Saturday, 2015-01-24

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MaZderMindCarlFK: we did the recording decentralized in the room, because we did not trust the network connection from the rooms into the HQ08:48
MaZderMindWe were connected to the same network backbone as 10000 Hackers…08:48
MaZderMindAlso we recorded a backup audio track that did not tur08:49
MaZderMinddid not go through the HQ, so even in case the VI1 would die we still would have audio08:50
CarlFKwere you mixing more than one video feed? (like camera and twinpact)08:52
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MaZderMindin the main rooms we hat 3 camera (closeup, mid-range and wide shot) + a gopro on the stage for showing widgets + the video-feed from the speakers notebook09:19
MaZderMindwe had terranex 2d processors to work with that09:19
MaZderMind+ a video-feed from the subtitles-on-the-beamer system09:19
MaZderMindon the smaller events we usually only have one camera and the epiphan vgadvi devices to grab the speakers output09:20
MaZderMindon the congress we had a really, really big load of video equipment ^^09:20
tpbTitle: 31c3 (at
CarlFKwhere/who does the video mixing?09:58
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MaZderMindVolunteers in the room10:04
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CarlFKwould you want to move them to a central room if the network supported it?10:07
MaZderMindno, not really.we have enough work with keeping the streaming up, cutting and postprocessing the recordings10:13
CarlFKk - I have heard a few times people wanting to do all the work in a central room, which seems like a bad idea to me.10:15
CarlFKall the work - like the editing (running dvswitch)10:15
MaZderMindwe had a strong discussion if doing the audio thing central would be a good idea. in the end it worked but i'm not shure if we do it agsin next year10:20
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LeeSmithro: Would you recommend uploading the intermediate data to a place where we can access it. If so any ideas on where?10:43
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