Friday, 2015-09-04

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mithro_florent_: ping?02:31
mithroJoelw: ping?02:31
Joelwmithro: Hi!02:38
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CarlFKmithro mithro mithro!!!05:27
mithroYES YES YES!05:27
CarlFKwe can say it was used in production!05:28
mithroI'm a sleep deprived zombie05:28
CarlFKfirst talk worked like a charm.05:28
CarlFK2nd and third, same "no device" behavior I am seeing here05:28
CarlFKand one of them will give me his laptop to test with05:29
tpbTitle: Digilent Atlys Board: Jumpers and Video Connections · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
mithroLooking at
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithroI think the SCL/SDA pins might be wrong...05:34
CarlFKmithro: LOL thank you for feeling my pain.05:34
mithroCarlFK: I feel your pain05:34
mithroCarlFK: I'm just super time poor at the moment :(05:35
mithroCarlFK: I wonder if there are different revisions of Atlys boards out there05:39
CarlFKmithro: I wold hope not, else they should make it clear in the docs.05:43
mithroCarlFK: ha05:43
mithroCarlFK: where can I see the recording? :P06:02
CarlFKjust started the encoding .. for the 2nd time... (didnt't have the title.svg on the box doing the encoding... I hate that.06:03
CarlFKmithro: making you a small sample at 100% quality06:18
CarlFKI think the quality is better than the twinpac. which makes a little sense given the twinpac has to work with analog.  that's my therory anyway.06:18
Atluxityanyone know if it would be possible to buy a twinpac remote somehow? I miss mine06:21
Atluxitydid'nt find it on ebay when I looked last06:21
CarlFKAtluxity: I am close to wanting to unload all of mine.. where are you?06:21
AtluxityCarlFK: I am in Oslo, Norway. It would be awesome if you could help me06:29
CarlFKno kidding.  one of my mentors lives there.  Dave Noble.  who gave me his two twinpacts and remotes06:30
AtluxityI work with Dave :)06:30
CarlFKwhat do you use twinpact for?06:31
AtluxityI am the head of the Norwegian Unix User Group06:31
Atluxitywe have a video setup06:31
Atluxityto record meetups and presentations06:31
AtluxityDave is the head of our video team now06:31
AtluxityWe are trying to move away from analog, but thing takes time06:32
Atluxitymost important at the time was to avoid using windows06:32
CarlFKAtluxity: I just used the hdmi2usb to record a talk.06:38
CarlFKa real talk. not a test in my living room.06:38
CarlFKdump the twinpact, get one of these06:38
AtluxityI will get a couple of hdmi2usb, no worries06:39
Atluxityi still want those remotes though06:39
CarlFKcome to PyCon...  I'll give you one :)06:40
Atluxityin montreal?06:42
Atluxitythats not going to happen, I'm afraid :\06:42
CarlFKPortland OR06:44
CarlFKmontreal was last year.  they are a little slow updating the site06:45
AtluxityMontreal had better chance of getting me there, still wont happen06:47
CarlFKmithro: Atluxity - here is the first talk:
tpbTitle: - Mongoengine Basics (at
CarlFKyoutube may not be done digesting it06:54
CarlFKbut you can dl the mp4 from that page06:55
mithroAtluxity: a friend of mine decoded the twinpac protocol using an IRToy07:03
Atluxitythat would be useful, I have an IR toy07:07
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mithroLet me see if I can dig it up07:20
mithroBTW -> !!!!07:21
tpbTitle: Numato Opsis: FPGA-based open video platform | Crowd Supply (at
mithroAtluxity: what is your email address?07:21
Atluxity[email protected]07:21
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mithroAtluxity: hrm -- the only stuff I could find in my mail was
tpbTitle: crleblanc/PyIrToy · GitHub (at
Atluxitymithro: do you have contact details for the person you was thinking of? I might pursue it?07:25
mithroAtluxity: email forwarded07:26
CarlFKbed time... good bye all :)07:55
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tvCommitBot[website] mithro pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotwebsite/master 8de1287 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Adding the CrowdSupply banner.08:33
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tvCommitBot[website] mithro pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotwebsite/master 7568ad3 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Fixing link in the banner.08:44
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_florent_hi mithro, nice campaign for the opsis board! (going to back it)09:26
_florent_just one thing: you are not going to use Vivado with this board (Vivado is only for 7-series FPGA)09:26
mithro_florent_: \o/ - You'll have two boards and be able to use the high speed transceivers to build a 4x4 matrix! :P09:27
_florent_so you can probably remove the "or the Xilinx Vivado Webpack software"09:27
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mithroMorning everyone17:55
CarlFKmorning mithro - are you still in Canada?17:58
mithroCarlFK: No, I've been in California for almost a week now17:58
Atluxityno trip to scandinavia planned this year?18:19
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thaytanmithro: How long are you in california?23:37
mithrothaytan: not long enough to attend that23:40
mithrothaytan: did you see ->
tpbTitle: Numato Opsis: FPGA-based open video platform | Crowd Supply (at
thaytanmithro, I didn't!23:41
mithrothaytan: I think the announcement email went into the spam folder23:42
mithrothaytan: we are trying to figure out what is going on there23:42

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