. but there are new values now...16:45
mithroCarlFK: you need to kill you bash and create a fresh shell16:50
CarlFKmithro: do I really need to do that, or is removing the check/return ok?16:50
CarlFKgit diff ... -if [ ! -z $HDMI2USB_ENV ]; then16:51
CarlFK-  echo "Already sourced this file."16:51
CarlFK-  return16:51
mithroCarlFK: you really need to do that if you want things to actually work16:51
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CarlFKmithro: error
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKBitstream generation is complete.17:27
CarlFKERROR:Portability:50 - Execution of the    "/home/juser/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/build/misoc/build/wbtc" failed.  Please    make sure this executable exists in one of the directories listed in your    PATH environment variable, and that you have execute permission for it.17:27
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