Wednesday, 2015-02-18

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Joelwmithro: That sucks :( What's their upgrade path? ZedBoard?00:06
mithrono idea00:06
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mithroshenki: ping?01:13
mithroCarlFK: ping?01:13
CarlFKmithro: pong01:13
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mithroGSoC Mentor Org Applicaito nsubmmited03:24
mithroCarlFK: ping?03:30
CarlFKmithro: pong - PS1 meeting just wrapped up03:31
mithroaps: ping?03:32
apsmithro: morning03:32
mithroaps: how busy are you at the moment?03:32
apsmithro: Just going to have breakfast, then have a few hours free03:33
mithroaps: I mean more generally03:33
apsmithro: Not very busy generally03:34
mithroaps: did you want to take a crack at using puppet to build ?03:34
apsmithro: er..  I 'd prefer Chef, but yeah03:35
mithroaps: okay, give chef a go - I think puppet is probably more popular though?03:35
apsmithro: Chef seems to be catching up pretty well. I'm actually comparing/evaluating both these days03:36
mithroaps: I don't really mind too much, chef is more python right?03:36
apsmithro: Both are ruby, actually.03:37
CarlFKchef is ruby.  ancible is python03:37
mithroI though chef was the python one and puppet was the ruby one03:37
mithrooh well03:37
CarlFKsheila is doing ansible for conical, and is mostly done with setting it up to deploy the site (basic django thing)03:38
mithroaps: looked at ansible at all?03:39
CarlFKer, maybe not conical ...03:39
CarlFK"I am using juju at conical, which an use ansible but im using .... "  and now I lost carrier03:40
mithroI'm of the opinion that its generally better to use the most popular tool03:43
apsmithro: yes, only problem I see with Ansible is that it is new and lacks documentation. Chef, on the other hand, is more mature and evolving.03:43
apsupside of Ansible is that it is python and easy to use03:44
mithrowhat do people use with openstack?03:45
mithrowhat is the most common tool used with openstack?03:45
apsmithro: puppet03:47
apsbb after breakfast03:50
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mithroshenki: Permission Denied04:20
apssudo rm :P04:22
techman83aps is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.04:23
apsmithro: what is the current build process of ?04:23
mithroaps: we started from my "base" image and then configured it by hand :P04:24
apsAs expected :P04:24
mithroaps: base image was set up by hand too :P04:24
mithroaps: atleast I documented what I did though :)04:25
apsAgain, no surprises there :D04:25
mithrojust messaged you the document where I wrote down what I did04:25
apsyeah, I think I have seen it before04:25
mithroit's probably missing things04:30
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MaZderMindwe run the whole VOC equipment on ansible and despite the fact that it allows you to mess up your structure in 10 ways, it'ts actually really good04:47
MaZderMindlike a server can be in a group, have multiple roles and per-server flags - and using ALL of them is not that good for understanding what will happen04:48
MaZderMindbetter choose to go for roles in the first place and stay there ^^04:48
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mithroaps: /\05:12
mithroMaZderMind: got a git repo we could point aps at?05:12
apsmithro: I just realized that since we are deploying for a single server, ansible would be a better choice. It's easy to learn and python05:13
mithroaps: well, we have more then a single server05:14
mithroaps: I was just suggesting we start with a single server05:14
mithroaps: we have,,,, encoding servers, etc05:14 too05:14
apsmithro: ansible does work for multiple servers as well. It's basically NOT a master-client system05:15
mithrodoes ansible do the "push a server back into compliance" type thing puppet does?05:15
mithroIE I'd love to add a new user to all the servers by just committing once to the config repo05:16
apsI believe it does. Just that in puppet/chef, there is a client running on every server which connects to a master server which commands any changes. Ansible works on a push-model that uses ssh to bring about changes05:17
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apsmithro: do we have to generate manually currently?05:48
mithroaps: it's generated using travis05:48 is generated using generate.timvideos.us05:49
apsmithro: The new issue I created yesterday is not showing up on code.timvideos.us05:49
mithroanything which is "dynamic" goes through planet05:49
mithroI guess it should really be called "dynamic" rather than planet05:50
apsmithro: do the getting-started issues show up on ideas page automatically?05:51
mithroI'm not entirely happy with how the ideas page works at the moment05:51
mithroI wanted something more like
tpbTitle: (at
apsmithro: which ideas page link have you submitted in GSoC application?05:54
mithrocurrently the ideas page05:54
mithrowe can change it though05:56
MaZderMindmithro: nothing public, may contain keys or passwords. I'll have to check which parts I can show06:22
MaZderMindusually ansible is rummimg on your laptop/pc, connectimg to all relevamt servers via ssh and running tasks/ensuring requirements there06:24
MaZderMindit works really gread on-site when there is no internet or only partitial network06:24
CarlFKansible has been top of my list of those things06:28
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