Wednesday, 2015-05-20

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mithroCarlFK: have you logged a bug about your request to have 720p be the default?03:30
CarlFKmithro: prolly not.  i guess i should.03:32
mithroCarlFK: please do, then I get to close it when I fix it for you :)03:32
tpbTitle: make 720p the defult · Issue #124 · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: speling.....03:43
CarlFKI get a free pass for a week.  my left hand is bandaged up cuz I stabbed it with a broken coffee cup :p03:44
mithroCarlFK: I saw the photos03:59
mithroCarlFK: btw MaZderMind is currently experimenting with a version of gst-switch written entirely in Python03:59
CarlFKmithro: neat. only pythoh, so is any of the gst-switch code being used, or just the ... um.. design?04:01
mithroCarlFK: none of the code (unless you count the gstreamer pipelines), but definately a lot of the design04:03
mithroonce I'm more confident this is the direction we want to go, we'll look at porting across things like the API and testing04:04
mithroand I believe he is going to use a bunch of the UI stuff from his Python GUI rewrite too04:04
mithroIt has the major advantage of having the gst-switch design / mistakes to build off of04:04
CarlFKmithro: very cool.  i had thought mostly python was the original plan and was sad it was mostly C04:04
mithroCarlFK: well, I'm still very worried about the ability to make a rock stable system in Python04:05
mithroCarlFK: I was hoping to convince him to do a "grandfather's axe" on gst-switch :)04:06
CarlFKgrandfather's axe?04:06
mithroCarlFK: "This is my grandfather's axe, my father replaced the handle and I replaced the head"04:07
mithroIE rewrite the GUI in Python and then rewrite the server in Python, it's still gst-switch but every part has been replaced :)04:08
CarlFKlol - ah.04:08
mithroI've been meaning to catch up with MaZderMind to give some advice about a couple of things04:08
mithrobut ended up having a cold over the weekend04:08
mithroSo spent most of it in bed :(04:09
mithroCarlFK: MaZderMind posted some screenshots at
tpbTitle: 1c2 (at
CarlFKugh, colds drive me nuts.  seems like just a runny nose but burns of days of not being able to do anything04:17
mithroYou can find the code at
tpbTitle: voc/voctomix · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: you'll be pleased that "voctomix" is much easier / cooler to say then gst-switch :P04:18
mithroCarlFK: that was your number one complaint, right :P04:18
CarlFKdefinitely up there.04:19
mithroMaZderMind: btw if you are around tonight, please do ping me05:38
mithroCarlFK: btw where you ever able to build the firmware locally on your machine?05:43
MaZderMindmithro: we had just a test run of 8 hours with running recording and livestream, no leaks, no breaks06:19
MaZderMindyou can see a livestream here:
MaZderMindbut unfortunately nothing is connected to the blackmagic-cards yet ^^06:24
MaZderMindbut we'll try to change that over the day06:24
CarlFKmithro: I think I was able to build firmware.06:28
CarlFKI am in a hotel room, no atlys here.  Just finished recoring Write The Docs conf06:30
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mithroMaZderMind: All the things I worry about are the type of things which only go wrong "once in a blue moon", IE right when you are in the middle of recording your most important event :P06:34
mithroI'm currently in the process of changing desks06:35
mithrobut will be around in about an hour or two06:35
MaZderMindmithro: yes, sure, i know what you're talking about06:38
MaZderMinddvswitch is so damn rock solid for us…06:39
MaZderMindWe have plans to actively test voctomix step by step (and we have 15+ conferences over the year…)06:39
MaZderMindI'll keep you posted06:39
MaZderMindso, is no running two movies06:41
MaZderMindI'll keep them running for a while06:41
mithroMaZderMind: btw have you worked on larger Python projects before?06:42
MaZderMindno, not really06:42
MaZderMindbut I usuly learn best as I como along06:43
MaZderMindI worked on big php projects a lot06:43
mithroI love Python a huge amount, but it does have some downsides when you are trying to write larger projects which need to keep running06:44
MaZderMindmithro: I'm still at home, need to drive to work now. maybe you could write an email with your concerns?06:45
mithrothere are a bunch of strategies to manage the problems though, and there are plenty of successful projects06:45
MaZderMindthe only actrive part is arounf the control-server and the network system06:46
mithroI started writing down some stuff, the big problem is its hard to tell what is obvious to me verse what is obvious to you06:47
mithroMaZderMind: I'm happy to chat later too06:48
mithroand sometimes the right solution is "ignore the problem until it happens"06:49
MaZderMindI'm happy about any input08:12
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MaZderMindhi florolf :)08:50
florolf(fwiw: i'm with the c3voc people, mithro did a bit of advertising for us to also lurk around here)08:50
florolf(and i mostly handle the streaming/cdn-part of our setup)08:51
mithroflorolf: I'd love to chat about that side one day09:57
CarlFKmithro: i just realized we can tolerate an unstable mixer if the sources save raw streams.13:34
CarlFKI don't want to do post work, but if it gives me a safety net so I can experiment with a mixer, that may work just fine13:36
MaZderMindCarlFK: you may record the mixer selection separatly and apply it later to the recordings in a mixer-fail scenario13:44
mithroCarlFK: that was something that the other PyCon AU team was thinking about. Having the mixer just write cut lists which could be later mixed offline.13:44
MaZderMindbut you may get clock drifts between the recording stations13:44
CarlFKyeah, that clock stuff is tricky13:45
mithroMaZderMind: you ship the clock reference and preview image to the "mixer" and then use positions in the remote cloxk13:46
mithroIt does have the nice feature of being able to say cut 5 seconds ago13:47
mithroBut if you are generating a mixed output for streaming then it becomes less useful13:47
mithroBecause you already want it to be reliable for that13:48
mithroAnd I think doing live streaming really increases the quality of your recordings though having a loud and noisy live QA team :)13:49
mithroOne option I've pondered is not doing any mixing and just allowing people to do their own local mixing in the browser13:50
mithroThen building a model from what your viewers are / where doing to generate the cut list for the YouTube upload13:51
mithroThat's something I might build if I was doing this stuff full time13:52
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mithroIt's probably 6-12 months full time work to make that idea a reality though.13:53
mithroAnother idea is to just have a static side-by-side mix and only support two inputs13:56
mithroThe simplicity is really attractive13:58
mithroSimple is much easier to make reliable13:59
CarlFKiv pondered all of that too.  and yeah, bit of work to make happen14:01
mithroCarlFK: need to figure out how to earn my Google salary doing this full time14:02
mithroThen we could really do some interesting stuff14:03
* mithro should go to bed14:10
CarlFKI sould get breakfast14:15
CarlFKjust got the last few vids up on youtube, show ended about 12 hours ago.14:15
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