Thursday, 2015-02-19

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mithroshenki: ping?01:36
mithroCarlFK: ping?01:36
CarlFKmithro: pong - but running down the street for 15 min to get some food.  but after that I am not going anywhwere01:37
mithroCarlFK: can you sign up on melange?01:37
CarlFKmithro: shouldn't the URL be on
tpbTitle: Planet - Developers News (at
mithrodunno, most people will come to that page from melange01:45
tpbTitle: Welcome to Melange (at
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CarlFKbrb, food01:51
CarlFKback.. eating02:06
shenkimithro: pong02:36
CarlFK     Username     carlfk1503:34
mithroshenki: can you sign up to melange too?04:01
shenkimithro: again?04:25
shenkimithro: username is 'shenki'04:27
tpbTitle: KiCad software gets the CERN treatment | CERN (at
shenkiif only this summer of code thing was backed by a multi-national search company with a global datacentre footprint, then perhaps the website wouldn't take minutes to load04:27
mithroshenki: patches welcome :P04:28
mithroshenki: did you fill in your profile for this year?04:28
shenkiFacebook Summer of Code has a nice ring to it?04:28
mithroshenki: its saying no such person04:28
shenkimithro: i would, but it's telling me "loading"04:28
mithroshenki: they have always said if someone else wants to do a GSoC, buy in is ~0.5 million04:29
shenkimithro: i think the facebook guys expensed more beer than that at lca04:29
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shenkiwe love our googles04:30
shenkimithro: okay, i made a profile04:30
mithroshenki: invite sent04:31
techman83mithro, I've completed a profile as well04:31
mithrotechman83: whats your username?04:32
techman83mithro, techman8304:32
mithrotechman83: invite sent04:32
techman83mithro, actions is a little ambiguous: "Whether you request role from organization or not"04:34
techman83I'm assuming yes is the appropriate answer there04:34
shenkitechman83: heh. i think the response you will get is "patches welcome"04:37
shenkitechman83: the english was a bit... unique :)04:37
techman83shenki, :D04:37
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shenkitechman83: oh, you're Leon. Hello :)04:48
shenkitechman83: im a bit slow on these things04:49
techman83shenki, :D04:50
techman83shenki, just to ensure my brain lines up with reality - you're Joel?04:50
shenkitechman83: yep! now we're on the level04:50
techman83shenki, :D - I work with someone in Perth that knows you04:51
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shenkitechman83: mind blown04:51
shenkitechman83: who is that?04:51
techman83shenki, Aaron Burnie04:52
shenkitechman83: woah. that was unexpected04:52
shenkitechman83: i didn't know he was in perth!04:52
shenkitechman83: last i saw he was going to end up in germany, but i think he only made it as far as asia before stoping to party for a while04:53
mithrotechman83: it's a bit crazy, we have two Joels in Adelaide who are both FPGA people04:58
mithrothe other one is Joelw04:58
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mithrocurrently working on the HDMI2USB Rev2  board05:17
mithroshenki: did you see they discontinued the Atlys board?05:17
mithroshenki: do we know any students / lecturers which we could use to order a bunch?05:17
mithrocfelton: ping?05:17
shenkimithro: what kind of verification did they require?05:26
shenkimithro: my sister is still a uni student05:26
mithroshenki: not sure05:26
shenkimithro: what is the suggested replacement?05:26
shenkimithro: do we care, if we get a rev2 board out?05:26
mithrothere isn't one really - they suggest moving to Atrix or Zynq stuff, but none of their new boards have multiple HDMI ports05:27
CarlFKmithro:                                      Requested connection cannot by accessed by this user.06:26
CarlFKgrumble. ;)06:26
CarlFKim trying to sort it out06:30
CarlFKtrying to accept your invite to the org06:47
mithroshenki: ping?06:57
mithroshenki: ->
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
apsmithro: you said you're not happy with the ideas page. What would you like to be changed?07:02
mithroaps: it needs to walk a user through finding an idea they are after better07:02
apsmithro: ah, something like what does?07:05
tpbTitle: What can I do for Mozilla (at
mithroaps: yes07:06
mithroand the flow chart07:06
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mithroconverting that diagram to html would be pretty useful07:07
mithroaps: did you just fork asknot into timvideos?07:19
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apsmithro: er, yes07:20
mithroaps: did you mean to do that? or just fork to your own repo?07:20
apsmithro: I thought I'll just make changes inside timvideos fork07:21
mithroaps: generally we fork and the send pull requests07:21
apsmithro: okay, I'll do that07:22
mithroshenki: really need to get those github issues closed ASAP as students will probably start looking at them soon07:30
shenkimithro: ok07:30
shenkimithro: im very busy at the moment. next week perhaps?07:30
mithroshenki: I seem to think you had started on them? I didn't see anything in your fork though07:30
shenkimithro: i haven't clicked them yet :)07:30
shenkiokay, those are reasonable07:31
mithroshenki: I assume it'll take you an hour or two at most07:36
mithroaps: does it look like asknot is going to be easy to use?07:48
apsmithro: the projects are hard coded in HTML. I'm trying to make it dynamic so that it fetches issue list from github API.07:54
mithroaps: the planet has some code to do that08:02
mithroI'm going out shopping will be back in an hour or so08:02
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mithroback now10:54
MaZderMindmithro: juhuu11:00
MaZderMindmithro: I'm finally really happy with
tpbTitle: gst-switch/ at int-tests-rewrite2 · MaZderMind/gst-switch · GitHub (at
mithroMaZderMind: send a WIP pull request and i'll review?11:00
mithroMaZderMind: spent today working on the HDMI2USB stuff so haven't had a chance to look at gst-switch stuff much11:01
MaZderMindmithro: it will fail on travis because the old integrationtests rely on the server sleeping - if this is no issue for you I can send a PR11:01
mithroMaZderMind: go ahead11:01
MaZderMindno worries, that's why we are more then one person - we have more then 2 hands this way ;)11:02
mithroWIP pull requests don't need too pass travis until you remove the WIP :)11:02
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mithroaps: I created a small cron job which force pushes a commit to a branch in getting-started to keep it at the top of the repository list11:04
mithroaps: I really wish github let you pin a repo for an organisation11:05
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] MaZderMind opened pull request #198: [WIP] Rewrite of the Integration-Tests, Take 2 (
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MaZderMindmaybe we should open a PR against github ^^11:07
MaZderMindAfter I rewrote all int-tests in the new suite (Sunday, maybe) I'll rename integrationtests2 to integrationtests and thus replace the old tests11:08
mithroMaZderMind: i logged a feature request11:37
mithroMaZderMind: generally looks good!12:08
mithroIt's coding style robot code nothing more. Like some forgotten corridor cleaned relentlessly by a lost Roomba but where no user has trodden in years. — Alan Cox12:11
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mithroMaZderMind: do you know anyone going to debconf2015?12:17
mithroBoth DebCamp and DebConf will be held in Heidelberg, Germany.12:17
tpbTitle: DebConf15: Call for Sprints [] (at
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cfeltoncan someone give me some git tips?15:44
cfeltonI have a fork of hdmi2usb that I have a ton of crazy changes that I don't want to push anytime soon.  But I want to create some PR for some small issues.  My thought was I would create a second fork and make the changes but github will not let you do this?15:45
cfeltonI think I need to manage different branches (? correct git term) in the same fork and create PR from the branch with the minimal changes?15:45
cfeltonthx in advance15:45
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MaZderMindcfelton: go back to the point you started your crazy changes witg `git checkout <hash>`, create a branch for a thing you want to PR with `git checkout -b <branchname>`, cherry-pick the commits you want there with `git cherry-pick <hash>` (multiple times), push that branch with `git push origin <branchname>`, repear18:17
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cfeltonMaXderMind: thanks!  probably an ignorant question, what is <hash>?19:37
cfeltonand when I do `git checkout` it will preserve all my crazy changes? preserve them where?19:37
cfeltonMaZderMind: I think I am starting to understand, all my "crazy changes" will still be on "master", and I need to determine the <hash> which I can get from get github views, Thanks!20:00
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MaZderMind<hash> is an identifyer for the commit you cherry-pick over20:31
MaZderMindyou can get it from `git log` or gitk if you install it20:32
MaZderMindyour crazy changes will live on because they're still refereced from the following commit. the last commit in the chain lives on because it is referenced by the branch named 'master'20:33
MaZderMindit is good measure to do crazy changes in your own bramch and not work on master in a shared project20:34
cfeltonMaZderMind: is there an easy way to move my current "master" to a "branch"?22:00
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CarlFKcfelton: /join #openhatch23:11
CarlFKthey may be able to help you out - and from the reaction of friends you prolly don't want to do what you are currently trying to do23:12
CarlFKso back up and explain what's going on and they will help figure out what you should be doing23:12
CarlFKI hope23:12
CarlFKI'll be back on line in about 45 min23:12
CarlFKer, no I won't.  stupid firewall23:12
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