Monday, 2015-04-13

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mithroCarlFK: there is also a utility program in the source tree which might be able to decode the information02:26
CarlFKmithro:  I could use a little more direction.  but not now.   I am in Portland OR till Wed.  didn't have room to bring the atlys with me03:54
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MaZderMindI'm reading I'm reading myself into this FPGA-Stuff and what is easy to be done with them ant what is hard.09:52
MaZderMindIt deems to me that some parts like the EDID-Communication, Etheernet or even video-encoding is rather hard to to in an FPGA, am I correct? Wouldn't it be much better to use an FPGA/CPU combo like on the Zynq-Boards and let the FPGA do the High-Speed stuff like deserializing the HDMI via DMA into RAM while the CPU uses another DMA-Channel to read the frames back and to th processing on them? Or am I thinking in a wrong direction?09:52
cfeltonMaZderMind: depends on your definition of "hard"13:27
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tijaMaZerMind: I have researched a bit in the direction you are talking about. Have a look at this
tpbTitle: Porting HDMI2USB to Zynq - Google Docs (at
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