Wednesday, 2015-01-28

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shenkimithro: hey00:38
mithroshenki: hey00:38
shenkimithro: which year was it that OSDC was in sydney, and you were sick?00:38
mithrono idea?00:38
shenkimithro: i want to find the video of tridge's keynote from that year, if it exists00:38
mithroI think that was before they did recording00:39
shenkiit was in sydeny in 200800:43
LeeSAlso 2010 I think.00:43
shenkinot according to wikipedia00:45
tpbTitle: Open Source Developers' Conference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
shenkiperhaps you're thinking of pycon?00:46
shenkidamn. tridge gave a really good talk about the microsoft case that year00:46
shenkimithro: is there a good reason ns1.miths is running on the older ubuntu?00:47
mithroshenki: because we haven't upgraded it00:47
shenkiit is vunerable to the ghost remote exploit00:48
mithroghost remote exploit?00:48
tpbTitle: Highly critical “Ghost” allowing code execution affects most Linux systems | Ars Technica (at
shenkibuffer overflow in libc00:49
techman83yay for rebooting weekend00:50
mithrons1 only exposes powerdns and ssh00:50
techman83Well I like to reboot after updating, that way I know the boxes come up clean00:50
techman83saves surprises down the track00:51
CarlFKmithro: ping re missing on the mirror00:51
techman83And anything that links to libc could be vulnerable if it uses the gethostbyname*() functions00:52
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LeeSOh; I was probably thinking of 2012; my bad. I can't math02:14
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Guest28680You can upgrade the library and then see if any running process is using the old (deleted) library: sudo lsof | grep lib | grep DEL03:02
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JoelwI just restarted services until the list went down to zero! :)03:03
techman83Indeed you can03:03
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techman83Just part of my update process, rather find the box not coming up due to some update when I've set aside time for the task than finding out when I'm bringing things up after some other event.03:05
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MaZderMindmithro: if time doing things is your issue just point me to what needs to be done07:43
mithroMaZderMind: okay07:43
mithroMaZderMind: take a look at the branch07:44
tpbTitle: Commits · mithro/gst-switch · GitHub (at
mithroMaZderMind: I believe the tests under the python-api pass locally with that patch07:44
mithroMaZderMind: might want to take a look at too07:45
tpbTitle: Commits · mithro/gst-switch · GitHub (at
MaZderMindk. I'm down for lib-reboot now07:51
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CarlFKmithro: where are the files?
tpbTitle: Index of /pycon-au/pyconau2014 (at
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