Monday, 2015-02-23

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mithroshenki: ping?04:02
mithroI just realised we haven't shutdown lex04:02
shenkimithro: pong04:05
shenkimithro: i think the last time we spoke i said i'm ready for it to be removed04:05
mithroshenki: dunno if you're interested, but you can get a dedicated server with similar specs to underwood for 28.57 EUR per month04:07
mithroactually as little as 26.89 EUR04:09
mithroshenki: quite welcome to continue using underwood unless you need some IP addresses :)04:10
shenkimithro: thanks :) I'll keep using underwood until you kick me off04:13
shenkimithro: the price is decent, but i don't want more machines to maintain04:13
mithroshenki: yeah, the only reason is if you needed to run some stuff which needs IP addresses04:14
shenkimithro: yeah. ipv6 ftw04:14
mithroshenki: I shutdown lex04:14
shenkifarewell lex04:14
mithroshenki: if nothing goes screw over the next day or two I'll send in the decommission request04:15
shenkimithro: ok04:16
shenkiMonitor is DOWN: lex - IPv4 SSH04:17
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mithroas expected04:21
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