Thursday, 2015-09-10

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mithro_florent_: morning?15:09
CarlFKmithro: idea: xfxf likes to put a scaler? in front of the recording gear.  this will muck up tests, but should give us 100% coverage for recording.15:23
mithroCarlFK: Yeah - I want to replace xfxf's need for a scaler15:24
CarlFKof course, but till then, like when I do in two weeks,  it would be good to get recordings out15:24
CarlFKI plan on trying witout, if no luck, switch to scaler15:25
_florent_you are still here mithro?15:38
mithro_florent_: yes15:38
mithro_florent_: That diagram you send me is awesome!15:38
mithro_florent_: what did you create it in?15:38
tpbTitle: Dia Diagram Editor | (at
_florent_I think I fixed EDID issue (works not on one of my computer that was not working)15:41
_florent_it could be interesting to do more tests with others video sources15:41
_florent_all the video sources I'm able to test are working15:42
mithro_florent_: ahh cool, can we get the diagram committed to the repository?15:42
mithro_florent_: Can you walk CarlFK through using the EDID capture stuff you created so he can get some captures of non-working hardware?15:42
_florent_the diagram is already in the repo15:43
tpbTitle: doc: add gateware architecture · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
mithro_florent_: oh great, still going through email :)15:43
_florent_I clearly saw something wrong on EDID, so first it would be interesting to test if it's better15:44
CarlFKwoot!  give me 30 min or so to get setup.15:44
_florent_if there are still issues, I'll explain how to debug EDID lines15:45
_florent_hello CarlFK15:45
_florent_last firmware is here:
CarlFKhi _florent_  - thanks!15:45
CarlFK_florent_: where do you live?15:46
_florent_in France15:46
_florent_CarlFK: your dead laptop is the one that was not working correctly with the firmware right?15:49
mithro_florent_: It would be good to have the instructions even if CarlFK's stuff starts working so when we do run into weird stuff we can debug it without needing to bother you again :)15:51
CarlFK_florent_: one of them.  and I replaced it with the same model.  but the one I have been testing with is still alive.  and my wife's doesn't work, and the pi/distro is werid.15:51
_florent_ok, please share your results, if it's not working I'll prepare something to investigate15:53
mithro_florent_: I'm pretty sure we'll find more devices which don't work (although, hopefully, it will be increasingly be bad devices rather than us)16:12
_florent_yes, but there are two type of issues with EDID: 1) device is not able to read the port informations (I2C is not working correctly in the gateware)16:18
_florent_2) device is able to read the port informations, but does not support the resolution16:19
_florent_For 1) we need to get I2C working correctly for each situation, I fix a point on that16:19
_florent_but not sure we have to keep a permanent core to analyse that in the gateware16:20
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CarlFK_florent_: can you make the encoder on by default?16:48
CarlFK_florent_: mithro:  \o/ woot!  negk input1:  1280x72016:50
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CarlFKand pi!  \o/16:53
CarlFKwow, even pi's initial color splash (video hardware initialization I think) and char mode boot scroll16:54
tpbTitle: firmware: enable encoder at startup (also move encoder service to pro… · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
CarlFKusing the enocoder to monitor because I don't have a monitor handy16:55
CarlFKnew laptop works \\o//16:56
_florent_you have others video sources to test? :)16:57
CarlFKworking with bbb!  (Beagle Bone Black ) (not sure if this one had problems)17:01
mithro_florent_: at some point we should look at redoing the USB interface and make the CDC-ACM stuff work again17:02
CarlFKworks with Sheila's!  ~\o/~  (I am very excited!)17:03
CarlFKI think that is everything I have in here17:04
CarlFKhas anyone looped the Altys out into in?17:04
_florent_no, can you try it? (it should work, but it will ignore EDID since EDID is not implemented on outputs)17:05
CarlFKSheila will yell at me if I keep testing things.  she wants to go to lunch :p17:06
_florent_but on the atlys you will probably have to desactivate an hdmi_out or the encoder to get it work (not enough DDR bandwidth)17:06
CarlFKI have seen 1 in and 3 out working fine (a week ago I think)17:07
CarlFKoh oh.. someting not working :(17:10
CarlFKnegk sees a display, encoder is showing mostly black with a vertical line of pixels   about 11 blotches ... random stuff basically17:11
CarlFKlunc - bb in about an hour17:11
_florent_mithro: sure, not sure I'll have to do it in the next weeks, but I can help if someone want to do it17:18
_florent_I'll have/I'll have time17:19
mithro_florent_: it's not a high priority right now - getting the EDID stuff working / debugged is more important17:19
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CarlFK_florent_: mithro
CarlFKI see one pixel in the upper left quadrant19:04
CarlFKoh, I see a few more, all on the same X19:05
_florent_what is it supposed to be? what's the configuration?19:05
CarlFKah.. just noticed dvisampler1: IDELAY busy timeout19:06
CarlFKinput0:  0x019:06
CarlFKinput1:  0x019:06
CarlFKoutput0: [email protected] from input019:06
CarlFKoutput1: [email protected] from input019:06
CarlFKencoder: 1280x720 @ 30fps (1781Mbps) from input1 (q: 85)19:06
CarlFKddr: read: 2205Mbps  write:    0Mbps  all: 2205Mbps19:06
CarlFKit should be a ubuntu desktop19:06
CarlFK_florent_: I am getting this about 1 per second: dvisampler1: IDELAY busy timeout19:10
CarlFKrebooted the source (negk), it is using the display device, now there are more dots on that X19:11
CarlFKdvisampler1: IDELAY busy timeout19:12
CarlFKdvisampler1: IDELAY busy timeout19:12
CarlFKinput0:  0x019:12
CarlFKinput1:  0x019:12
CarlFKoutput0: [email protected] from input019:12
CarlFKoutput1: [email protected] from input019:12
CarlFKencoder: 1280x720 @ 30fps (4Mbps) from input1 (q: 85)19:12
CarlFKddr: read: 2218Mbps  write:  109Mbps  all: 2327Mbps19:12
tpbTitle: Remember Milkymist and NeTV? New open FPGA for HDMI and DisplayPort video signal announced : FPGA (at
mithroCan everyone upvote ->
tpbTitle: Remember Milkymist and NeTV? New open FPGA for HDMI and DisplayPort video signal announced : FPGA (at
_florent_CarlFK: can you reset/reload the FPGA?19:14
CarlFK  issued reboot command, no help. hitting reset button now19:16
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFK_florent_: also mplayer is spewing [mjpeg @ 0x7f53ac04ab00]Found EOI before any SOF, ignoring19:27
_florent_if input are not detected, that's the reason you are seeing a black screen19:29
CarlFK_florent_: reboot, reset button, un/plugged hdmi, no change.  power cycle?19:32
_florent_yes you can try that19:34
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CarlFKmithro: what did you want me to test?  my laptop snap cleard out my short term memory20:33
mithroCarlFK: did the powercycle change anything?20:42
CarlFKmithro: _florent_ power cycle, reload everything, un/plug usb, all working again20:50
_florent_ok good20:50
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mithro_florent_: any idea what was going wrong there? Never seen busy timeout on IDELAY setting before?21:11
CarlFKmay be related to screen saver ... let me enable that again21:12
_florent_difficult to say from here21:15
CarlFKclose lid, input1:  0x0 (ok)  encoder stream goes black.  (1/2 surprised, but maybe it sends black frames before the signal drops?)21:18
CarlFKhmm.. pulling the hdmi cable also creates black.  I thought it would keep the last frame in the buffer?21:19
_florent_no, now the cpu is clearing the buffer21:19
CarlFK_florent_: can you flip to the test pattern?21:19
_florent_(that's what was in mixxeo) but we can keep the last frame if needed21:20
CarlFKlast frame is good too.  I'll let mithro decide21:20
mithroCarlFK: the encoder / usb stream is still running when disconnected?21:21
CarlFKmithro: yes.  but black.  I would prefer something that gives me a clue what is going on21:21
CarlFKlast frame is good for recording.21:22
CarlFKtest pattern is good for debugging21:22
mithrolast frame with some type of overlay seems like a good idea?21:22
_florent_what do you want in the overlay?21:23
CarlFKI am 1/2 thinking test pattern is easy enough to remove in post.21:23
CarlFK_florent_: to give a clue there is a problem21:23
_florent_btw if you want to experiment things on that, only the firmware need to be modified and it take a few seconds to test changes21:24
CarlFK_florent_: often other bits of our system have issues, and we need all the help we can get trying to figure out what bit needs to be kicked21:24
CarlFKoh crap.. I bet there isn't a battery on board to maintain a clock?21:26
mithro_florent_: I've been trying to convince CarlFK he should be able to hack on the firmware himself - he knows enough C to be dangerous :P21:51
CarlFKmithro: what did you want me to test?  my laptop snap cleard out my short term memory.  tumbleweed21:51
CarlFKtumbleweed packaged someting I think21:52
mithroCarlFK: oh - the Atlys UART driver package21:52
mithroCarlFK: we changed it to use dkms rather than module-assistant - which means it shouldn't need to be manually built after install any more21:52
CarlFKmithro: whats the status of vga -> Atlys as an input ?  I have one of the boards from LCA22:48
mithroCarlFK: its not supported on the new firmware yet22:48
mithrorohitksingh: ping?22:48
CarlFKmithro: do you have any hadware for VGA -HDMI?22:52
mithroCarlFK: not really22:52
CarlFKcuz that wold be hepful for pyconza in 20 days22:52
CarlFKmithro: I just realized the dvsource-other thing will let me use a web cam as a source.   so a static pointed at the audience -  any recommendation?22:55
mithroCarlFK: ?22:55
CarlFKmithro: instead of using cheep DV cams, I just realized I can use usb web cams22:56
CarlFKmithro: wondering if you have any recommendations22:56
mithroThe logic tech HD UVC cameras are the ones I've used22:57
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