Wednesday, 2015-02-04

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MaZderMindaps: CarlFK just for reference, this is the code the VOC is using for thumbnails:
tpbTitle: scripts/ at master · voc/scripts · GitHub (at
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apsMaZderMind: we already have a shell script that uses mplayer I guess. I am trying to do this in python09:21
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MaZderMindaps: I just cross-reference our stuff for information, maybe some bit can be useful when one is looking for an alternative way to do stuff12:00
MaZderMindie our script uses some image analyzing magix to find frames where the speaker is visible - not the slides12:00
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CarlFKMaZderMind: heh - that code I posted is looking for slides14:14
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manviHi everyone. I am new to opensource development. I want to start contributing. Please suggest which of the projects will be suitable for me to handle? I have a decent knowledge of Python.16:41
CarlFKmanvi: do you run linux?16:51
manviNo, currently I am working on windows although if required I would not mind shifting to linux.16:53
apsmanvi: Hi. Have you taken a look at ?16:54
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manviaps: yes I did take a look at that. I found the streaming system project to be very interesting but I wanted to consult first that which one of the projects will be good to start with.16:59
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apsmanvi: For looking at specific bugs, visit and use filters to find the right bug for you17:03
tpbTitle: Planet - Developers News (at
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manviaps: thank you for the lead! I wil start working on it right away!17:06
apsmanvi: great! To look at all the open issues, you may use this -
tpbTitle: Issues · GitHub (at
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manviaps: that is very helpful. thank you.17:12
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] aps-sids pushed 1 new commit to check-signal:
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/check-signal c9c224a Amanpreet Singh: on way to replace generate.sh19:49
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