Wednesday, 2015-07-01

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mithroaps: ping?01:25
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apsmithro: pong05:55
mithroaps: did you see the question on the github issue about the flumotion port?05:55
apsmithro: yes05:56
apsjust saw05:56
mithroshenki: ping?06:18
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shenkimithro: pong07:59
mithroshenki: what needs to be done to make that USB-UART driver not conflict with other USB-UART stuff on the system?08:00
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tpbTitle: Installing Exar Driver · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
shenkimithro: we need to add support to the upstream acm driver for the exar part08:04
mithroshenki: I don't care that much about getting the driver upstream, just making it so I can have the acm driver running at the same time as the exar part - is that possible or more work then the upstreaming part?08:07
shenkimithro: it might be possible, if someone wants to do that08:11
shenkimithro: it would be preferable to spend time supporting it in the upstream driver08:11
shenkimithro: isntead of a temp hack08:11
shenkimithro: that doesn't mean getting the support upstream08:11
shenkimithro: just hacking the upstream driver so it works for our part08:12
mithroI'm no kernel expert - but we can't really "patch" an included module without having to rebuild stuff right?08:13
mithroshenki: do we actually know why you can't have both modules loaded at the same time at the moment?08:19
mithroshenki: is it just that the cdc_acm driver associates with the device first?08:23
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shenkimithro: the exar driver is a copy of the cdc_acm driver with the variables renamed09:40
shenkimithro: an d some ocde added to support exar09:41
mithroshenki: sure - but I can physically load both the exar module and the cdc module at the same time, right?09:42
tijamithro: Migen has so less documentation :(10:54
mithrotija: that is not a real sentence.10:54
tijamithro: I was going through the examples in their repo and lot of the objects used have no documentation. Atleast I couldn't find them10:56
mithrotija: most of the newer stuff they have been much better at documenting10:56
tijamitho: like?10:57
mithrohrm, there is less stuff then I recall11:04
mithroahh, I was looking at the migen rather then the misoc code11:05
mithroLots of the stuff in has docstrings for example11:06
tpbTitle: migen/migen/fhdl at master · m-labs/migen · GitHub (at
mithroI do agree that they could use better documentation on things11:07
mithroHave you seen ?11:08
tpbTitle: Migen manual Migen X documentation (at
tijamithro: yes. Lot of stuff are missing. Unable to follow the examples with the available document.11:11
mithrotija: like?11:12
tpbTitle: migen/ at master · m-labs/migen · GitHub (at
tijaNo documentation about FSM()11:14
mithrotija: you understand what FSM stands for?11:15
tijayes Finite State Machine11:15
mithroso FSM() creates a new Finite State Machine module inside the current module?11:17
mithrobtw, have you run the module and look at the verilog it generates?11:19
tijayeah what are the function inside the FSM module is not known.11:19
tijayesh I have.11:19
mithrotija: what do you mean?11:19
mithroyou mean NextValue and NextState functions? They are imported at the top line11:20
tijaI mean = myfsm.before_entering("FOO") what does this do?11:20
mithrotija: creates a signal which triggers before the finite state machine enters state FOO ?11:21
tijasynchronosly or async?11:24
tijaAnyway forget it. I will figure it out. But the statement "Migen has so less documentation" is real.11:26
mithrotija: I know what you meant, but that sentence is still not grammatically correct11:37
mithrotija: Adding documentation to the module would probably be a good first patch!11:38
mithroLooking at the generated verilog code - I wonder what the "_is_el" append to the signal name means?11:39
mithrotija: join #m-labs11:40
shenkimithro: no, you can't add them both. you cant have the same module loaded twice12:12
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tpbTitle: Allow the vizzini module to be installed side-by-side with cdc-acm. by mithro · Pull Request #5 · shenki/exar-uart-driver · GitHub (at
mithro_florent_: you might find that useful15:47
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