Thursday, 2015-09-17

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mithrotechman83: ping?02:41
techman83mithro: pong02:42
mithrotechman83: did the Perth lug team see the Opsis launch?02:42
mithrotechman83: and do you know what is happening with the Atlys in your area of the woods?02:42
techman83mithro: Yeah, we discussed it at our last night.02:42
mithrotechman83: thoughts?02:43
techman83mithro: I believe Nick has been doing bits and pieces with the Atlys02:43
techman83mithro: I think it was being taken to the committee for discussion about spending some money02:43
mithrotechman83: Do you know if he has tried the new MiSoC based firmware?02:43
techman83mithro: I'll ask him, but it hasn't been mentioned02:44
techman83mithro: I've been a bit overwhelmed with some life changes, so I've not been around as much lately02:45
mithrotechman83: no worries, we should get more of the PLUG guys in this channel02:45
mithropuck: ping? You had a question yesterday02:45
mithrotechman83: who are the "plug guys" these days?03:28
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techman83mithro: Myself/Luke/Jason/Nick/Michael03:42
mithrotechman83: are any of them here?04:08
techman83mithro: Aside from me, no. I think Nick is the only one that hangs out on IRC regularly04:08
mithrotechman83: we should get Nick in here then04:09
techman83mithro: Nudged Nick about the channel04:11
mithrotechman83: Thanks!04:12
mithrotechman83: did you see that CarlFK successfully connected the Atlys board to DVswitch?04:12
CarlFKtechman83: and recorded a talk!!! /me is very excited about that.04:13
puckmithro, yeah, just wondering how well the Opsis is expected to work out of the box, is the firmware going to be in a good state?04:13
mithropuck: the Opsis will ship with a JTAG programmer functionality but it will be trivial to load the HDMI2USB firmware on it and then use it without any drivers04:14
mithropuck: Trivial in that we should have a little GUI application which does the programming for you04:15
techman83mithro: I did not, that's awesome!05:02
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mithroheyo rohitksingh09:45
rohitksinghmithro: hi!09:45
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mithro2 boards away from being funded!19:29
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tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
mithroExcept the build time limit is 50 minutes21:10
mithroso occasionally the build fails if it takes slightly longer21:11
mithrotumbleweed: ping?21:38
tumbleweedmithro: hi21:42
mithrotumbleweed: I'm just doing an audit of where I ended up with all my Atlys boards - do you think you could check a couple of things about the board I lent you?21:43
tumbleweedmithro: next week. I'm still on an island in Canada21:44
mithrotumbleweed: I'll send you an email?21:44
tumbleweedsounds good21:44
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mithrotumbleweed: btw when will the packages end up "in debian"23:56

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