Saturday, 2015-04-18

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CarlFKcfelton: ping - I am looking over the hdmi2usb issues, got some time to talk?00:12
tpbTitle: Debug unreliable screen detection and possible EDID issue · Issue #105 · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
CarlFKI think that's the biggest blocker00:37
CarlFKbb in 20 min.  pizza pick up time00:37
cfeltonCarlFK: hey01:13
CarlFKcfelton: im back01:13
cfeltonI can look at #10501:13
CarlFKI have had "good" luck reproducing the problems01:15
CarlFKbut it isn't a nice clean repo - it is more like: I do the same thing 10 times, and around 5 times I get odd results01:15
CarlFKit is frustrating cuz I can't just drop in print statements to see what is going on.01:17
CarlFKI just run xrandr and get various results, sometimes the app even segfaults01:18
CarlFKcfelton: 105 is going to be a adventure in debugging04:23
CarlFK   may not be a blocker but pretty high on my wish list04:25
tpbTitle: keep streaming something when hdmi input drops · Issue #121 · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
CarlFKhdmi input drops - happens between every talk, and in general causes the recording system to ... error.04:26
CarlFKI am sure we can fix the recording system, but that's a less than ideal work around04:27
CarlFKand hopefully straight forward to implement in the hdmi2usb04:27
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