Friday, 2015-02-20

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cfeltonCarlFK: not sure I understand?  Are you saying #openhatch has general git advise?00:36
shenkimithro: you should ask digilent to release the atlys design01:27
mithrocfelton: you still around? I can walk you through git stuff01:35
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mithroMaZderMind: i assume you are asleep02:29
mithroMaZderMind: ping me when you are around02:29
mithroaps: ping?02:30
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mithroshenki: ping?02:36
mithrocfelton: #openhatch is a community dedicated to helping people contribute to open source02:36
mithroaps: it looks like the "best" way to run ansible is via "Ansible Tower" which isn't open source or free? :(02:37
apsmithro: Tower is just a UI/dashboard02:42
mithroaps: I'm just about to set up that vpn server you requested02:46
mithroaps: is there a preferred VPN system which will punch through the restrictions you have?02:46
apsmithro: Thanks. It should preferably work through port 22. Other ports are probably closed. And nice to have good bandwidth :)02:48
mithroaps: so, we can do openvpn, httptunnel, ssh....02:48
mithroopenvpn is probably easier / more secure - but more likely to be blocked02:48
mithrohttp(s)tunnel will get through pretty much anything but is more of a pain02:49
apsmithro: openvpn free hosts are available many a times but it gets blocked pretty soon02:49
shenkimithro: pong02:52
mithroshenki: I assume you didn't end up committing and pushing what you've got done so far? :P02:52
shenkimithro: nah, i didn't even sit down and look at it yet02:52
mithroshenki: If you can just do a temp commit / push then I can peek at your stuff and see if there is anything worth starting from :)02:53
mithroaps: would you be vpning from windows or Linux?02:54
apsmithro: I generally keep switching, but I need it mainly from Linux02:55
shenkimithro: okay. which bits are you thinking about?02:58
mithroshenki: anything you have :)02:58
shenkimithro: i think everything i wrote is on github02:58
shenkii tend to push wip stuff to branches02:58
mithroshenki: oh okay, I thought you said you had uncommitted / unpushed stuff02:58
shenkimithro: hrm. if i said that it might be true02:59
mithroshenki: and why ya creating irons :P03:00
shenkimithro: hrm?03:00
shenkimithro: ah. i vaguely remember that. that's the name we gave to the rackspace machine i think?03:02
shenkimithro: you did that with me iirc03:02
mithroshenki: any idea what it was for?03:03
shenkimithro: i think we were going to do the fpga stuff on there?03:03
shenkimithro: as far as im concerned you can remove it03:03
shenkimithro: i haven't told you that there's a machine called rosa on underwood03:03
shenkimithro: it's a v6 only guest that ive been using to build stuff03:03
mithroshenki: what is that for?03:03
shenkimithro: running ubuntu latest03:04
shenkiif you want me to move it i can03:04
shenkii just wanted a well connected machine03:04
mithroshenki: nah, its fine03:05
mithroaps: so where does "saltstack" fit in the whole ansible / puppet / chef area?03:17
apsmithro: saltstack is s similar alternative to ansible03:17
mithroaps: how do you think it compares in popularity?03:17
mithroaps: salt is python right?03:18
apsmithro: yes, python03:18
apsboth ansible and salt are new03:18
tpbTitle: Ansible vs. Salt (at
apsmithro: btw if you can provide an ssh tunnel (reverse tunnel, I guess?), that'd be best on my network03:22
mithroaps: your preference is still chef right?03:22
apsmithro: no, ansible :)03:22
mithroaps: ansible's reliance on ssh access seems a bit bad03:23
apsmithro: but we need to open specific ports for chef clients to communicate with master as well03:24
mithroaps: the design of all these tools suck :P03:24
apsmithro: Actually, go through this as well if you have time.
tpbTitle: Ansible vs Chef (at
mithroaps: that review is super bad, anyone who thinks that ansible "just sshing into the machines" is a good design is clearly not a devop03:27
mithroaps: it's really tempting design, because that's how you do things the old way right? a sys admin sshes into a machine and then types some commands03:29
mithroaps: but one of the primary points of a cfg management system is that it should be *robust*03:30
mithroaps: and running commands via ssh is not robust in terms of flaky networks, bad configurations, etc03:30
apsmithro: True. Various people have very different opinions. I see one person shifting from puppet to ansible and absolutely hates chef, another person who believes chef fixed the problems in puppet03:32
mithroaps: so far I'm liking salt from reading at the high level03:38
mithroaps: but if everyone else is using ansible, then we are still better using that03:38
mithroaps: this review seems more reasoned03:42
tpbTitle: MissingM - Ansible and Salt: A detailed comparison (at
apsmithro: yeah, I was going through this03:42
mithroaps: what I'm still a little confused about is how salt/ansible check "compliance"03:44
tpbTitle: Ansible and using Automation to Assert IT Compliance (at
mithrosetting up a machine from scratch is the easy part, really its just a shell script03:46
apsmithro: It's still not clear from this post :/03:46
mithroaps: another main point is that I should be able to add a new user to the configuration and all the *existing* servers get the new user03:49
apsthat happens in ansible03:50
mithroaps: I like how they claim "Not only can agents not be disabled" but a simple "iptables -I INPUT --dport 22 -j DROP" will disable ansible's ability to do anything to a server03:53
mithroansible's web UI being closed source also annoys me :P03:54
apsmithro: wow, that's just the opposite of what I feel03:54
apsWhy can't the agents be disabled?03:54
mithroaps: ansible doesn't have agents, it sshs into machines03:55
mithroaps: plus when the config management system has gone mad, disabling the agent is really useful :)03:55
apsyeah, I'm aware of that. I think I didn't get the context of your statement :)03:55
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mithroaps: so... I was thinking of going one of these config management tools a go to setup this vpn server04:07
apsmithro: okay, which tool have you decided upon? :P04:18
mithrono idea :P04:19
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apsmithro: initial hard-coded ideas-selector demo -
tpbTitle: What can I do for the world? (at
mithroaps: cool!04:41
apsLike a great man always says, "Patches welcome!" :P04:41
mithroaps: got a repo?04:48
apsmithro:  branch gh-pages shows up on the above link04:49
tpbTitle: aps-sids/asknot · GitHub (at
cfeltonmithro: ping05:15
mithrocfelton: pong05:15
cfeltonstill willing to walk me through the git stuff?05:16
cfeltonhold on, a little one has awoken - be back in 505:16
mithrocfelton: okay05:17
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mithrocfelton: okay05:22
mithrocfelton: do you understand what a "branch" is?05:22
cfeltonrecap, I have a bunch of changes on "master" that I want to move to a branch and create a new branch to do small changes (I think)05:22
mithrocfelton: yeah05:23
cfeltonbest I can tell, I have the hash where I need to go back to05:23
mithrocfelton: so a couple of concepts - every commit in git is referenced by a sha1 hash05:25
mithrocfelton: a branch is just a set of commits05:25
mithrocfelton: you can use either git checkout or git branch commands to create new branches05:25
mithrocfelton: checkout is how you switch your current working directory between branches05:26
cfeltonmithro: ok05:27
cfeltonmithro: checkout move between branches and commits?05:27
cfeltoni.e. backup in time05:27
mithrocfelton: you can checkout to a commit directory, but generally you checkout to a branch05:27
mithrocfelton: first thing you probably want to do, is push any changes you have locally to github05:29
mithrocfelton: that way you have a backup copy somewhere if things go really wrong :)05:30
cfeltongood to go, git status indicates no local changes05:30
mithrocfelton: github is showing that your last commit was from the 14th November?05:31
mithrosorry, 3rd November05:31
cfeltonthat is probably correct, I think I have a bunch of new files05:31
cfeltonmight take a while to figure out all the files to add05:32
cfeltonyes, I did a bunch in Oct/Nov but not much since05:32
mithrocan you pastebin the output of "git status" ?05:32
tpbTitle: git_status_19Feb2015.txt (at
mithrocfelton: so, you probably want to commit those untracked files, even if only temporarily05:36
cfeltonall of them?  what is the quickest way?  git add * ?05:36
cfeltonok, pushed05:39
mithroso whats git status show now?05:41
cfelton# On branch master05:44
cfeltonmothing to commit, working directory clean05:44
mithroare you on linux?05:46
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mithrookay, so I recommend installing gitk05:49
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mithrogitk gives you a nice visual interface which will make this easier to understand what is going on05:51
mithrocfelton: if you start up gitk in your git directory with a "gitk --all" you should get a picture like this ->05:53
cfeltonmore or less, yup05:54
mithroeach line is a commit05:54
mithroand the green things are branches05:55
mithrocfelton: so the first thing we are going to do is create a new branch at the original point you started making changes at05:55
cfeltonok, have it highlighted05:56
mithroIs it this one -> ?05:57
tpbTitle: Merge pull request #94 from shenki/cfelton-fixes · f6a4b24 · cfelton/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
mithroso rightclick on the commit and select the "create branch" option05:57
cfeltonthe branch I am creating is the small changes branch or where all the master stuff will go?05:58
mithrowhere your small changes will go05:59
cfeltonok, created05:59
mithrookay, now right click on the new green label and select "checkout" which will switch you to using that branch05:59
mithroso, now you'll want to "cherry-pick" you changes onto this branch06:01
mithroyou can do that by right clicking on the commit06:02
cfeltonI dont' think I want anything from the master, I watned/needed a clean to make some small changes06:02
mithroand then selecting cherry-pick06:02
mithrocfelton: oh, okay06:02
mithrothen you probably want to do the following06:02
mithroclose gitk06:02
cfeltonbut I think I want to move all the master stuff to a branch?06:02
mithrocfelton: master is just another branch name, it's not really special in any way06:03
mithrocfelton: the upstream repo as moved forward06:03
mithrocfelton: so you probably want to base your changes off the latest changes06:04
mithroso first, add upstream as a remote with a "git remote add upstream; git fetch upstream"06:04
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mithroif you start up gitk with "gitk --all" you should see now an upstream/master branch in the UI06:06
cfeltoni think so06:07
cfeltonit is ...06:07
mithrookay, you should create a new branch there06:08
mithroat the upstream/master position06:08
mithrocheck it out06:08
mithrothen delete that other branch you created06:08
mithrocfelton: yeah06:09
cfeltonif I don't push my changes before more *upstream* changes occur, do I need to repeat the above (add remote, fetch, checkout)?06:10
mithrothe remote is permanently added06:11
mithroif new changes get added upstream you'll have to fetch06:11
mithroand then either do a merge or rebase06:11
cfeltonI should be good for now06:11
mithroyou'll want to push your vranch to github with "git push origin <branchname>"06:12
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MaZderMindmithro: ping10:43
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MaZderMindam ansible is not just 'running command via ssh' but transferring control logic including parts to rollback incomplete changes via sftp to the machine and then invokes them there. ssh just happens to be the widest deployed communication channel for servers11:06
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