Wednesday, 2015-05-27

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shenkimithro: pong00:08
mithroshenki: Did I ever explain my plan to get FOSS DisplayPort core crowd funded?00:18
mithroI think I was chatting about it at LCA00:19
shenkimithro: i know you were thinking about doing one00:23
shenkimithro: it's a good idea00:24
shenkimithro: i have no idea how successfull it will be, but there's only one way to find out00:24
mithroFor the last 3 months since then I've been trying to find a non-profit in the USA that could handle the finance side of things.00:25
mithroI hadn't had much success until last night when I had a long chat with Karen from the Software Freedom Conservancy.00:26
shenkiah, cool. get some good ideas?00:26
mithroYes, we have a plan of action to go forward00:27
mithroThe first step is for the TimVideos.US project to join the SFC00:27
mithroOnce we are part of the SFC, the plan will be to then run a campaign to raise the funds00:29
mithroWhich will be tax deductible for people and companies in the USA00:31
mithroI could use your help with a couple of things related to this stuff00:32
mithroThe first one is getting together the SFC application00:33
mithroThen it will be for coming up the milestones and stuff for the crowd funding00:35
mithroAnd double checking my ideas :-)00:35
shenkiokay, sure00:37
mithroI'm back now!01:09
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mithroshenki: do you know anything about ?04:30
tpbTitle: Bountysource (at
xfxfappears i opened this irc client then forgot about it05:03
shenkimithro: not really. i know that IBM pay bounties for some stuff using it05:04
mithroxfxf: hey!05:07
mithroxfxf: I did see your message from a while back but never got around to replying to it05:08
xfxfyo!  no worries05:25
xfxfreply when you get a sec - i still think i owe you moneys, that stuff lingering sucks05:25
xfxfsorry i dissapeared off the planet there for a few months too05:25
xfxfwell, to some definition of dissapear05:26
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