Wednesday, 2015-04-01

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mithroCarlFK: I think there is an open issue to map that feature to a hardware switch00:00
CarlFKso currently (unstable 1024x768 is expected ?00:01
mithroCarlFK: you have to use the serial control port to change it at the moment - tija wrote a little tool which provides a nicer interface to do that00:01
mithroCarlFK: I'm *mostly* sure that 1024x768 is the expected default resolution00:02
CarlFKmithro: good enough.  that seems to be what I have seen on a few boxes now, I just figured it was wrong00:03
CarlFKalso.. what is expected when I am streaming video out the usb and I pull the source hdmi cable?00:04
mithroCarlFK: I actually have no idea00:05
CarlFKmplayer starts spewing stuff.  I suspect it stops streaming.  which is prolly not what we want.00:05
mithroCarlFK: agreed00:06
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CarlFKmithro: can I use "streaming" to mean sending video stream over usb?00:12
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mithroCarlFK: sure I guess00:12
CarlFKmithro: new behavior: streaming but not displaying00:32
CarlFKit was streaming and displaying the test patteren, I hit U and the stream switched to the hdmi input00:32
CarlFKand the hdmi output went away.  monitor went to sleep00:32
CarlFKhit D, test patteren comes back on both.  hit U, stream shows hdmi in, monitor goes to sleep again00:33
CarlFKhey wow.  it magicaly stated displaying hdmi input on the monitor01:21
CarlFKwith some ghosting.  on both, so coming from the input decoding I guess01:26
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CarlFKi'll upload it as soon as I find my upload script ;)01:56
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CarlFKfor next time I ask:  xrandr --output HDMI2 --mode 1024x76802:40
CarlFKmithro: ^^^ that was happening.  I unplugged stuff and plugged stuff back in and now everything is working great02:43
mithroCarlFK: that is a super weird effect02:45
CarlFKpacking up at PS1. heading home02:49
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CarlFKhome but tired.  I m going to  bed04:49
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mithrohey tija!08:26
tijamithro: Hi!08:34
tijamithro: Sorry I am going to a class right now. Will be back in an hour.08:34
mithrotija: was just saying Hi :)08:38
shenkimithro: ping09:01
mithroshenki: pong?09:01
shenkimithro: hey09:01
shenkimithro: im going to break^Wupgrade the OS on ns1.mithis09:01
mithroshenki: how are you planning on doing that?09:02
shenkimithro: not sure09:02
shenkimithro: what are your thoughts? reinstall, or upgrade?09:02
mithroshenki: why don't you bring up another vm on an ipv6 address - set it up, copy stuff across and then we can just switch the mac addresses?09:03
shenkimithro: okay09:03
mithroshenki: otherwise, take a disk snapshot on underwood and do a "apt-get dist-upgrade" maybe?09:03
shenkii like the fresh install approach09:03
mithroshenki: probably less work but doesn't really give a good clean state09:03
shenkimithro: i can't remember; what do i need to do to get networking going?09:50
shenkiah, dhcp09:50
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shenkimithro: hrm. i didn't add anything to dchp for rosa. what should this need?10:28
mithroshenki: if rosa is ipv6 only, it shouldn't need anything?10:29
shenkimithro: yeah, no dice10:30
mithroshenki: let me login and have a look10:30
tijamithro: I am back. Happy April Fool's Day.10:30
shenkimithro: it's on vnc port 590410:31
mithroshenki: compare it to hopper?10:31
shenkimithro: what do you normally need to change in the network part of the xml, aside from the mac addr?10:33
mithroshenki: can't remember of the top of my head10:33
shenkihrm, rosa has :53:f3, which is the same mac address as one of the bridge devices10:38
shenkii wonder if it works by accident10:38
shenkii hate networking10:38
mithroshenki: thats bad10:39
mithroshenki: by bridge devices you mean?10:39
shenkiok, brain is exploding. might need to tackle this tomorrow10:41
mithroI'm to tired to deal with networking :P10:41
shenkithe machine is installed, so that's a start10:41
mithroshenki: what are you up to for easter?10:50
shenkimithro: heading to Port Lincoln12:54
shenkimithro: how about you?12:54
mithroshenki: not much, probably going to have a quiet one12:59
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