Friday, 2015-07-03

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mithro !14:02
tpbTitle: Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files (at
mithroConstructed HDMI2USB V2 Prototype -
mithro ?15:01
tpbTitle: 2015-07-03_17-06-45 M=B R=8 S=4.jpg - Google Drive (at
CarlFKmithro: any progress on the edid problem ?15:12
mithroCarlFK: not at the moment, I'm hoping that I can compare the outputs to the new board and check it15:13
mithro _florent_'s also working on an alternative EDID implementation15:13
CarlFKhave you seen an hdmi breakout that would help hook a scope up ?15:14
mithro(well actually alternative HDMI2USB firmware - but it includes an alternative EDID implementation)15:14
mithroCarlFK: no - but the prod board has test points for the EDID lines15:14
CarlFKhow many boards did you get?  ... or really, are you going to send me one?15:16
mithroCarlFK: I'm likely to end up with 2 I think15:16
CarlFKhmm, thats not very many.15:17
mithroCarlFK: that the currently the only one in existence and was literally constructed hours ago15:17
mithroThey have tested the power supply, memory, ethernet and HDMI transmission so far15:18
CarlFKI plan on driving to Detroit in the next week or so, and hope to meet up with Jason Beagle Bone guy who will likely be up for poking at whatever I bring15:18
CarlFKJason Beagle Bone guy - I forget exactly what his credentials/CV/whatever is, but he was excited to spew hdmi stuff at me as we were eating dinner, so I am sure it will be productive to let him poke at it15:20
mithroCarlFK: okay15:47
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