Saturday, 2015-01-17

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mithroMaZderMind: go ahead03:16
CarlFKmithro: sshed into box, encoder, poster, tweeter and mover to mirror are all running03:20
mithroCarlFK: great03:22
CarlFKoh look, my fight is Auckland AKL11:20 AM03:24
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mithroafternoon people06:42
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tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: template_error template_error (at
tpbTitle: veyepar: Making code run fast on all the things (with OpenCL) (at
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mithroMaZderMind: - heading to bed, will try and sync up if your around 8-9 ish hours from now14:04
MaZderMindmithro: no worries, sleep well :)14:33
MaZderMindmithro: in 8+9 hours i'll be afk (dinner with friends) I guess14:34
MaZderMindhow about 9:00 PM NZDT to about 12:59 PM NZDT?14:37
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CarlFKmithro: though security, customes and all that.  eating breakfast.21:14
mithroCarlFK: great!21:14
CarlFKsans Vegimite, cuz security confiscated it.21:14
mithroOnly NICIA has files with r4_3 left in it21:15
mithrofor i in $(for i in $(find -name *.dv | grep -v backup); do echo -n $i " "; python ~/dvhax/ $i ar; done | grep r4_3 | se21:15
mithrod -e's/ r4_3//'); do echo python ~/dvhax/ $i --ar unknown; done21:15
mithroCarlFK: okay that is fixed now21:17
mithroCarlFK: looks like it's encoding away21:17
CarlFKyeah, I see 56 things queued up for encoding21:18
CarlFKer, no.21:18
CarlFKI see 021:18
CarlFK          borked:24                  edit:56             encode:o21:18
mithro12622 pts/3    Sl+   40:16  |       \_ melt -profile square_pal_wide /home/av/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca_2015/tmp/Kernel_network_stack_challenges_at_increasing_speeds.mlt [email protected]/45 -consumer avformat:/home/av/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca_2015/webm/Kernel_network_stack_challenges_at_increasing_speeds.webm progress=1 threads=0 vb=2000k quality=good21:19
mithrodeadline=good deinterlace=1 deinterlace_method=yadif21:19
mithro12649 pts/0    Sl+   40:56  |       \_ melt -profile square_pal_wide /home/av/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca_2015/tmp/SLUB_fastpath_improvements_and_potential_booster_shots_through_bulk_alloc_and_free.mlt [email protected]/45 -consumer21:19
mithroavformat:/home/av/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca_2015/webm/SLUB_fastpath_improvements_and_potential_booster_shots_through_bulk_alloc_and_free.webm progress=1 threads=0 vb=2000k quality=good deadline=good deinterlace=1 deinterlace_method=yadif21:19
mithro12315 pts/32   Sl+   41:49  |       \_ melt -profile square_pal_wide /home/av/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca_2015/tmp/VLC_mobile_ports_and_Mobile_Multimedia.mlt [email protected]/45 -consumer avformat:/home/av/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca_2015/webm/VLC_mobile_ports_and_Mobile_Multimedia.webm progress=1 threads=0 vb=2000k quality=good deadline=good deinterlace=121:19
CarlFKah, needed to refresh the page21:20
CarlFKborked:21                  edit:56                  encode:321:21
CarlFKmithro:  so only those 3 will encode unless someone (verb) some more21:22
CarlFKI guess the verb is edit.  I hate calling it that.21:22
mithroCarlFK: okay, can you (verb) the ones which only had 4 by 3 issues?21:22
CarlFKI'll do the test one:  Cloud Herding: Delivering Services Across Multiple Environments21:26
CarlFKand only inlude about 2 min so we can see if it is fixed21:26
CarlFKso you will need to delete it from youtube21:26
CarlFK11% done.  and I'll kick off the upload by hand21:30
CarlFKwell, run a 2nd instance of the uplaod script, that will only find it, upload, then exit21:30
CarlFKI'm kinda paying attention to things we do that might be hard if these scripts were replaced with some more formal queue manager thing.21:31
CarlFKhmm, in this case a more formal queue would just do it because nothing else is uploading.21:33
mithrogoing to have a shower21:33
mithrobe back shortly21:33
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mithrothis looks okay ->
tpbTitle: Cloud Herding: Delivering Services Across Multiple Environments - YouTube (at
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mithrolooks okay, right?21:50
CarlFKhaven't looked yet21:51
CarlFKmy 30 free min ran out.  changing mac address and then I couldn't associate with the AP21:51
CarlFKvideo looks right!  yay!!!21:51
CarlFKmicolous: my hero!21:51
CarlFKI'll click it to encode the full thing now21:52
micolousCarlFK: that's great news :)21:57
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micolousCan you please keep some of the DV files because it would be good to be able to investigate why the issue occured in the first place.  I suspect at the moment TwinPact may have tried to be smart22:06
CarlFKmicolous: Ryan understands it.  I mostly do.22:07
micolousBecause it was doing that when people were doing 1024x768, the scaler set it to 1280x800 with black bars, and twinpact removed them and put it full frame22:07
micolous'cause patching video files is a hack :)22:07
CarlFKTwinPact always says 4:322:07
CarlFKI don't think the tp ever adds bars (Ryan thinks it does.. but I'm suspeciious)22:08
CarlFKyears ago Ben did add the option to dvsiwtch to override the tp's 4:3 bytes and change it to 16:9 to do exactly what Ryan was doing22:08
CarlFKthere are 2 cases:22:09
CarlFK1. twinpac gets a 4:3 image.  it renders it to a 4:3 dv frame, stamps it 4:3, sends it to dvswithch, which flips the byte to 16:922:09
CarlFKwhich will streach out the image and distort things,  but that genearlly looks ok given what is normally on the vga22:10
CarlFK2: 16:9 in, squched to 4:3, ... dvswitch stamps it 16:9, so when it gets rendred (like by encoder) it gets sreached back to 16:9, looks fine22:12
CarlFKR's code allowed it to stay stamped 4:322:12
micolousSo the "unknown" frames are from a camera?22:13
CarlFKdu no.22:13
CarlFKI woujldn't worry about it22:14
CarlFKif we are lucky, no more dv22:14
CarlFKI need to figure out how to connect to airpot wifi before my phone's 30 min run out22:14
micolousIf you're on an emirates flight, they give you 10mb of data for free, and for 1$, they give you 500mb22:15
micolousIt's quite laggy but enough if you use mosh to ssh22:15
mithroCarlFK: after you change your mac address, you'll need to restart network manager22:18
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micolousBother, only have his US number listed on the sheet, not a local number22:20
mithromicolous: he only has local number22:25
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CarlFKusing my 802.11b usb stick22:26
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] mithro pushed 4 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotgst-switch/master f9a6cc2 MaZderMind: Remove unnecessary prints and String-Casts22:51
tvCommitBotgst-switch/master a84e935 MaZderMind: Remove print-statements form controller...22:51
tvCommitBotgst-switch/master 3ac6a1a MaZderMind: Fix boolean comparisons22:51
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] mithro closed pull request #161: Implement get_composite_mode on DBus-Api (master...get_composite_mode)
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mithroMaZderMind: lets try and catch up tonight23:01
mithroMaZderMind: up late?23:24
mithromicolous / xfxf_: Carl got bumped and will be at the airport for hours apparently?23:40
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