Thursday, 2015-04-09

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mithroshenki: ping?02:59
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shenkimithro: pong03:22
mithroshenki: I think I asked you this before03:23
mithroshenki: Do you have a "rules of thumb" or "high level ideas" for understanding using DDR03:24
mithroshenki: basically, ideas like does DDR2/DDR3 perform better if I read bytes sequentially?03:28
shenkimithro: yeah, if you are reading adjacent rows in the chips then you should get faster read times03:31
shenkiup to a certain point, at which it will stall you to do a refresh03:32
mithroshenki: I'm trying to understand what the best way to read data out of buffers stored in DDR3 memory03:34
shenkimithro: in hdmi2usb?03:37
mithroshenki: possibly03:43
mithroI don't have a good feel for how different reading/writing styles affect performance04:04
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shenkimithro: i think you'd have to do some tests04:36
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mithroshenki: oh well, I guess I'll do that05:21
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shenkimithro: what are you working on?05:48
mithroshenki: trying to do figure out a frame buffer for display port stuff05:50
mithroshenki: could become the core frame buffer for the HDMI2USB and fix a bunch of issues we have too05:51
shenkimithro: cool05:59
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
shenkimithro: hey?07:34
mithroshenki: yeah07:34
shenkifree xilinx!07:35
mithroIt's the m-labs guys07:35
shenkiInstitute of Tech, Zurich07:35
shenkivery cool07:35
shenkitravis still aren't offering 14.04?!07:39
shenkimithro: 83MB! i wonder how they shrunk it...07:41
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CarlFKmithro: did you see my unbutu lappy was showing dmesg something like "edid checksum error"16:46
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