Wednesday, 2015-06-03

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mithroshenki: I was thinking of maybe an FPGA miniconf at LCA07:09
mithroshenki: thoughts?07:09
shenkimithro: what would the focus be?07:17
mithroshenki: anything FPGA related :P - open source cores, open source tools, open source boards, etc?07:27
shenkimithro: i like the idea of people talking about them07:29
shenkimithro: did you see the intel/altera news?07:29
mithroshenki: yeah!07:29
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mithroshenki: It'll be interesting to see what comes of it07:31
mithroshenki: Altera having access to Intel fab technology could produce some interesting things07:31
shenkimithro: yeah. i wonder if they'll invest in the toolchains07:31
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tijamithro: 720p Doesn't work in Jahanzeb's pre built. Honestly I was praying that I broke it coz fixing it would be easy. Now it is like searching a needle in a haystack.07:34
mithrotija: Well, lets fix some of the things you know are broken07:35
tpbTitle: Terasic - SoC Platform - DE0-Nano-SoC Kit/Atlas-SoC Kit (at
tijamithro: I haven't broken a lot of things honestly :P07:35
mithrotija: sure, but you found some things which are broken :)07:36
tijamithro: The only thing that is broken is that the streaming starts after reset is pressed once.07:37
mithrotija: Looking at the pattern generation code at - it looks like it should be able to generate a pattern for any resx/resy ?07:41
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB/pattern.vhd at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
tijamithro: How do you know this?07:42
tijamithro: The front porch fpX, back porch bpX etc is hard coded.07:43
tijafor 1280x76807:44
mithrotija: I don't *know* this, but the interface has two signals named resx and resy which are ints - which I assume are the "resolutionx" and "resolutiony" values?07:44
tijamithro: It is possible, code needs to be changed, an input signal will tell what resolution to produce and then accordinglyvalues of fpX, fpY etc are selected.07:48
mithrotija: are you looking at pattern.vhd right now?07:50
mithrotija: I can't see anything in there that is hard coded to a certain resolution?07:51
mithrotija: can you point me in the right direction - is it the spX and stuff?07:52
tijamithro: 96 - 9807:52
mithrooh, resx and resy are output rather than input07:53
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mithrobblr meeting then dinner07:59
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MaZderMindit seems that building a videomixer around the inter* elements is not possible:
tpbTitle: debugging a/v-sync issues, possibly inter*-element related (at
MaZderMindThat's because inter* element don't use upstream timestamp at all it20:13
MaZderMindseems, making synchronization impossible.20:13
CarlFKMaZderMind: dvswitch solved this problem by having a 1 or two frame buffer, and just take what is currently in the buffer.20:58
CarlFKI have no idea what gst-switch is doing.20:59
CarlFKhmm.. or if gstreamer has support for something like that20:59
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MaZderMinda framebuffer doesn't help with a/v sync21:17
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MaZderMindfrom irc it was suggested to keep everything in one pipeline21:18
MaZderMind10:19 < heftig> for swapping sources i have a system which can swap between a videotestsrc+audiotestsrc and a bin containing fdsrc+matroskademux21:18
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CarlFKmaybe not the buffer, but I think the fact that the dv format stores the audio and video for the same time in the same frame.21:46
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