Sunday, 2015-05-03

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hendryhmm, when I encode to HLS via ffmpeg my whole machine is pretty much maxed out.. argh09:12
mithroshenki: have you touched ns1 at all?09:55
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MaZderMindmithro: my personal travis build of gst-switch fails in the setup-process:  did you configure anything different for timvideos?16:02
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
MaZderMindwell… it says 'This job is running on container-based infrastructure, which does not allow use of 'sudo', setuid and setguid executables.'16:03
MaZderMindlooks like it's some kine of legacy support required16:03
hyadesMaZderMind: use sudo: true in yml?16:10
MaZderMindhyades: yes, figured it out already16:14
MaZderMindwriting those tests is so frustrating16:14
MaZderMindwell not writign them but getting them to pass on travis16:14
MaZderMindand on both: python2 and python3 on ubuntu and debian16:15
MaZderMindfor whatever reason the tests stalls again on travis…
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
hyadesMaZderMind: yea I too hate it :)16:20
MaZderMindhyades: it seems to stall while uploading to imgurl now16:21
hyadesMaZderMind: the same code runs for py2 and py3. Or there is some difference?17:40
MaZderMindhyades: it was a decision made by someone else in the team to use six and __future__ to write python3 code and get it to run on python2.17:43
MaZderMindhyades: consequently the tests run both with py.test 2 & 317:44
hyadesMaZderMind: yea I remember a thread17:44
MaZderMindso if I don't fix them today I'll give up and switch to another task. I'm on this for some months now and I'm hungry for other tasks17:45
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CarlFKswitch now, switch now!18:12
CarlFKMaZderMind: do you know enough to add some buttons to the current UI?18:13
CarlFKwhich is different than building an elaborate framework to support many UIs designed by anyone.  I just want a few buttons hammered into place.18:14
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MaZderMindCarlFK: I have a 25% done UI in python/glade18:47
MaZderMindCarlFK: I'd rather to that way18:48
CarlFKMaZderMind: I would like something 100% done19:02
CarlFKthe project will get more input once it achieves a threshold of usability19:02
CarlFKyou will get more work out of me once I have a chance of using it in production19:03
CarlFKI don't need all of the planned features, I pretty much need what the first version of DVswtich had: Cut and Switch streams.19:03
MaZderMindCarlFK: Yes, that's my feeling, too. I need some special features that I don't want to code into the C-Ui19:04
CarlFKwhat features do you need?19:04
MaZderMindGigabit-Ethernet between UI and Server; disable Cut-Button in UI, disable PIP-Movement19:05
MaZderMindI'll finish of the int-tests tonight (looks promising right now) and start working on the UI tomorrow19:06
CarlFKdisable Cut-Button - why?19:06
MaZderMindWe are recording 24/7 into segments19:07
MaZderMindand later concatting the segmants on-demand for encoding19:07
CarlFKare you really going to try to use this in a multi track etc before running it solo at a small meeting?19:08
MaZderMindthis way we can from the schedule later and don't rely on someone pressing a button in realtime19:08
MaZderMindCarlFK: yes, sure19:08
MaZderMindCarlFK: we have complete hardware for 4 rooms and some conferences only have 2 or 319:09
MaZderMindat 30C3 we had two completely independent teams, one doing HD-Mixing & Recording and one doing SD-Only (to test our HD-Pipeline)19:09
CarlFKI wouldn't risk all those talks19:10
CarlFKbut your show, so .. go for it :p19:11
CarlFKanway, if you want a few more hours of use before hand, get me something I can use.19:11
MaZderMindCarlFK: I'm sorry I think I mis-read: we *will* run dvswitch in parallel19:11
CarlFKwe tried that at LCA - it sucks.19:11
MaZderMinddid you have separate hardware? or why did it suck?19:12
CarlFKit soaks up people, it makes the training or whatever complicated, more stuff to troubleshoot, When there are problems it is hard to figure out what to compromise19:13
CarlFKwe reduced it to just keynotes and gave DVswtich the priority.19:14
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MaZderMindokay, sure, that's something we need to plan. like saying: let it run on day 1 and if it didn't crash, try using it productivily on day 2 -- or something19:24
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MaZderMindso, int-tests now completely passing on travis.19:49
MaZderMindI hereby declare this PR finished and will now start working on other things:
tpbTitle: [WIP] Rewrite of the Integration-Tests, Take 2 by MaZderMind · Pull Request #198 · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at
MaZderMindmithro: fyi ^^19:49
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] MaZderMind opened pull request #208: Remove coverage files on make clean (master...remove-coverage-files-on-make-clean)
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MaZderMindmithro: you sayd you found sth. regarding the 25fps/30fps issue?22:47
MaZderMindCarlFK: which buttons do you want added and where?22:47

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