Tuesday, 2015-09-08

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_florent_yes 400:06
_florent_time to sleep, bye00:19
CarlFK_florent_: bye bye00:20
CarlFKmithro: I am at ps1 sitting next to the guy with the odd chromebook - he will be here for another hour or two - any chance you have something soon?  (I am assuming you are hacking on the firmware?)00:31
mithroCarlFK: I don't think I'll have something soon - but unsure, lets see how it goes00:36
mithroCarlFK: I have a small job for you - Could you write up a little Python UI for controlling the HDMI2USB firmware? Something which kind of looks like this ->00:37
CarlFKmithro: that is going to be well below #3 on my priority list #1 and #2 are finish processing videos from PyOhio and PyGotham (you can see status in my new page, which I needed to do to answer the question "whats the status?"00:40
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: PyOhio PyOhio 2015 (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)00:40
CarlFKand I need to setup a simple django app to catch the xrandr text I throw at it00:41
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)00:41
CarlFKmithro: hmm.. It does look pretty simple.  I have no idea how to do the serial IO stuff.  I am sure there are libs and will be easy once it is figured out.    let me see if I can find someone who has done something like this00:46
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Joelwthaytan: Hi!02:16
thaytanJoelw :)02:17
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tvCommitBot[dvsource-v4l2-other] stefanor pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vZtPC03:16
tvCommitBotdvsource-v4l2-other/master 822c752 Stefano Rivera: Debian packaging03:16
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tumbleweedmithro, CarlFK: dvsource-v4l2-other is in the dvswitch PPA03:21
CarlFKtumbleweed: thank you!03:22
tumbleweedmithro: groff gets upset by the very long lines in that manpage :)03:23
CarlFKtumbleweed: why was groff reading the man page?03:24
tumbleweedthat's how manpages work03:24
mithroHey thaytan and Joelw!03:24
CarlFKoh, is groff a process?  I thought it was a person03:25
tumbleweedCarlFK: :)03:25
tumbleweedCarlFK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nroff03:26
tpbTitle: nroff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)03:26
CarlFKgot it.  damm.  I thought someone was going to use it.03:31
mithroCarlFK: yeah, you right :-)03:36
CarlFKmithro: this groff guy. I was going to recruit him03:37
mithroCarlFK: when I get back to Australia I'll try and use the HDMI2USB for user group recording.03:44
mithroBut I'll probably use it with hangouts first03:45
CarlFKbefore you go..03:46
CarlFKIt just occurred to me - is it worth comparing the old firmware to the new in regards to the EDID or device detection problem?03:47
mithroCarlFK: probably not06:00
CarlFKmithro: shucks.06:01
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CarlFKmithro: would looking at it with the scope like I (well, friend) did a few months ago help?06:01
mithroCarlFK: maybe06:02
CarlFKmithro: ok, I'll see if I can make that happen.  he seemed to enjoy it06:02
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mithroCarlFK: are you able to check some numbers for me?06:13
mithroCarlFK: btw s/tim ansel/Tim Ansell/ in your contact book06:13
CarlFKmithro: what sort of numbers?  -fixing contact...06:17
mithroCarlFK: EDID+Modelines06:18
CarlFKum.. still don't know what that means... I can boot the negk laptop and ssh into it06:19
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CarlFKmithro: ^^   what about EDID+Modelines?06:25
mithroCarlFK: just uploading a patch now06:38
CarlFKmithro: I dont have space to setup the Atlys right now, but I'll be back at ps1 in about 10 hours06:39
mithroCarlFK: I just added a whole bunch of documentation to the firmware and I need someone to check that I got it right06:40
mithroCarlFK: see https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/pull/4006:52
tpbTitle: Improving the help and adding more documentation by mithro · Pull Request #40 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)06:52
CarlFKmithro: got about 1/2 way down skimming it and realized my eyes have glazed over.  I need to get to sleep.06:58
CarlFKmithro: put the bit/bin files somewhere and I'll test first thing when I get to ps1.. which should be around noon06:58
mithroI should go to bed myself too07:00
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_florent_CarlFK: here is the latest gateware/firmware: http://enjoy-digital.fr/open_hardware/hdmi2usb/atlys_hdmi2usb_gateware_2015_09_08.tar.gz11:02
_florent_I've added EDID debug counters11:02
_florent_debug edid and debug edid_reset11:02
_florent_it would be interesting to test that with your video source that is not working correctly11:02
_florent_it seems I've found a video source here that is not working, so I'll be able to investigate with it, but that's maybe not the same issue you have11:03
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mithro_florent_: I was just looking https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/compare/5abdc0db7322...276ae374925b#diff-323d70ac82addd546826601f885517c3R7013:49
tpbTitle: Comparing 5abdc0db7322...276ae374925b · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)13:49
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mithro_florent_: It looks like you need to install migen/liteeth now?13:49
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_florent_yes, install from migen was missing I think, and now there is liteeth dependency.14:23
CarlFK_florent_: thanks - will test in about an hour14:27
mithro_florent_: I'm going to set up a virtualenv to install to14:41
mithro_florent_: btw - I actually think having major cores in their own repositories is a good idea.14:44
mithrotumbleweed: where did we get with packaging the vizzini / exar-uart-driver driver?14:45
mithroCarlFK: when you get a moment, can you take a look at the pull request that _florent_ merged? I'd still like you to check the numbers14:46
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tumbleweedmithro: well, it's in your fpga-support PPA14:49
mithrotumbleweed: great!14:50
mithrotumbleweed: can we make sure that the PPA has packages for the latest LTS (trusty) and the latest Ubuntu release (which is ??)14:50
tumbleweedI think you can binary copy all of them forward to vivid14:51
tumbleweedmaybe not the gstreamer one, but likely even that14:51
mithrotumbleweed: I forget how the PPAs work, we can't just upload the same package with trusty and latest? Do we need to have separate PPAs?14:52
tumbleweedyou can copy them without even re-uploading14:53
* tumbleweed does that14:53
mithrotumbleweed: I'm afraid that I don't quite understand14:58
tumbleweedthe same source+binary package can be published for multiple releases15:00
tumbleweedthis is how ubuntu starts a new release cycle, everything doesn't get re-built15:00
CarlFKmithro: what PR, and what numbers?15:01
mithroCarlFK: see last discussion night15:01
tumbleweedin this case, I don't think any of these packages *needed* to be re-built, so I just copied the binaries forward15:01
tumbleweedthe one exception may be the gst plugin, if that doesn't work, we should re-upload it for vivid15:02
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mithrotumbleweed: can you explain what you did to "copy the binaries forward" ?15:22
tumbleweedclick on the copy link on the +packages page15:36
tumbleweedthen select existing binaries :)15:36
CarlFKbb in 30m15:43
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mithrotumbleweed: ha okay :P15:54
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CarlFKhttp://enjoy-digital.fr/open_hardware/hdmi2usb/atlys_hdmi2usb_gateware_2015_09_08.tar.gz  is this still current?16:41
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andi_mmithro: does the Opsis board support hdmi ports support higher resolutions than 720p?18:52
andi_mmithro: actually I was just forwording the question from TobiX18:54
CarlFKandi_m: i don't really know what I am talking about.. but I think the answer is: board: yes.  encoder: no.18:55
TobiXmithro: What andi_m is asking. The CrowdSupply page says: "resolution: 720p or 1024 x 768" for the HDMI ports - Is this a hard limitation, so only the DisplayPort ports can handle higher resolutions?18:55
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CarlFK720p 30fps is pushing the current encoder/usb, so higher resolutions means dropping the quality / fps18:59
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mithroWell technically they can do 1080i but I think interlaced formats are evil19:00
TobiXmithro: Well, obviously ;)19:01
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mithroTobiX, andi_m: 720p60 is the limit of the pins the HDMI ports are connected to19:02
TobiXNext you say you want to capture 1080i30... Well, if you want to capture "current-gen" video game console footage, that will probably enough :-P19:03
TobiXmithro: But I could technically use the DisplayPort pins?19:04
mithroYes, the DisplayPort goes up to ~4k (in theory) but you'll then have issues about what to do with that much content.19:07
TobiXGigabit it away?19:12
TobiXHoly crap, I didn't realize how expensive all those Epiphan devices were: http://www.epiphan.com/products/ ...19:16
tpbTitle: Devices and Hardware for Video Capture, Streaming & Recording (at www.epiphan.com)19:16
CarlFKmithro: I think this is what you want http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=641519:22
CarlFK4x2 hdmi matrix19:22
mithro4k is ~12Gbit/s doesn't really fit in a gigabit :-)19:25
TobiXmithro: Damnit :)19:25
TobiXmithro: I didn't do the math, sorry :)19:26
mithroGetting a 12x compression isn't impossible - but you would be hitting limits of all parts of the platform (FPGA space, memory speed, etc) extremely hard.19:34
CarlFKmithro: http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=6416  $40 4x2 Matrix HDMI19:53
mithroCarlFK: why are you linking HDMI matrixs?19:53
CarlFKmithro: you asked about it a while ago.19:54
CarlFKmithro: I am still not sure either of us would make good use of them.   I am shopping for hdmi cables and adapters19:54
andi_mTobiX: didn't you have one of this ephiphan broadcaster in colone?20:38
TobiXandi_m: Well, yes. We used them for older CCC events (I don't know how the current setup is)20:42
TobiXThey're kinda crappy... They keep building up delays over time. We somewhere have a list of settings on which the drifting is minimal (I think MJPEG or something)20:45
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TobiXThey run some embedded Linux...20:48
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CarlFKmithro: new firmware booted, setting up sources.  what did you want me to check?21:03
_florent_CarlFK: can you check the new debug commands with the video source that was not working:21:56
_florent_"debug edid_reset"21:57
_florent_plug your source21:57
_florent_"debug edid"21:57
_florent_and share with us the result21:57
CarlFK_florent_: all 0's22:16
CarlFKun/plugged it again.. nwrites: 222:17
CarlFKnreads: 022:17
CarlFKninvalids: 222:17
CarlFKdoing the same with a pi:22:17
CarlFKnwrites: 722:17
CarlFKnreads: 1222:17
CarlFKninvalids: 13922:17
_florent_ok interesting, I have similar results22:18
_florent_can you try with a source that is working fine22:18
_florent_(and to debug edid_reset before)22:18
CarlFK_florent_: heh.. I don't have a reliable source right now22:23
_florent_ok i'm going to investigate on that tomorrow22:25
CarlFK_florent_: I could plug it into the Atlys out?22:27
CarlFKmac coming up in a moment. that might work.22:28
CarlFK_florent_: mac not working either22:32
CarlFKnwrites: 022:33
CarlFKnreads: 022:33
CarlFKninvalids: 022:33
mithroCarlFK: can you turn on the edid debugging stuff "echo 6 > /sys/module/drm/parameters/debug" and then output dmesg too?22:46
CarlFKmithro: sure.  I need to put that in a script - what would you call it?22:49
CarlFKmithro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12317170/22:54
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)22:54
CarlFKnwrites: 022:54
CarlFKnreads: 022:54
CarlFKninvalids: 122:54
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