Thursday, 2015-03-05

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apsCarlFK: and I have a $25 Amazon gift card for you ;)00:03
CarlFKeh?  lol00:03
apsI'm serious :P00:04
apsnew but damaged box for $450 - wow, that is cheap00:18
CarlFKthat's my thought too00:18
apsCarlFK: it seems like you misinterpreted a few specs there? no ssd, no 1080p00:20
CarlFKI thought it was the same as this one from a local store00:23
tpbTitle: Lenovo Ideapad U530 15.6" Ultrabook Refurbished - Silver Metal 59RF0912 - Micro Center (at
apsthat's ultrabook. Way better (and costly)00:28
shenkimithro: pong00:28
CarlFKdang it. I have burned up a good 4 hours trying to deal with my failing disk.00:48
shenkidying disks are the worst :(00:50
techman83they are, I had 4 fail in the weeks leading up to LCA00:52
CarlFKI was so close to buying a 1T and then realized it won't fit  cuz the slot is only 7mm and all the 1Ts are 9mm00:54
techman83hmm you can get a 1T ssd now, wonder if that'll fit00:55
techman83though it may cost more than a new computer :P00:55
CarlFKyeah.. I was thinking that too00:59
CarlFKthe 500g spinny is fine. 2 or 3 times a year I wish I had 1T, and then just for video files which don't need the speed at all01:00
techman83Not as much as I thought though, 7mm01:00
CarlFK$400 - yeah, I expected 800+  but still just a little more than I feel good about01:10
techman83Heh. Not long now until they're in 'Just buy it' territory01:39
micoloustechman83: what was that awesome Perth coffee called again?03:07
techman83micolous, there is awesome Perth coffee?03:09
micolousYeah, you were saying that there was a coffee that they only make in Perth03:10
micolousAnd it had lots of caffiene03:10
techman83Ahh, they call it a "long macchiato topped up"03:11
techman83Sorry, "small long macchiato topped up"03:12
techman83Basically it's a double shot espresso in a small cup, topped up with latte milk03:13
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