Thursday, 2015-08-06

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mithroderpeter: I'm here for a week, then Berlin06:35
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derpetermithro: ah makes sense. for me its already camp ;-)07:22
mithroderpeter: your helping with set up?07:23
derpetermithro: we hat the first stream yesterday evening07:24
mithroderpeter: ?07:26
derpetermithro: stream from the camp side jut a shot from the roof of the office07:27
mithroahh okay, you freaked me out that maybe I had gotten the dates wrong or something :)07:27
derpetermithro: dont worry camp starts tomorrow and goes until sunday07:35
derpeter... just kidding ...07:35
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mithroInteresting discussion
tpbTitle: Topic: Strange sync signals from HDMI | Scarab Hardware (at
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