Monday, 2015-09-07

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mithro_florent_: ping?08:00
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_florent_hi mithro08:30
_florent_are you still here?08:30
mithro_florent_: yes, but I shouldn't be :P08:31
_florent_hehe, you wanted to discuss about something?08:32
mithro_florent_: I wanted to know if you were likely to have any time soon to help get the edid debug stuff going08:33
mithro_florent_: the other thing was how much work you thought it would be to get 1080p HDMI running over the GTP transceiver on the opsis board?08:34
_florent_for the edid, we can try to add litescope, but one a limited firmware I think, otherwise it will probably be too hard to do P&R08:36
mithro_florent_: it shouldn't take that many resources to capture the two signals right?08:37
_florent_no, but we have to be able to capture the whole sequence08:38
_florent_I can try to add that (at least on one port), and I'll see if we have P&R issues08:39
mithroahh true08:39
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mithro_florent_: just getting a message on the UART when the EDID gets read would also be useful08:40
_florent_for 1080p with GTP, I'm not well aware of spartan6 GTP, so you always have to spend some time figuring out thing08:40
_florent_getting hdmi working with GTP would not be done in a few days, you need to spend some time on it08:42
mithro_florent_: okay - just trying to figure out how big / small doing that would be08:43
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hughsiehi all; i wondered if anyone was planning to use to update the firmware on the HDMI2USB?10:58
tpbTitle: fwupd: Updating Firmware in Linux (at
hughsieI've been trying to get hardware vendors to standardize on one framework for some time, and quite a few major vendors have pledged support10:59
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mithro_florent_: hey florent, what is with recreating the liteXXX repos?19:38
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CarlFK  * JP8 has a jumper (it connects / disconnects 5V to HDMI pin 18)20:46
CarlFKhuh, no jumper.20:46
CarlFK_florent_: thanks for those descriptions.20:46
CarlFK_florent_:    6 and 6?  guessing 6 and 7.   * JP2 (marked only as SDA/SCL - not to be confused with JP6 and JP6)20:58
CarlFKneat -  output0: 1280x720 from pattern21:07
CarlFK_florent_:  something funky.
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKConnecting pattern to encoder ... encoder: 1280x720 @ 0fps (0Mbps) from input2 (q: 85)21:11
CarlFK_florent_: status lies -  encoder is sending pattern21:12
CarlFKoh.. input2 = pattern?21:13
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_florent_mithro: we want to reorganize misoc: flatten things and add more regression tests and travis-ci21:40
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_florent_having the same organization for misoc and the core is not necessary easy (I want to keep the cores self-contained)21:41
_florent_so it's probably better to move the cores outside of misoc, and it will be easy to follow changes on them.21:42
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_florent_CarlFK: in fact you should thanks mithro for the descriptions :)21:51
CarlFKoh cool.  Thank you mithro!21:51
tpbTitle: firmware: fix source name for encoder in status_print · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
_florent_this should fix the input2 issue for the pattern21:52
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CarlFK_florent_:   I have the negk (hostname) laptop hooked up that is one of my problem boxes.  it works sometimes.21:58
CarlFKcurrently not working.21:58
CarlFKinput1:  0x021:58
CarlFKxrandr: HDMI1 Disconnected21:59
_florent_I'll add EDID debug capabilities to the gateware/firmware, it will be interesting to test your negk with that22:09
CarlFK_florent_: sweet.22:09
_florent_do you have others video sources that are not working?22:10
CarlFKI just tested with a friends, it works.  I have a pi that is not working22:11
CarlFK_florent_: although the pi may not be booting.  plugged directly into monitor, nothing on the display22:14
_florent_ah... yes we first have to be sure it's working correctly :)22:14
mithro_florent_: do you think the uart/lm32 is fast enough that we could output a message on each I2C state transition?22:18
_florent_I'm not sure, I'll probably store useful information in a ram first22:18
_florent_but I'll probably to a test with Litescope first22:19
mithro_florent_: Can liteScope store the data in DDR?22:21
_florent_not now, but it will be interesting to add that :)22:21
CarlFKah, pi's sd card wasn't pushed in22:23
CarlFKpi input1:  640x48022:23
mithroI wish I had more time to work on this stuff :(22:24
CarlFKI am a little confused how that happens.  mithro kinda says the pi's hdmi edid stuff is broken so it shouldn't surprise me.22:24
CarlFK_florent_: does your pi do 720p?22:27
CarlFK_florent_: how? ;)22:28
CarlFK_florent_: I am running raspberrian  - when hooked to the Atlys it stays in 640x48022:29
_florent_don't know... maybe the resolution is hardcoded in the software and this depends of the SD-Card?22:29
mithroIIRC the resolution is set at boot time by a flag given to the kernel22:29
mithro(for the RPi)22:30
CarlFKmithro: nope.  plugged pi directly into the monitor, power cycled, booted into higher res22:30
CarlFKinput1:  1366x76822:39
CarlFKheh.  I didn't know that was possible.22:39
_florent_yep that's not common22:41
_florent_maybe your distribution is only supporting weird resolutions, so it fallbacks on 640x48022:42
CarlFK_florent_: i booted my pi with a TV hooked up.  TV displayed 1366x768.  unplugged, plugged into a 4:3 DVI monitor.  looked like it was squishing 1366x768 into 4:322:43
CarlFKunplugged from DVI monitor, plugged into Atlys, input1:  1366x76822:43
_florent_you rpi is probably ignoring edid once started22:47
_florent_I think the only 4:3 resolution your distribution is supporting is 640x48022:48
CarlFK_florent_: 640x480 is the res of the 80x50 character display22:48
_florent_that is connected to your rpi?22:50
CarlFK_florent_:  80x50 character display <- what the pi outputs as it is booting23:03
_florent_it could be interesting to test with another distribution on the SD-card23:05
mithro_florent_: Oh - that is right, we only support one frequency right?23:15
mithro_florent_: 50Hz verse 60Hz?23:15
CarlFKmithro: video_mode lists a few, but you can only set 1 at a time23:16
_florent_have you try to start the rpi with each video_mode?23:17
CarlFKum.. how wold I do that?23:20
CarlFKI plug it in and boot.23:20
_florent_set video_mode / plug rpi / boot it / status23:22
_florent_for each video_mode23:22
CarlFKah, let me try that23:22
CarlFK_florent_: should I be able to make 2 connections to the console?  two of these:  "make connect-lm32"23:32
CarlFKI thought I had done that before, but looks like it is a bad idea23:32
mithroCarlFK: yes, two things connected to the UART doesn't work - it seems each console gets half the characters23:34
CarlFKvideo_mode 0, Setting video mode to 640x480 @72Hz; input1:  640x48023:35
CarlFKoutput0: 640x480 from input123:35
CarlFKthat works.  displays fine.23:35
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mithro_florent_: If I pull head misoc/migen at the moment, will the firmware building break?23:37
_florent_no problem23:38
_florent_it will work23:38
CarlFKencoder: 640x480 @ 30fps (7Mbps) from input1 (q: 85) is not working:23:41
CarlFKmplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video1 => window opens, nothing displayed23:41
_florent_and the video is on on the monitor?23:43
_florent_is ok23:43
CarlFK_florent_: yes23:43
_florent_can you copy paste your status message?23:43
CarlFK  mplayer output23:44
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKinput0:  0x023:44
CarlFKinput1:  640x48023:44
CarlFKoutput0: 640x480 from input123:44
CarlFKoutput1: 640x480 from input023:44
CarlFKencoder: 640x480 @ 0fps (2972Mbps) from input1 (q: 85)23:44
CarlFKvidoe_mode 1... boot, display works, mplayer same not working 1024x...23:47
CarlFKthis is odd..23:50
CarlFKHDMI2USB>video_mode 223:50
CarlFKSetting video mode to 800x600 @56Hz23:50
CarlFKboot pi...23:50
CarlFKinput1:  640x48023:50
CarlFKoutput0: 800x600 from input123:50
CarlFKhmm.. I guess the pi is ignoring the 800 and doing whatever it pleases ;)23:50
_florent_mithro: can you test that and eventually fix it if there are issues?23:50
mithro_florent_: I'm currently looking at getting the refresh rate being printed in the status message23:52
mithroMy current hunch is that the RPi can't find a video mode that it is compatible with, so it falls back to 640x48023:53
mithro_florent_: what tabstop setting are you using in the lm32 C code?23:55
mithro_florent_: seems to be 4?23:55

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