Tuesday, 2015-08-18

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mithroafternoon everyone!13:17
CarlFKhey mithro13:18
mithroCarlFK: I'm at DebConf15 now13:18
CarlFKmithro: what are you calling your hdmi2usb board? Opt...something13:19
mithroNumato Opsis13:19
mithroCarlFK: have you checked out the new website?13:20
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB - Open hardware for conference, meeting and user group HD recording! (at hdmi2usb.tv)13:21
CarlFKthe top arrow is broken :p13:21
mithroCarlFK: yeah I know - still needs a lot of love13:21
CarlFKhave you used it for a real talk yet?13:21
mithroCarlFK: not yet, but I'm working on that13:27
mithroCarlFK: The new firmware doesn't exhibit the EDID problem that the old one did13:28
mithroCarlFK: It also as the potential for Ethernet streaming13:30
CarlFKI am at a friends house in NJ (state near NYC where PyGotham was ) fly home tonight13:30
mithroCarlFK: I just need to figure out a small bug in the FX2 firmware to get USB streaming working when you don't use a JTAG programmer13:30
CarlFKmithro: is the "potential for Ethernet streaming"  different than the Atlys board?13:31
mithroCarlFK: as in, using the gigabit ethernet instead of the USB to receive the video (on both the Atlys and the Opsis boards)13:31
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mithroHey _florent_ !13:50
_florent_hi mithro13:52
mithroI'm currently away from keys, but should be back in 20-30 minutes13:53
_florent_ah OK, I should be there13:54
_florent_I hope you found people interested by hdmi2usb at cccamp :)13:55
mithroYes, quite a few.13:57
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mithro_florent_: back now14:51
_florent_so have you been able to do more tests with the new firmware?14:53
mithro_florent_: Did you want to discuss stuff now?14:53
_florent_yes I have time now14:53
mithro_florent_: No, I didn't really get much chance to test stuff at the camp14:54
mithro_florent_: most people where interested just in looking at the hardware rather than get a demo of the stuff14:54
_florent_and for now the demo stuff is not very impressive on the opsis board :)14:55
mithro_florent_: I didn't get any further with debugging the FX2 firmware either14:55
_florent_since the FPGA for this part is simple, I think this is a software issue in the FX214:57
mithro_florent_: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is as simple as something not getting reset/setup correctly14:57
_florent_but it strange it worked with the old FPGA firmware since the FX2 firmware has not been modified14:58
mithro_florent_: yes, it is a bit strange14:58
_florent_I should try to use libfpgalink and try to see if I'm able to fix that if you don't have time for that15:00
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mithro_florent_: I think I would prefer you to spend any time on getting the quad DDR stuff working15:01
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mithro_florent_: I think I would prefer you to spend any time on getting the quad DDR stuff working15:02
_florent_I'm going to add the second video in port and second video out port to the design15:04
_florent_manage that in the firmware15:05
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_florent_and then work on the quarter rate DDR controller15:05
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mithrogah network problems15:11
mithro_florent_: Does the Atlys have enough bandwidth with the downsampling to do that?15:11
_florent_it should be fine with a sys_clk of  85Mhz15:13
mithro_florent_: okay15:15
_florent_otherwise, for litescope, the best is probably to create (and keep) a self.debug = (signal1, signal2, ... signaln) structure in the core, and use it from the top15:15
_florent_but keeping litescope permanently is probably going to be difficult since I'm not sure since it use blockrams and sometimes generate timing issues15:19
mithro_florent_: okay15:20
mithro_florent_: so I got as far as getting the litescope inside the usb-streamer to compile15:21
_florent_ok, but you will probably have use another uart for litescope (or desactivate the uart of the lm32)15:22
mithro_florent_: can I use the ethernet for it instead?15:23
_florent_yes you can15:24
_florent_you can create your design on top of EtherboneSoC for that15:28
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