Tuesday, 2015-07-07

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mithroshenki: did you write down the stuff you did for stracing / cutting back the Xilinx tools? All I could find was http://logs.timvideos.us/%23timvideos/%23timvideos.2014-06-03.log.html#t2014-06-03T14:47:5504:31
tpbTitle: Tuesday, 2014-06-03 (at logs.timvideos.us)04:31
shenkimithro: ive got a half-written unpublished blog post too04:38
mithroshenki: can you dump it somewhere, even in the half finished state?04:44
mithroshenki: do you have the fuse code somewhere?04:44
shenkimithro: hrm, it doesn't have anything on how i did it04:54
shenkimithro: it just described my findings with running ISE on faster CPUs04:54
shenkimithro: i'm looking for the fuse code04:55
shenkimithro: https://jms.id.au/~joel/xilinx-ec2-howto.txt05:11
shenkimithro: https://github.com/shenki/bindfs05:11
tpbTitle: shenki/bindfs ยท GitHub (at github.com)05:11
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mithroshenki: thanks!23:49

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