Monday, 2015-07-06

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shenkimithro: pong02:21
shenkimithro: what were you printing for hte minispartan?02:21
shenkimithro: looks like a box?02:22
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shenkimithro: nice! i should print one too04:04
shenkimithro: NameError: name 'LiteEthMAC' is not defined05:52
shenkimithro: what am i missing?05:52
shenkiLiteEthMAC of course. but where do i get that from?05:52
mithroshenki: I'm not sure what you are doing :P05:52
mithroI assume attempting to play with the misoc based firmware?05:52
shenkimithro: yeah, trying to build it05:53
shenkimithro: using the instructions in the repo05:53
mithrohave you got migen+misoc up and running first?05:53
shenkimithro: i think so? how do i tell?05:53
mithroshenki: Followed the setup instructions at first?05:54
tpbTitle: m-labs/misoc · GitHub (at
shenkimithro: yeah, ive got misoc and migen downloaded. i built and installed migen05:54
shenkimithro: i don't have my hardware with me05:54
mithroshenki: oh - use the Makefile rather than the instructions in the README.md05:56
mithroshenki: updated the README slightly06:00
mithroshenki: Working with migen+misoc was pretty fun over the weekend06:06
mithroshenki: my biggest concerns are06:06
shenkimithro: what were you working on?06:06
mithroReplicating _florent_'s work on building an alternative HDMI2USB firmware06:07
mithroshenki: and getting stuff ready for the production prototype bring up06:26
shenkimithro: cool06:28
shenkimithro: are you going to use the misoc version for bringup?06:28
mithroshenki: maybe06:36
mithroshenki: I'm just doing too many things at once, like normal :P06:36
shenkimithro: :D06:36
shenkimithro: hows the production prototype coming along?06:37
mithroshenki: I'm hoping they'll ship me two this week06:37
shenkimithro: sweet06:38
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shenkimithro: do you have misoc stuff that targets the minispartan?07:07
mithroshenki: _florent_ does07:07
shenkimithro: okay07:08
tpbTitle: enjoy-digital/scarab-soc · GitHub (at
shenkimithro: the design in the repo doesn't meet timing07:08
mithroshenki: log issues on the github repo07:11
shenkimithro: ok07:16
mithroOh, I didn't end up iterating my concerns with misoc/migen - but I need to do work07:21
shenkimithro: go do work :) we can chat later07:21
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mithrohey _florent_11:31
mithrohey tija11:32
tijamithro: hi!11:32
mithrotija: _florent_ is working on doing a misoc/migen based version of the HDMI2USB firmware11:33
mithrotija: see
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithro_florent_: oh, if an issue on the repo is assigned to me, don't worry about it11:34
_florent_ok, I just wanted you to be aware that it's still experimental and I'm aware there are some issues11:35
mithro_florent_: yeah, totally understand11:36
_florent_I'm just wanting to get things working, I'll cleanup and do optimization later11:36
_florent_IIRC correctly, someone did some optimization on the jpeg encoder, is there some doc on that work somewhere?11:39
mithro_florent_: tija worked on that but we didn't end up needing to actually optimize the jpeg encoder, just the data flow in and our IIRC11:39
_florent_ok thanks11:42
mithro_florent_: he was required to blog about it11:42
_florent_do you have a link?11:42
mithroyeah, just finding it now11:42
tpbTitle: TimVideo GSoC 2014: MJPEG Optimisation: GSOC Final Report (at
tpbTitle: TimVideo GSoC 2014: MJPEG Optimisation (at
tija_florent_: If you don't want to know the internals of the encoder, I can help you with the top level function which kicks off the encoder.11:45
tijaIf you want to treat the encoder as black box, all you need is this:
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB/jpeg_encoder_top.vhd at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
_florent_yes I'm aware, I already replaced this by software11:46
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/encoder.c at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
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mithro_florent_: are you using the verilog or vhdl version?11:47
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_florent_vhdl, it seems the verilog version was not tested on hardware (I'm not able to synthetize it)11:48
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mithro_florent_: that is quite possible, I'm unsure where cfelton got up too11:52
_florent_these were little things, but for now I more confortable to use the encoder that is already validated11:52
_florent_verilog can be useful to do simulation11:52
mithro_florent_: yes, that is perfectly valid11:53
mithro_florent_: the post from Chris can be found at
tpbTitle: I don’t often convert VHDL to Verilog but when I do ... - Christopher Felton (at
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