Monday, 2015-02-02

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atharvahi i am new here and want to contribute. So please can any one help me how to proceed?10:01
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atharzhi i am new here and want to contribute. So please can any one help me how to proceed?10:14
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apshi atharz . Have you looked at ?11:10
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MaZderMindI'm currently looking into the integration-test rewrite21:59
MaZderMindone of the issues I think we might have is that the Server is granted exactly .5s to start up22:00
MaZderMindafter this the connections are started beeing tested which possibly fails because it did not start quick enough22:00
MaZderMindquestion is: how can the tests's Server-Class sense if the server is correctly up22:01
MaZderMindwithout relying on the things that should be tested (like video-ports accessable)22:01
MaZderMindOne way I could imagine goes as follows: calling creates a Lock and starts the actual server-process in a thread. The thread actively reads stdout/err and waits for a line-match against a given pattern. If it sees this, it releases the lock which let's the tests start. The Match could ie be 'encoding-output started' which would show that this part of the server is ready to be tested22:26
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MaZderMindit seems that is what pexpect is for22:31
MaZderMindbut i still would have to implement the backgrounding myself, as I only want to block until the condition is matched22:39
CarlFKMaZderMind: did you see mithro's comments on the python api having callbacks (I think...)22:44
CarlFKmy guess is you will figure out T is how long is reasonable for the server to come up, and test that the callback has fired in T+fudge22:45
CarlFKif that passes, then you can rely on that for the other tests22:45
CarlFKassuming I understand your concerns22:45
MaZderMindI don't like being dependent on T because this is why the int-tests fail on travis but work locally most of the time22:51
MaZderMindif T is too high the tests take forever, if T is too low they may be unreliable22:51
MaZderMindmonitoring the server's output would eliminate T22:51
MaZderMindimplementing callbacks for the composite-out would be a way (they were there before and I removed them because they were not known) but if the server starts too fast, the test-client might connect *after* the callback22:53
MaZderMindI'll have to think about this option a little more22:54
* MaZderMind heading to bed now22:54
CarlFKdependent on T ?23:13
CarlFKhmm... sleep well.  I'll ponder.23:13

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