Tuesday, 2015-03-24

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mithroshenki: it appears we have never installed munin on hopper?08:25
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tijamithro: https://cocotb.readthedocs.org/en/latest/introduction.html17:00
tpbTitle: Introduction cocotb 1.0 documentation (at cocotb.readthedocs.org)17:00
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tpbTitle: chiggs/oc_jpegencode · GitHub (at github.com)17:19
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cfeltontija: I like my version better :) https://github.com/cfelton/test_jpeg17:45
tpbTitle: cfelton/test_jpeg · GitHub (at github.com)17:45
cfeltonnot apples to apples, mine will seem more complicated because it is checking multiple cores etc.17:45
tijacfelton: Does myHDL support vhdl?17:48
cfeltontija: yes, but not cosimulation, GHDLs VHPI is incomplete (or last I checked)17:49
cfeltonin theory using Aldec's VHPI should be straightforward but no one on the dev team has access17:49
tijacfelton: so how did you work on vhdl jpeg encoder?17:50
cfeltonI converted it to Verilog :)17:51
CarlFKcfelton: I think I will be playing with my atlys board tomorrow.  is it worth everyone's time for me to try this stuff ?17:51
CarlFKI mainly want to see if I can get some hdmi capture going, even if spotty.17:51
cfeltontija: http://www.fpgarelated.com/showarticle/718.php17:51
tpbTitle: I don’t often convert VHDL to Verilog but when I do ... (at www.fpgarelated.com)17:51
cfeltonCarlFK: the stuff we are discussing was a side project of mine17:52
CarlFKcfelton: im happy to run smoke tests or whatever you call it17:54
cfeltonI don't have anything complete, the feedback I got was the project didn't want to go in a unified source direction, I abandoned my efforts (for the most part)17:56
cfeltonI haven't seen any mods to the gateware recently other than some FX2 firmware stuff17:56
CarlFKk - I'll focus on seeing what hdmi2usb is working.  any idea where I should start?17:58
cfeltonCarlFK: I should be around tonight when mithro and shenki are, I can try and help at that point?18:53
CarlFKI am out, won't be back home (where my board is) till 10 or so.  If anyone is around I might give it a go18:54
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mithroCarlFK: we don't have any updated prebuilt firmware at the moment23:29
mithroCarlFK: you should keep bugging us about that23:29
CarlFKmithro: can you put something up in the next 2 or 12 hours?23:30
mithroCarlFK: not in the next 2, maybe in the next 1223:30
CarlFK12 would be 6am.. thats a little early.  14 is more realistic23:31
CarlFKI may use it in production in about 3 days23:31
CarlFKthe django meeting has no vga.  my vga -> hdmi box is crap.  it doesn't always sync well (shifted the image 10%)23:32
CarlFKso hey, if the hdmi2usb can work, i don't need to mess with vga23:32
mithroCarlFK: I would be scared about using it in production if you really care about getting capture23:35
CarlFKwell.. I don't have much choice23:36
CarlFKI'll bring a 2nd camera and point it at the screen23:36
CarlFKI haven't even asked if everyone is ok with me recording, so there is pretty much 0.0 expectation  of anything23:37
mithroCarlFK: it seemed to vary from recording without issue for like 18 hours straight to not being able to record for 30 seconds23:52
CarlFKif it works, good.  if not, i'll switch to the camera.23:53
CarlFKit's 3 talks, and one of them is how_my_dog_sends_selfies23:53

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