Saturday, 2015-06-13

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mithroMaZderMind: ping if you end up having time to look at the timestamp stuff and I'll pong if I'm around06:17
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MaZderMindmithro: have you a uninstalled gstreamer build at hand? if not you can start building that, it will take some time07:45
mithroMaZderMind: yeah I do07:45
MaZderMindmithro: i'm running of the 1.5.1 tag here07:45
mithrodunno what tag I'm on07:46
MaZderMindkk, i see two wasy07:50
MaZderMinda) accept that source and destination pipeline runs on different base_times and translate between them. that's what i try in my branch
tpbTitle: Comparing master...inter-avsync · MaZderMind/gst-plugins-bad · GitHub (at
MaZderMindb) force all pipelines to run on the same base_time and clock and write new elements that pass buffers directly, copying the creation of black frames & silence from the inter-elements07:52
MaZderMindb could be prototyped with appsink/appsrc07:53
MaZderMindwith a i have some issues i'm not sure of. when running for a long time (after 6 hours for example) the output pipelines stalls. i guess a problem with the calculated durations but i'n not sure07:55
MaZderMindwithout my patch the pipeline runs 24 hours no problem07:55
MaZderMindb would avoid all calculations around timestamps = less that could go wrong07:56
mithroMaZderMind: I'll be back in 30 minutes, btw its a good idea to say my nick regularly because then I notice you are saying things.08:15
mithroMaZderMind: back now08:44
mithroMaZderMind: I don't seen a 1.5.1 tag in the repo?08:55
mithroahh it looks like my repos are too old08:56
mithroupdating now08:56
mithroReasonably productive day ->
tpbTitle: mithro/displayport-hardware-hacking · GitHub (at
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