Friday, 2015-01-23

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MaZderMindso, have started working on the new dbus interface. first pull-requests coming soon21:33
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CarlFKMaZderMind: on a related topic to the youtube auth management.. I have a 'grid of stuff' I need to track, like (twiter, youtube, rsync,schedule, etc) x (lca, pycon,, pyohio, pytexas, Nodevember, etc)21:37
CarlFKI am looking for some way to store/manage the secrets those groups give me21:38
CarlFKwe are pretty loose about giving sudo to anyone on site, but ... umm... I am hoping there is a 'good way' of dealing with this21:40
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] MaZderMind opened pull request #183: Dbus tcp (master...dbus-tcp)
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MaZderMindCarlFK: We usually let the groups revoke our permissions to post to their channel after a conference and re-authenticate the next year. at least least we try to do so ^^21:44
MaZderMindCarlFK: for storing I'd suggest saving JSON-Snippets in a KeePass or something like this21:45
MaZderMindwe have our KeePass in a private git on our own servers where every crew-member can access it21:46
CarlFKhow does the owner revoke permission?21:46
CarlFKfor youtbe21:46
MaZderMindFor YouTube its part of the OAuth process. We requst permissions for our "uploader"-App (which is essentially the web-frontend you tried)21:46
MaZderMindOne can revoke permissions for apps21:47
CarlFKthat doesn't tell me how21:47
tpbTitle: Account settings: Your browser is not supported. (at
MaZderMindthat page lists all apps with access to my account. our voc-uploader is onw of them and i could revoke the permissions there if I wanted to21:48
CarlFKyeah, thats what I was looking for.  thanks21:53
CarlFK I am guessing there is some API that would let a script pull things out as needed?21:55
tpbTitle: KeePass Password Safe (at
MaZderMindyou may have luck with
tpbTitle: phpwutz/libkeepass ยท GitHub (at
MaZderMindI'd do it manually and optimize so that I'd have only one entry for the conference22:01
MaZderMindwith one json with all auth-hashes in it22:01
CarlFKdo it manually= eventually screw it up ;)22:03
CarlFKplus I don't have firm start/end of events.  like LCA processing will go on for another week or two as we get the edge cases taken care of (like the miniconf that maybe will submit a list of talks)22:05
MaZderMinddo it automatically: have a script screwing it up and no one notices22:05
CarlFKso there is constant overlap between previous and next event22:06
MaZderMindI don't like it when software thinks it's smarter then I am22:06
MaZderMindIt usually is wrong22:06
CarlFKit's kinda like: at google, no one ssh in to a production box to install something22:07
CarlFKyou configure a program that ssh's into 1000's of boxes to do something.22:07
MaZderMindYea, we deployed our 20+ relay boxes using Ansible this Year22:08
MaZderMindNo one can manage 20+ boxes manually22:08
CarlFKthis is something I want to figure out the right way, and then automate it so I never screw it up22:08
CarlFKthats 20 at the same time.  I see doing 20 events over a year as a similar problem22:09
MaZderMindok, then another way:22:09
MaZderMindwe have our ansible config in a git repo22:09
MaZderMindfor most events we make a branch22:10
MaZderMindand re-configure what is required22:10
CarlFKgross :)22:10
MaZderMindwith a simple run ;) of ansible-playbook we know if/that all boxes are in the correct state22:10
CarlFKI have most of the config in either my db or the schedule import script (that is a terrible mess of all the exceptions like "ignore this room" or "room A and B are really the same room")22:11
KriptonGood evening. When you stream an event, do you have one camera-mixing-PC per room or one for all rooms?22:27
CarlFKKripton: one per room22:32
CarlFKyou need an operator that can use a UI.  it would be a task for one person to mix 2 rooms at the same time22:32
CarlFKwe also try to have a person doing something with audio, at least listening and alerting when there is a problem22:34
Kriptonok, I see22:34
CarlFKideally all the audio inputs go to an audio mixer that is at the same table as the video mixer and main camera22:35
Kriptonright. then you don't have the problem mixing digitalized but unsynchronized audio22:37
Kriptonthat's one of the biggest problem I've been fighting with22:38
CarlFKI plug the audio into a camera's audio in, let it digitize and mux it into a dv stream22:40
CarlFKbut we are working on non dv stuff.  which I fear may have av sync issues22:41
Kriptonwe usually capture the audio from the mixing console via an audio interface here and treat it as extra stream. however, we never used dv streams22:44
Kriptonso are you coming to LAC?22:45
CarlFKwhats LAC?22:45
tpbTitle: LAC 2015: About [Linux Audio Conference] (at
CarlFKMainz, Germany - hopefully CCC can cover it.  ping MaZderMind ^^^22:47
CarlFKI have done so it isn't out of the question.22:47
KriptonMaZderMind, you at CCC?22:48
KriptonMainz is about 75km from where I live but I don't yet have a real reason to go there22:49
Kriptonunless I'd meet some of you guys there :)22:50
CarlFKanyone with some experience with the system will likely be invited to PyCon 2016 in Portland OR, USA22:54
CarlFKall expenses paid.  please show up on time and don't wander off :)22:54
Kriptonbrb, need to re-login :)22:56
Kriptonso when you're talking about DV streams, is it NTSC SD resolution?22:59
CarlFKyeah, or pal23:01
CarlFKwe are hoping to move away from dv, but we keep using it instead of something else ;)23:02
Kriptonok thanks for all the infos. time to go to bed. see you23:08
CarlFKsee ya23:21
MaZderMindKripton: I'm living near Mainz, driving around it every day23:28
MaZderMindKripton: I', part of the CCC VOC23:28
MaZderMindKripton: you can head over to #voc on hackint if you like where the rest of us is hanging out.23:29
MaZderMindCarlFK: this year we patched all audio streams (inclusing the live translations) from the rooms to a central point in the HQ and back via XLR. We hat a Soundcraft VI1 doing auto-ducking with the translation streams and much more. we A/V synced in the morning usimg the imternal delay function of the VI1 and it staid in perfect sync over the day23:32
MaZderMindre SD: The VOC uses the same software for the small comferences. at the comgress we had shitloads of Hardware doing the HD Processing. That's why we are now working on gst-switch, a software-HD-Mixer23:34
CarlFKwhy "and back" ?23:36

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