Friday, 2015-08-28

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CarlFK_florent_: how do I flash those?00:35
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_florent_CalrFK: you can put it in build/misoc/build and use make load-gateware07:04
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CarlFKheading to ps1 where that dvi monitor so I can test on the dvi monitor that wouldn't display.  should happen in about an hour.17:49
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CarlFKmithro:  [email protected]:~/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware$ PROG=fpgalink make load-gateware19:38
CarlFKfl.FLException: b'flLoadStandardFirmware(): usbOpenDevice(): device not found'19:38
_florent_CarlFK: hi, were you able to load the gateware?19:58
CarlFK_florent_: pretty sure no.19:59
_florent_you are not using the same setup as the other day?19:59
CarlFK_florent_: kinda.20:00
CarlFKi am not sure what steps are needed20:00
CarlFKthis is about the only docs I have looked at:
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/scripts at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
_florent_So you only need step 6 to 820:01
mithroCarlFK: check lsusb20:01
CarlFKoh hell... power wasn't on20:02
mithroCarlFK: afraid I can't help with that issue :P20:02
CarlFK_florent_: pretty sure I need #3 also20:03
_florent_ah yes probably, sorry20:03
CarlFKProgramming successful!20:04
CarlFKls: cannot access /dev/ttyV*: No such file or directory20:05
CarlFKgit pull... lots of stuff... guessing the fix is in there somewhere20:06
CarlFKoh wow.. it's working.20:25
CarlFKas in, I have random video memory on the lcd20:25
_florent_and if you plug something on hdmi in 0?20:30
_florent_BTW I've changed commands names, type help to have the new commands20:30
_florent_and you can stop the status just by pressing enter20:30
CarlFKI can't connect to it yet, so no commands20:31
CarlFKI did have an hdmi input hooked up20:31
_florent_hooked up to what?20:33
CarlFKumm.. I forget how these are identified20:33
CarlFKthe input next to the rj4520:34
_florent_it's hdmi in 120:34
_florent_you can type : hdmi_out0 120:35
CarlFKls: cannot access /dev/ttyV*: No such file or directory20:35
CarlFKnot until I get that fixed20:35
CarlFKis the other hdmi in 0 or 2?20:36
_florent_ah yes too bad20:36
_florent_hdmi in 020:36
_florent_that's still interesting to know that your lcd is now working20:37
CarlFKmithro: what's the line to get ttyV... ?20:41
mithroCarlFK: you shouldn't need a line20:42
mithroCarlFK: unplug and replug it?20:42
CarlFKmithro: yep. that fixed it.20:43
CarlFKxrandr - HDMI1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)20:47
CarlFKbb in 20  - going to store to get cookies20:49
CarlFKhow do I read from hdmi 1 and send it to the lcd?21:26
_florent_hdmi_out0 121:27
_florent_is it working?21:30
CarlFKno.  the laptop that should be supplying hdmi doesn't see a device plugged in.21:36
_florent_you can maybe try to reset the board or change video_mode21:38
CarlFKdoes "video_mode 9"  that sets both in and out?21:42
_florent_if set output and generates toggle HDP in hdmi in, so the video source should rescan EDID and change it's video_mode21:43
_florent_sorry, sets output and toggles HDP on hdmi in21:45
CarlFKhdmi_in0:  0x021:45
CarlFKhdmi_in1:  0x021:45
CarlFKwhat does that tell us?21:45
_florent_that no video is detected21:55
CarlFKis video data or a cable connected?22:00
CarlFKhey wow.  HDMI2USB>reboot22:57
CarlFKand now HDMI1 connected 1280x720+1366+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 200mm x 112mm22:57
CarlFK   1280x720       60.0*+22:57
CarlFKhdmi_out0 122:58
CarlFKderp.  this is not the prompt22:58
CarlFKit's working.  at least I have 720p going in and out23:00
CarlFKwoot!  display and streaming23:10
CarlFKEnabling encoder from hdmi_in1 with 85 quality23:10
mithroCarlFK: \o/23:20
CarlFKmithro:  \o/ indeed.23:20
mithroCarlFK: what is the complete status showing?23:21
CarlFKhdmi_in0:  0x023:21
CarlFKhdmi_in1:  1280x72023:21
CarlFKhdmi_out0: 1280x720 from hdmi_in123:21
CarlFKhdmi_out1: 1280x720 from hdmi_in023:21
CarlFKencoder: 1280x720 @ 8fps (45Mbps) from hdmi_in1 (q: 100)23:21
CarlFKddr: read: 1878Mbps  write:  885Mbps  all: 2763Mbps23:21
CarlFKmithro: that was with a noisy, but static, image.  if I make itmostly a solid color: encoder: 1280x720 @ 30fps (14Mbps) from hdmi_in1 (q: 100)23:26
CarlFKmithro: and it works with the hdmi (really hdmi) projector23:29
mithroq: 100 is "perfect frames"23:30
CarlFKoh right.. I did set 100.23:31
CarlFKand moved the mplayer window onto that display to get the recursive capture....23:31
CarlFKand the all colors drifted?  to yellow23:31
CarlFKbut that is very low on my list of things I care about23:32

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