Wednesday, 2015-03-04

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mithroCan someone else try ?03:33
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Joelwmithro: That's looking better03:52
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mithroshenki: ping?08:33
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mithroshenki: ping?22:06
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CarlFKmy laptop's 500g spinny drive is failing.  its  7mm thick so I can't replace it with a 1T.  so I am thinking of replacing the laptop with
CarlFKi7, 8gig,  16g ssd  + 1T  spinny  -1920x1080 - new but damaged box for $450.   DVD drive, so I might be able to swap that for another 1T drive23:54
CarlFKanyone think thats good/bad can think of anything I'm missing?   add hdmi so one more thing to test with23:55

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